Jared Howe and Christopher Cantwell

9/7 conversation between Jared Howe Chris Cantwell, who is incarcerated in Charlottesville without bail for defending himself at the Unite the Right rally in August. Topics discussed include: – Gavin McInnes – The JQ – White genocide – Mike Cernovich – Kevin Macdonald’s Culture of Critique – New Hampshire voter fraud – Chuck Schumer – Permanent repeal of debt ceiling – D’nations – The left’s anti-white agenda – Internet censorship

  • Edd the cat

    That was some good stuff. I hope Chris can get a newspaper subscription as they are starving him of up to date information.

  • Greg B.

    How many black cocks has Chris taken up the ass so far?

    • Slovakbro

      He went to jail, not to the local Antifa recruitment station.
      There’s a difference.

      • Greg B.

        So like 5?

        • Man, what is your point? That jail/prison in the U.S. means cruel and unusual punishment? Mr. Cantwell is in jail for taking the U.S. Constitution at face value. First we have to knock down those opposed to Free Speech. Then we’ll work on fixing the criminal justice system.

          Unless you oppose the Constitution. In which case, maybe you should be spending your time elsewhere.

  • dennisn

    What’s the big deal with MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique”. (Is it worth reading?) So what if Jews have strong in-group preferences and successful eugenic cultural practices — they should be lauded and copied for that.

    • I think you missed this point. Certain vocal groups whose phone numbers are in the Rolodexes of some MSM and who do not represent anyone really but their members and donors are constantly trying to find examples of anti-Jewish speech and activity in order to get more members and donors. It’s a feedback loop. Silly and sometimes wrong accusations can lead to intensifying hatred which can lead to more hatred and so on.

      • dennisn

        I don’t see the problem here, besides false accusations.

        • The rise in hatred is the problem. The lack of dialogue. The possibility of violence down the road when hatred and communications breakdown lead to armed conflict.

          • dennisn

            Hatred is an automatic response to injustice, which will inevitably exist so long as statism exists — which allows and encourages some groups to exploit others. The problem is statism (which allows and encourages some groups to exploit other groups), not the Jews. And anyways, people with differing worldviews and moralities cannot coexist.

    • Robert Browning

      In-group preferences is code for inbreeding. Jews have 112 genetic diseases brought about by inbreeding. Blacks have one. Whites have zero.

      • dennisn

        If that’s true, and also if Jews are being malicious towards us, shouldn’t we encourage them to keep doing what they’re doing then — to further damage their genetic pool?

        • Robert Browning

          Through their mental defects, Jews are going to destroy the world how much sicker can they get?

  • Mr. Trump is accused of being cruel.

    Here’s cruel: when an immigrant sneaks over the border or sneakily overstays a visa. That’s cruel to every citizen who voted in Congressmen who in turn take the taxpayers’ money to make and enforce immigration law. The sneaky immigrant has totally negated the underpinning of this country that this is a nation of law, including immigration law. The sneaky immigrant has for their own pleasure essentially spit on the graves of those soldiers who fell in battles to defend the nation of law. If the law is cruel, there are ways to change the law. If the immigrant is in imminent danger, then welcome, we take in refugees. But if the immigrant is understandably motivated by wanting a better life, sorry, they have to knock first, and follow the rules for entering the country and becoming a citizen. Anything else is arguably cruel and, at a minimum, callous.

    Here’s some more arguably cruel activities — these points are brought out in the discussion:
    -Burdening future generations with debt
    -Drug addiction and prostitution, to which I add that a factor in that is the lack of teaching absolute moral and cultural values in public schools.


    “Maybe I’m just being pessimistic — and it’s easy to do that inside a jail cell.” 08:40

    “The better your argument against the secular religion — the more of a threat you are.” 26:40

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