• Ahem. Let me warm up for this comment:

    “Anti-do anti-re ANTI-FA anti-sol anti-la anti-ti”.

    In the segment above we learn surefire business techniques. Using judo-marketing, the idea is to leverage your opponents screeching condemnations to drive traffic to your store.

    It really doesn’t really MATTER what picture or logo you come up with. It’s like a Rorschach test. The liberals will take offense as long as YOU, a non-lib, promote the product.

    “I’m a Pepper, you’re a Pepper, don’t you want to be a Pepper too?” (Good thing I warmed up before.)

    It’s a win-win jingle. No matter how they interpret Pepper, the Democrats will express outrage.

    “You calling ME a Pepper?!”


    “So. You’re a Pepper. And presumably you won’t sell to non-Peppers.”

    • “See that? He confessed to being a ‘pepper’. Must be shorthand for pepper sprayer. Now he’s trying to capitalize on it. Ok, Millenial Mobsters. Man your stations. To Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Bash his company but good!”

      “Hey, Boss Political?”


      “Shouldn’t that be ‘gender-neutral’ your stations??”

  • Greg B.

    Has Chris gotten used to the taste of cum yet?

    • Slovakbro

      The Jew worships the penis, it seems.

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