Official Fundraiser: 1433 Rescue Fund

$25,000 Goal till November 09 2017. If you can help, please do.

  • Done.

  • Update on white supremacist, Crying Nazi and all-around douche Christopher Cantwell: while Cantwell languishes in jail in Virginia, his propaganda machine is clicking busily away in the form of ghostwritten website posts, put up by anonymous admins who apparently don’t dare reveal who they are.
    In the interim, Cantwell’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google Plus, Instagram and YouTube channels have all been terminated for multiple violations.
    And every day this website gets fewer and fewer visits. Tick tock.

    • The list of world leaders who had a stint in jail for political crimes is long and daunting. You wish you could be locked up. But your petty and snide comments wouldn’t even make you lose recess.

      • Greg B.

        Your world leader is sucking black cock for cigarettes.

    • Eric Parker

      yet you check it every day

    • Marc Hauser

      Matt Hale got 40 years for bullshit chargers, and white nationalism is stronger than it ever was. You can’t win by putting us in jail or censoring us. You can’t win period.

      So, maybe this site will become as defunct as the WCC site, but that won’t stop us from pressing forward. Nothing can.

    • James Robert Rustler III

      Your avatar betrays you as a pole-smoking cock-gargler. Was it the GRIDS or the jizz that made your brain go all wonky?

      • Schlomo Rothstein

        Likely the combination of all those things in addition to syphilis, and Psychosis from too much meth use.

        • Corey Middleton

          You are juckenmรผll ๐Ÿ‘โœŒ๐Ÿ‘Œ

    • Corey Middleton

      Fuck you juckenmรผll

    • Reposts of his jail talks are are bigger than all the his personal social media. If you think this hurts the cause you’re a hopeful retard.

      Is this Dave from NY by any chance? No, probably not. That’s an insult to Dave.

    • Robert Browning

      Somebody ought to stab you, you cock sucking Jew.

      • Joe Neira

        The police may be interested in your posts, Mr. Browning. Screenshots have been taken.

    • Augustus Pugin

      “every day this website gets fewer and fewer visits. Tick tock.”

      You and me both know this is not true. Christopher got millions of eyeballs on that Vice documentary and his views would be exploding were he not a political prisoner right now. Who are you trying to convince by saying this? Yourself?

  • Corey Middleton

    Im sending him what i can

  • drosspunter

    Done. Godspeed.

  • A Name

    Can the current site admin please put up a Crypto address for this goal;

    Not all of us wanna go on a list by giving our financial information.


    • Wise. I don’t support doxxing but I admit being amused by the current game of whack-a-nazi that the left is playing (and resoundingly winning). It’s not fair but neither are you lot so I will save my sympathies for those more deserving.

    • doertal

      Chris has in his jail calls that you can donate cryptoshekels to hit bitcoin wallet listed on his donate page (Donate button at top). He said he has someone managing it so he can access the funds.

  • Steven Lewis

    I tried to complete the transaction using paypal, and after entering email and password, it went to a could not find DNS. I didn’t like that nor did I trust that, so I immediately changed my paypal password. I may try at a later date but for now, not so much. I left a comment on the goy fund me site

    • Jossur Surtrson

      Admin replied to your comment. Must have been some one-off glitch on your end. Give it another shot.

    • Jossur Surtrson

      PayPal is notorious for being buggy. You should try running a business account with them…terrible.

  • ๐“ฆ๐“ฑ๐“ธ๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“—๐“ฎ๐”‚๐“ข๐“ธ๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ธ๐“ผ๐“ผ
  • Vyachislav Ivakov

    what’s this shit for anyway why is there no description?
    wtf is a “1433 rescue fund” supposed to be?

    • The nature of the beast. Mr. Cantwell may be in an 8 x 10 cell, but his reach is from one end of the country to the other. Events in Charlottesville continue to reverberate. A Congressional resolution signed by virtually every member, and then signed by the President. A major survey of thousands of Americans. Four arrests related to assaults on Jason Kessler. More rallies planned for Richmond. The list goes on and on.

      So, a legal defense fundraiser, seemingly innocuous enough, can become the focal point for media coverage and governmental interference. Not desirable. Best to deal with the fund raising in a lightly veiled manner.

      In one of the broadcasts on this site, I learned that “1433” is an allusion to something that some will already be aware of. I wasn’t, so I did an online search.

      I don’t want to pull back the curtain entirely. I’ll just say that “1433” has to do with a certain law. And the “rescue” is a reference to freeing Mr. Cantwell.

  • Joe Neira

    Dear moderator,

    A poster named Robert Browning has posted several death threats on this forum. He’s expressed pleasure at the prospect of murdering at least three other posters just in the past two weeks alone, and probably more I’m unaware of. I’ve reported his posts to you, but seeing as you’ve not banned him (despite banning many other posters in the past month) I am taking screenshots of his posts and am considering informing the police. I can only assume that you haven’t banned him since he’s on your team, but by allowing violent people to post on this blog you are opening this blog into further scrutiny by the police – and I’m sure that doesn’t help Mr. Cantwell.

    Good day, Moderator.

    • Are you ok, man?

      • Joe Neira

        You may ask that to Robert Browning – a man who may or may not be a killer.

        • And who may or may not be your sock puppet.

          • Joe Neira

            Wrong. Robert’s gonna be pissed at you if he reads these posts.

          • How do you know if you’re not Robert?

  • Realistus

    I’d like to promote the fundraiser, but as it is now it looks extremely dodgy for anyone who doesn’t know Chris. The donation page has no information on it except an image. Nothing more. Maybe try to make the donation page look serious so it’s easier to promote.

  • TrumpTards

    Oh man…. this is such a sad scam. The site hosting the fundraiser for a fucking moron is asking for funding for itself- with a hefty $33 dollar total so far! Seems legit, you fucking idiots hahaha

    • Keep it up. A returning theme for the broadcasts is that the opposition refuses to engage in Iegitimate debate. Your comments only serve to strengthen and fortify that which you decry.

      There are hours of audio on this site. Hours! And you can’t find one point to contest?

      • TrumpTards

        Know what’s really sad? You are the only person commenting on each thread. I wonder if you are the new admin? Keep scamming retards, I would.

        • I am not officially connected in any way with this website. Not as as an admin. Not as anything.

          If you would only take the time and effort to learn from what is posted here –!

          You would find out how the government and media are cracking down on anyone connected to White _____ (fill in the blank).

          I once went to a presentation by two people who had lived through Kristallnacht. One of the speakers said how Kristalnacht must have been very well planned, yet it was kept very well as a secret, also.

          The Nazis were waiting for a pretext for Kristalnacht. The assassination of diplomat Ernst vom Rath was that pretext.

          In our case, Charlottesville was the excuse for a whole series of events, loosely connected and planned, intended to wipe out White groups’ freedom of speech. The arrest of Mr. Cantwell. The Congressional resolution. Shutting down of websites.

          How supremely ironic that antifa, parts of the government, some of the media, and some high-tech companies etc paint their opposition as “Nazis” and then use fascist techniques to silence them.

          And all you can do is screech about scamming?!

          • TrumpTards

            so then you need a fucking hobby.

          • A hobby. How about you upload a selfie? I’ll print it out and make it into a dartboard.

          • TrumpTards

            Hahaha, the big man who begs for debate cowards into threats. If you’re anything like your hero you probably wear women’s underwear and scream like a little girl with his pepper spray when backed into a corner. I am shaking in my boots. Keep the blog alive, looks like you’re the only sad cunt who is.

          • I’m sorry you feel threatened. My apology. Was just poking a little fun during our friendly back and forth.

          • TrumpTards

            Hahaha, trust me, I don’t think anyone is threatened by Chris’s henchmen.

  • TrumpTards


  • TrumpTards

    every heard of Goyfundme???? nope. me neither. SCAM

  • red

    Has Dickie spencer dipped into his trustfund to help a brother out yet? If not fuck him!