LIVE from Seg! Ep. 002 – Pay Gap

Political prisoner Chris Cantwell is joined by Jared Howe via telephone for this second episode of LIVE from Seg!, presented by the Radical Agenda.

Topics discussed include:

  • Google Firing of James Damore
  • Google being sued for pay discrimination
  • Juggalo March on DC
  • Hitler quote of the day
  • Much more!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure to donate to Chris so that he can fight these trumped up charges against him.


***Donate to Chris’ GOYFUNDME!!***

LIVE from Seg! Ep. 002 – Pay Gap

  • cumbucotrader

    There’s like no comments on any of these posts on this blog! Is everyone forgetting Christopher Cantwell?? Who’s going to pay his legal fees? Bueller….?

    I’m just afraid Christopher is going to rot away in prison like a forgotten piece of bad meat! But I remembered! I came by to say, “Hope you’re enjoying it in there Christopher!” I’m drinking a refreshing cold beer right now, in your honor. Freedom, so sweet…

    • James Brent

      look at the donate site, idiot. we’re raising more money every day.

      • TrumpTards

        hahahaha, it was set-up by liberals. It’s not legit.

      • cumbucotrader

        Yeah, I just checked, nobody donated today. So that “every day” part… nope! I’m sure that $6k will go real far when it comes to felony charges.

        I’ll be sure to check again tomorrow, but seems like people are forgetting all about the Crying Nazi. So sad…

        • May I suggest you are missing an important piece of the puzzle?

          Mr. Cantwell is not in prison today because of his actions. He is in prison because of his speech.

          Let us review the facts together, shall we? Mr. Cantwell allegedly attacks someone with something or other. He is arrested. Next, he is denied bail.

          The denial of bail is directly related to his Constitutionally protected speech and to the actions of someone whom he had nothing to do with. Review the audio on this website, and I dare you to conclude otherwise.

          The effect of all this is to have a chilling effect on speech. Thus, some have supposedly decided to be circumspect in their commenting here.

          As for me, I’m using a pseudonym. Plus, I’ve been activist for awhile, and have dealt with First Amendment issues. I have lawyers I call and consult with.

          But even with their legal advice bolstering my resolve, I still use a pseudonym here. Because the authorities are not playing fair here.

          Mr. Cantwell has been made into a Free Speech martyr by a coalition of people from antifa, the Charlottesville criminal authorities, and the U.S. Congress, no less.

          His fame is growing. When he gets out, which is likely based on a video showing that his alleged attackees stood by after they were allegedly attacked and did not approach the police to complain about being pepper sprayed, Mr. Cantwell is going to get a hero’s welcome, fitting for soldiers returning from battle victorious.

          Rub your hands in glee now, as your time to do so is quickly running out.

      • El Vergudo

        “goyfundme” hahahaha sounds fucking legit.

  • Michael Howell

    Pay his legal fees? How about this being an example of self responsibility and he pays his own legal fees.

  • TrumpTards

    maybe that lazy fat cunt can get a paper run and stop begging the working classes for money

  • Mike pHuckabee

    Still in jail? Who saw that coming? Pretty much everyone. This is where Nazi losers eventually end up. To Chris’ supporters, you might want to rethink your life choices before you follow him to prison.