• Bip Bap

    Denied bail for thought crimes. This is what the oppression of a political dissident looks like.

  • 60 years? Anyone know the exact charges? Totally ludicrous. He’s totally gonna win and live rich after the lawsuit.

    • Carole

      Ah. Just another jailhouse, Nazi lawyer.

    • pookiedammit

      Chris is charged with bring a whiny little bitch.

  • LtSurge659

    Sixty years in prison for defending yourself.

    I never want to visit this city, let alone live in Virginia. How anybody with a brain and actually considers himself a good person lives in this city is beyond me. I would not be capable of functioning in this godforsaken place.

    If anybody needs to be taken to prison it’s their nigger vice mayor and the rest of the cucks that run the place

    • Jonathan Schattke

      Any ninny can swear out a warrant for any crime at any time.
      The flipside is you can be sued for defense costs and can’t escape that judgement even with bankruptcy.

  • Jotunn Dovregubben

    Stay strong Chris.

    • pookiedammit

      Stay a whiny little bitch Chris.

  • 𝓦𝓱𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓗𝓮𝔂𝓢𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓸𝓼𝓼

    USA is being taken over by UN-style “hate speech” laws applied in an extralegal fashion. What a ridiculous country this is becoming.

  • doertal

    From the ABC article about this, the judge ruled that “his hate speech makes him a threat to others”.

    really? US judges now run their proceedings on “hate speech”?

    • pookiedammit

      I’m shocked too. I thought everybody loves violent Nazi aholes.

    • red

      I thought hate speech was not illegal in the USA?

  • The Injustice System is out of control.

    • Nuke Mecha

      There’s a reason it’s called the Jewdicial System

  • Carole

    Look on the bright side. You’ll probably get a girlfriend out of this. There’s always some crazy chick who’s turned on by the prospect of marrying an inmate.

  • Cesar Adolfo Arv

    This is absolute b.s. I even cancel a trip to VA thinking he would be released.
    Fucking k11k3es

    • pookiedammit

      And here is another whiny little bitch blames someone else, when it’s all Chris’s fault.

  • Ian Sieller

    Hang yourself please Chris.

    • pookiedammit

      Crybaby Chris doesn’t get off that easy. We want him to have a nice long life…in prison.

      • KeMuSaBi

        For committing no crime. You’re the nazi.

        • pookiedammit

          Maybe the giant swastika tats are unfairly, hitler salutes and anti-semitic chants have some kind of negative connotations? Then again, you are just a whiny little bitch like your crybaby nazi hero.

          • KeMuSaBi

            You’re a nazi congrats. You can’t even formulate a proper sentence. Well done.

    • LUBE
  • S. Guire

    “I want to take down a statue and that somehow makes me a Nazi…”

    Then you go on to say how you are reading Mein Kampf and recommend another book about Hitler.

    Are you saying the people that call you a Nazi are mistaken?

    • pookiedammit

      Crybaby Chris, like every other Nazi, wants to blame everyone else for his problems. You know what that makes Chris? A whiny little bitch.

    • LtSurge659

      Reading the Bible didn’t make me Christian.

      • LUBE

        Oh fuck… of course he’s a christian, cause being just a retard isn’t enough.

  • pookiedammit

    Hey Chris, too bad your Nazi buddies are all unemployed or work min wage jobs. They have no money to send you for a good lawyer, and you won’t even have money to buy ramen. Enjoy those jailhouse bologna sandwiches on stale bread. By the way, the cooks will spit on your food and if you think one day you’re lucky and they gave you mayo on your sandwich…

  • Chalino Sánchez

    It makes perfect sense you’d recommend Mein Kampf. That whole book is just the musings of a whiny, crazy, broke, lazy, unemployed little bitch that blames everyone else for his problems.

    • RPG

      How would you know? You never read it. You are really dumb arent you. You naturally smell like piss, and its noones fault. Stop blaming whites for your smell and your subhuman nature. I hope you get cancer in the a.You should kill yourself before that happens though.

      • Chalino Sánchez

        I have read it. If you didn’t know it’s a boring drivel of whining and blaming Jews for being a loser then I think it’s you that hasn’t read it.

        Again, I don’t hate white peopke. Just the really dumb racist lazy ones like you.

  • LtSurge659

    People like pookiedammit constantly spewing unproductive negative bullshit make me wonder if their lives are even more pathetic and meaningless than mine.

    • LUBE
    • pookiedammit

      Your life is pretty darn meaningless, unless you consider nazi cosplay worthwhile. Instead of reading mein kampf – maybe crack open a textbook or call your mom.

      • LtSurge659

        There’s something to be said about the number of times people of my persuasion (who are Right-Libertarian) had to respond to idiot assumptions that we. are. not. Nazis.

        But you don’t care. You just want to stir up hate and punish people for their innocent associations. Well I’m opting out of seeing any more of your bullshit. *Blocked*

  • Ari

    Chris has an incompetent Lawyer. He is a political prisoner, kept in jail for being a racist. Things do not look good for him at this point.

  • James Steele

    I hope a civil war really does happen. It’ll be productive to hurt some faggot commies and their Jew masters. Let’s face it, the nonwhites are highly jealous of whites because they KNOW that whites are more creative, smarter, and white women are the most beautiful of all by far (that’s why so many rich nonwhite men get themselves a VERY white girlfriend or wife). The nonwhites hate us passionately and want to destroy us because they know, deep down, that their race is inferior in many ways. They have a deep anger toward us and can’t wait until they wipe our race off the earth. The race wars are coming, and the naive racially masochistic whites will also perish at the hands of the nonwhites after the nonwhites are done destroying the white nationalists and conservative whites. Then society will degenerate to what it looked like thousands of years ago, when there are no whites left to maintain society and better it.

  • pookiedammit

    “Cantwell’s attorney is Elmer Woodard, who appeared in court wearing an early-1800s-style red waistcoat with gold buttons, bowtie, white muttonchop whiskers, black velcro shoes, and a a 1910s-style straw boater hat,” the report states.

    Hahaha…Chris you are completely fucked.

  • pookiedammit

    Chris, this is how big your rectum (nearly killed em) will be when you are finally out of prison.

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