Jared Howe & Cantwell – Part 3

Chris Cantwell called me on 9/8. Topics discussed include: – Stefan Molyneux – Tom Woods – Stephen Colbert – The JQ – Trump – Immigration – Identity Politics – The Alt Right – Climate change funding – Democrats vs. Republicans *PLEASE SHARE AND MIRROR TO OTHER CHANNELS* *PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO CHRIS ON HATREON* ** FACEBOOK IS CENSORING THESE VIDEOS ** If you would like to mail a letter to Cantwell address is as follows and must have a return address: Christopher Cantwell Inmate #631424 Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail 160 Peregory Lane Charlottesville, VA 22902 You can put money on his account by going on jailatm dot com and making an account or sending a cashier’s check or money order to: c/o Christopher Cantwell PO Box 7626 Charlottesville, VA 22906 DO NOT SEND ANY MORE BOOKS RIGHT NOW! CHRIS HAS MORE THAN ENOUGH BOOKS!

  • “‘Racist’ is an epithet thrown at White people to diminish our interests.” 24:00

    My Cantwell fix. If it weren’t for that ghost IC voice limiting the length of these interviews, I’d probably OD.

    • Hillary Clinton on “CBS News Sunday Morning” today. Mr. Trump’s inauguration speech “was a cry from the white nationalist gut.”

      Implication: White Nationalists are not entitled to have their voice heard and expressed.

      At least, that’s my take on what she’s quoted as saying. If that’s not a racist statement she made, what is?!

  • Edd the cat

    Good interview.

  • Mike pHuckabee

    Fun to see this mentally ill jailed nazi fade away into nothingness.

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