Letters From a Charlottesville Jail Episode 12

Call between Mike Enoch Chris Cantwell from the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail on 9/14/2017.


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  • This is not about conservative vs liberal or Dem vs GOP or right vs Left…this is about the rich/upper-class/corporations vs the white working class….forget everything else….stop talking about conservatism, liberals or jews…talk about the white working class vs Big Business and the upper class….this is a class war…the top 1% is using nonwhites and immigrants as economic weapons against the white working class…and this is not just about cheap labor…immigration and multiculturalism is also about propping up the ponzi economy by increasing consumer demand…and Big Business (and its tools) increase consumer demand by increasing population, and they increase population via mass immigration and nonwhites….more nonwhites–> more population–>more consumer demand…and anti-white/pro-nonwhite multiculturalism is the propaganda tool used by Big Business (and its tools in DC/hollywood/media/academia….

    • El Vergudo

      If you seriously think unskilled non-whites that can’t speak English are taking “white people’s jobs”, it’s probably true, and the reason for that is because you’re a useless piece of shit and an immigrant is more qualified than you. Welcome to America motherfucker.

  • being voted out just means these GOP congressmen can really score big bucks, thanks to Big Business giving them lots of money money money ….as members of boards of corporations…and many other perks of being former congressmen…and these perks are available to them as long as they obey the rules while they are in congress…and being friendly to immigrants and multiculti is what that means…the only political solution to this is an article 5 constitutional convention of the state legislatures….and then have these state legislatures ratify constitutional amendments to send power back to the states…but there may not be a political solution to all this….but outside of civil war and rioting, one solution may be what we white males are now doing to NFL/ESPN…