• Patrick

    As far as different standards for whites and blacks one example of that is black people can behave in certain ways where if whites were to behave in those ways the white might be considered mentally ill but I have seen blacks considered vibrant for behaving in a similar way.

  • Patrick

    Education has replaced instinct in human society. A sparrow knows it is supposed to mate with other sparrows and it knows it is supposed to mate with the opposite gender because it is motivated by instinct. The education system has disrupted peoples connection with their instincts and it has actually taught anti-instincts. Nowadays people literally do not understand that sex is connected with reproduction and they don’t realize gender is connected with birth genitalia. Everyone in society is simply doing what they are taught to do.

    And to put something else simply: we live in society full of retards who lack common sense. The education system has turned people into retards by bashing the common sense out of them. If you are talking to someone who is telling you there is 54 genders it doesn’t matter how much school they have been in or how condescending their voice tone is. That person is a retard. What I am trying to say is that who ever controls the flow of information in society determines how people behave.

    Allowing jews to control the media and letting the leftists take over academia was a huge mistake. Jews should have been actively discriminated against to the same level jews discriminate against non-jews and leftists should have been shunned from academia to the same level leftists shun conservatives from academia. We should not “be the bigger man” and give them a fair chance at being in a position of influence and we should not even bother discussing things with them in a serious way because they never discuss things in a serious way with us. They just shout slogans.

    Everything they are doing to us we should do to them and we should act in that way for all time because all that stuff we did with opening up society starting back during the french revolution was a bad idea. We should have never allowed these people to be on equal footing because they are not letting us be on equal footing.

  • Schlomo Rothstein

    Chris, I have been listening to you for a couple years now. But, I found it irresponsible when you told a European girl to move to USA and marry a man there. I have already made my escape plans from Trudeauistan and that place is Czechia. I would encourage any white guy with our political leanings to look into it. For me, the people are great, the beer is great ;), but what did it for me was the real estate prices,and Gun laws. Czechia has gun laws that would make most US states blush. After coming home from Czechia this spring i did some reading. And it turns out as a tourist, I could have applied for (and likely received) a conceal carry permit. For me Central Europe gives us a chance to build wealth, and ranks.

    • scottthestrategerist

      Do you mean the Czech Republic? I mean no disrespect, but that’s the only name I know which would describe what I believe is the nation to which you refer.

      • Schlomo Rothstein

        Well, in 2016 Milos Zeeman decided to re name the Czech Republic to Czechia but I guess nobody told Americans or Trudeaucucks. Czechia has always been the name that Slavic people have called it. Pardon my autism.

  • Paraphrase: “The political discourse of the Left in this country [is] anti-reality.” 04:53

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