• Mike pHuckabee

    A few weeks in jail and you are locked up and forgotten – exactly what Mr Cantwell deserves.

    • You’ve GOT to be kidding. His star is rising. And in worse case scenario his case is not dismissed at the preliminary hearing, and this thing goes to trial, the “earned media” coverage is going to wrap the stop. And if Mr. Cantwell walks, whether after the hearing or trial, expect riots in cities across America, not to mention college campuses.

      • Mike pHuckabee

        Your leading is in jail and not getting out anytime soon. He’s facing a long prison stint. Good luck with that.

        • You got it backwards. Completely backwards. He’s the only free man. Because from his vantage point of being a political hostage he has the clearest conception of just how far the society has deteriorated.

          It is you and your like in the fog of false freedom who are locked in by impassable walls of political correctness.

          Good luck with extricating yourselves from that.

          • Mike pHuckabee

            “political hostage” yuk yuk
            you are effing hilarious.

  • Classic. Thank you IC Solutions.

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