• Mr. Kessler. Thank you for bringing charges against that maniac who threw a punch at you as you tried to speak to the press. As well as against others who charged at you.

    “We are going to have a completely integrated society one way or another. And anybody who doesn’t like it, we’ll diagnose you as mentally ill, and treat(?) you full of psychiatric medications.” 07:15

    I would like this idea explored further. It dovetails with the End of Dialogue, a theme Mr. Cantwell often touches on.

    A number of people have noted. In one form or another, that whereas in the past people were accused of being “evil”, now they might be diagnosed with a “mental illness”.

    From the Amazon blurb about “Therapeutic State” by Thomas Szasz: “Pivoting his analysis on news-making events, Szasz exposes the fallacies of our present penchant for interpreting the behavior of ‘sane’ persons as goal-directed and therefore sensible, and the behavior of ‘insane’ persons as caused by a ‘mental illness’ and therefore senseless.”

    • Pepito Passado

      Sigmund Freud did more to hurt the western psyche than all the other jews of history and today combined.

      • 4genwar

        Freud is evil but Karl Marx beats him no contest at all. Very notion/ideology that some low life retard like Dave that called in to RA is of the same value to society and humanity as somebody that can run a factory of workers or invent something is pure evil to the level of satanic rebellion against natural hierarchy and nature itself.

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