Christopher Cantwell on Free Talk Live (9-02-17)

Cantwell called into Free Talk Live last Saturday night. His call starts at 44:48

An excerpt from the clip:
Ian: What I want to discuss today is basically the fact you’re being held as a political prisoner and you’ve been accused of using this pepper spray which you say was being used in a defensive manner against a man who was imminently going to attack you and who had already attacked other people at this particular protest. There’s actually video footage of this happening and I was just actually just reviewing that footage yesterday. I was told by a mutual friend that one of the people who’s accusing you of this, he’s in that video. You can see him very clearly. He’s a man with long hair as I understand it. I forgot the man’s name. You probably know
Cantwell: Kristopher Goad. G-O-A-D
Ian: Goad, so this Goad is accusing you of directly spraying him with pepper spray and what appears is that you spray the person who you believe was about to attack you with the pepper spray. And maybe some of it might have wafted over in that man’s direction but he was no way directly in front of this situation and anybody who watches this video will crystal clear see that but yet for whatever reason you were denied bail this week.
Cantwell: Yeah, so I want to clarify also Mr. Goad’s statements [under oath] specifically says that I maced him directly in the face and he said specifically what type of mace I used which by the way which is not the type of mace that was on my keychain as did my other accuser which is a transgendered person, uh, I’ll try to put it nicely for the FCC here
[Mark laughs]
Cantwell: Uh, who, um, who in my opinion shouldn’t be a competent witness in a court of law to begin with, but, uh, and both of them are saying that I directly and maliciously attacked them with pepper spray just for the joy of doing so and that is their statement and this is blatantly false as one can see from the video and so that
Ian: By the way the guy who you did pepper spray directly in the face, you don’t even know who that guy is. He hasn’t come out and accused you of anything.
Cantwell: No, he hasn’t and he shouldn’t, because he was there assaulting other people and the reason he got pepper sprayed is because he had his fists cocked back like he was ready to knock my head off. And the only reason I pepper sprayed him was because it was the least amount of damage I could do to him, because in my left hand I had a flashlight and I was more than capable of knocking his teeth out, but I thought it would be a nicer thing for me to just temporarily disable him.

Cantwell’s call starts at 44:48