• Congressional resolutions can be the beginning of formulating legislation.

    For example, the next logical step for Congress after the resolution would be to draft legislation outlawing certain groups. Or making legislation that gives the Justice Dept. the power to designate certain groups as terrorist entities.

    A law like this already exists. After 9/11, the Congress made a law giving the State Dept. the power to designate foreign groups as terrorists. The practical effect was to cut off funding to these foreign groups. That is, while the groups were foreign, anyone in the U.S. who gave these groups money could now be prosecuted.

    But then the State Dept. went hog wild. They made determinations that groups in America were tied to these foreign groups. And thus the power to designate a U.S group as a terrorist organization had been squarely granted to the State Dept. So, if the White House wanted to shut down a group for political reasons, all that was required was for the State Dept. to declare the U.S. group was tied to the foreign group.

    And since the evidence connecting the groups could be classified, challenging the designation became very tricky –not to mention expensive.

    Here’s how it might work: say the White House wanted to shut down the Girl Scouts. All they had to do was find one Girl Scout who sold a box of cookies to a foreign terrorist organization. Now, the Girl Scouts could be designated a foreign terrorist organization and anyone buying their cookies could be prosecuted for supporting a terrorist organization.

    While this is a farfetched example, it illustrates how the government was shutting down dissension.

    So, again, if this new resolution morphs into legislation, it could get to the point where the very groups like Hatreon that facilitate funding free speech could be shut down.

    In response to this danger to freedom, I have formed a lobbying effort to push back on the Congress regarding this resolution and other affronts freedom, such as the incarceration of Mr. Cantwell. This effort is called “Right the Right”. I, and anyone who wants to join me, will be writing, calling, and visiting Congressional offices. I’m in the D.C. area so can get to Capitol Hill. But anyone anywhere in the country can visit the field offices of their Representative and Senators. And can certainly write or call them.