Letters From a Charlottesville Jail Episode 14

Call between Christopher Cantwell and Mike Enoch.

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1433 Rescue Fund

  • Mike pHuckabee

    Only in jail 5 weeks and nobody gives a shit about you Chris.

    • thedaywalkr

      Only posting on every episode he uploads. I’d say you care about him a little too much. Fag much phuckafree?

  • alex paulsen

    You’re already forgotten, sorry your followers are turncoats…and also poor

    • thedaywalkr

      Give me a fucking break you faggot. His fund will be filled by the end date. It’s because of pussy faggots like you who support campaigns to separate people from their jobs that people shy away from funding people like Chris. Meanwhile you and your sleep-walking-through-Kike-distopia-zombie friends throw all your money at DinduNuffin Harris and he does us a favor and pisses it away on bling and a rap video. I mean how fucking hilarious is that shit. I wonder what it’s going to take to see you’re on the wrong side. Another rap video perhaps? Mark my words – you and the Phuckhead below this post – Chris will be out of jail soon. Deandre-isha – who BTW they let go when they could have killed him after he and his boy jumped one of ours – will be in jail on a real charges.

      Like I told Phuckafree – you get to watch us win. You know it. That is why you post here. You know nobody leaves the right for the left. You know we are the men you faggot pussies have nightmares about. Don’t worry – will will come for you first on our way to dispatching all our enemies.

  • thedaywalkr

    Keep posting faggots. You’re all my bitches and you know it.