• I tried to sign up for Hatreon. Tried repeatedly. No success. Site wanted some kind of code. Sent email to Hatreon. No response yet. I’m using iPhone. Anyone else had any luck signing up?

    Edit: to answer my own question, the answer must be “yes”. There is one more person signed up from the time of my last visit there. What’s the trick?

    • Went back to Hatreon Homepage. Found a link there to request an invite code. Either I totally missed it when I visited earlier, or it had been missing. In any case I’m on my way I hope to becoming a contributor.

  • The kind of steps to building a sovereign state discussed in the recording are fraught with danger. I have been researching this kind of a project for years.

    (1) These places tend to attract
    (a) Leeches. — lazy people seeking a free ride and/or a free high
    (b) Transients — hard workers but not committed to staying
    (c) Combatives — people who vie for power or who just like to stir things up troll-like

    (2) The places that succeed are those that have a strong leadership that is not afraid to toss people out.

    (3) The project I’m working on is to create a series of virtual communities that operate in place as step one. Then have the best of the best of these communities invited to create the super-community that will become a separate state.

    For example: let small groups of people in different regions begin operating AS IF they are in an isolated community. Participants live as they are now, but stay in close contact online and meet often for activities.

    After creating communities like this throughout the country, then, and only then, buy some land somewhere and QUIETLY create a mini-state in a smart way. The goal must always be to encourage freedom and choice so as to avoid charges of being a cult.

    Lots more to say on this. I will soon have a section on this topic on my website. I believe there is a policy against posting links here for this kind of project. However if you click the pic above for my Disqus account you can find out how to get to my website.


    • Greg B.

      And then we will promptly build a wall around your little sovereign trailer park and watch you devolve into a mini third world country and die. 🤗

      • As long as you pay for the wall. Or, you could just dismantle the wall around your mind that shuts out legitimate discussion and use the “bricks” from that.

        • Greg B.

          I’ll gladly pay for it. I’ll even pay for the cameras mounted on top of it and for the popcorn we’ll consume watching the shitshow they’ll capture.

          • Good. We’re getting somewhere. We’ve learned you have deep pockets. And commitment. So, to get to the point where a wall is required we have to achieve the interim goal of freeing Mr. Cantwell.

            Can we depend on you for a $100/mo. recurring Hatreon donation? If not, then $50/mo.?

          • Greg B.

            I don’t give money to help Nazis.

          • Then give it to help yourself. Mr. Cantwell is a political prisoner. He took a hit for all of us. His fight is the battle to preserve free speech.

            How about this. Just mosey on over to Hatreon and sign up. It’s free. Then think about the things I’ve said.

  • Mike pHuckabee

    What if a nazi rotted in jail and nobody cared?

    • Mr. Cantwell is allowing an unsavory character such as yourself to speak out here. On Mr. Cantwell’s private property, so to speak. Isn’t Mr. Cantwell, whom you seem to dislike, entitled to speak out, also? At a minimum, to have his day in court and have his attorney defend him? I think you must agree that even Mr. Cantwell’s accusers agree that he is entitled to that. Why else did they go to the police? The false accusers cast aside vigilante justice and involved the system — albeit, a corrupt system. But the best system we have at this point. And to make Mr. Cantwell’s day in court possible takes money. Please! Consider signing up on Hatreon, if you have not done so already.

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