The Walmart Parking Lot Incident (Why Emily Gorcenski didn’t go to the Police)

Piece by a staff member, unless directly mentioned by name below giving his thoughts, not Cantwell’s words


Usually when someone accuses someone of a crime, there is a police investigation. The police don’t need to prove the person did it, just that they have enough evidence (probable cause) to suspect that the person did the alleged crime(s). Then the police ask a prosecutor to file charges. In more serious cases, a grand jury indictment is needed to seek charges.


That process is in place to help protect people’s rights. If not, for example, someone could have found a Unite the Right flyer, claimed they stumbled upon an after party and got raped by all the speakers listed on it. Then all of them would be in jail waiting there till their court date.

That sounds crazy right? Well, that’s what happened to Cantwell.


Police did not seek the warrants that led to the arrest of white supremacist Christopher Cantwell this week, documents reviewed by The Daily Beast show.

The pepper-sprayed protesters swore to a local magistrate they were attacked by Cantwell, and the magistrate issued three felony warrants based on their accusations. Kristopher Cheney Goad and Emily Gorcenski accused Cantwell of illegal use of gasses and injury by caustic agent or explosive. The warrants did not originate through an investigation by Charlottesville, the University of Virginia, or state police.


Emily Gorcenski had plenty of opportunity to report her alleged “assault” to police. In a video Emily made after allegedly getting pepper sprayed, she went up to a line of cops at the Tiki March to harass and badger them, but at no point did she tell them Cantwell pepper sprayed her. She didn’t even bother to tell her livestream audience that Cantwell did it. Which makes no sense, because as obsessed as she is with taking down the alt-right and Cantwell, you would think she would scream that to the rooftops if she could bring down a prominent Alt-Right leader.

One might make the argument that she didn’t mention him by name, because she wanted him to be caught, but that is clearly untrue, because she made a video to her followers (falsely) claiming that Richard Spencer was arrested and that Cantwell was about to be arrested.


Saturday afternoon, following the riots in Charlottesville, I heard via some tranny lunatic’s livestream that there was a warrant out for my arrest for a class 6 felony. I doubted the source and attempted to contact the Charlottesville Police Department to confirm or deny this rumor. The PD said they could not tell me if I had a warrant, that I could only do this by going to a magistrate.


Cantwell had no idea that she knew that because she was the one who pressed charges, since he never pepper sprayed her. However, Emily knew exactly who he was. The night of the Tiki Torch March, while the Alt-Right was getting ready, there’s video of her calling out Cantwell by name and mocking him for his Walmart meetup and telling him she showed up late to it.

Then why then did she claim Cantwell did it?

Later that night after the Tiki torch march finished, a photograph of Cantwell pepper-spraying an anonymous man (“Beanie Boy”) became viral on the Internet. Cantwell even made the photograph his header on his personal facebook page. Emily Gorcenski must have saw it as her chance to bring down the rising star of the Alt-Right, by realizing if he sprayed “Beanie Boy,” she could lie and claim he sprayed her also.

Just as Emily and Goad had lied to the magistrate that Cantwell had pepper-sprayed them, someone had made a false 911 call that Cantwell had brandished a gun at the Walmart meetup earlier that Friday. Around 10 am, Cantwell decided to meetup with some fans in a Walmart parking lot before they would go to an undisclosed location where he would talk with a Vice crew. However, the area was quickly surrounded by cops and a few minutes later the media showed up. Emily Gorcenski was also in the crowd, stalking Cantwell.


Emily claimed in a later video that she didn’t do it and the person who did made the call from inside the Walmart, which begs the question, how did she know that?  Gorcenski also claimed on twitter that after the Walmart incident, Agent Wolfe (sp?) from the FBI called her, since he had received information that she was up to no good because she is affiliated with the terrorist Antifa group. Also, many people are wondering why she didn’t livestream at the Walmart, since she loves to attention whore. (I guess we’ll have to wait till they’re done looking at the security cameras to answer that.)


(And on another note:
While Taylor Gleason correctly tweeted about the incident, in her news story, she changed the facts:

Officers responded to the store around 12:20 p.m. Friday, August 11, after receiving a report that customers were concerned with a group of people pointing guns in the store’s parking lot.

I guess she changed it to multiple people to make it sound scarier to her readers)


Cantwell has said multiple times that Emily Gorcenski is an unreliable witness because she is a tranny and many who have read and heard her inane ramblings are starting to think the same way. She has made multiple false claims including that Richard Spencer got arrested, Cantwell was the only one who used pepper spray at the Tiki torch march, Basked Alaska maced himself (she said that after being shown the video evidence) and that she is not a man among many ludicrous claims.

Emily Gorcenski must have learned an important lesson that day. Cantwell had his body camera on and the cops let him go since it was obviously a false report. She must have realized that cops look at evidence and facts, so she went to a magistrate with Goad, probably hoping that Cantwell would wrongly think Goad was the “Beanie Boy” (aka the person who he sprayed) and cop a plea. If police had investigated her and Goad’s claims about the Tiki Torch incident, no charges would have been brought against Cantwell, because videos taken at the event clearly show that Emily Gorcenski and Kristopher Cheney Goad had lied under oath.

Currently Cantwell sits in a cage based on their false testimony. How long will the ZOG legal system keep him there for crimes he did not commit?


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        • My effort to get you to try and analyze a situation from a perspective other than your own did not work.

          Why in the world would you want to punch someone in the face simply because they “spew hate”? Not too long ago, the law on the books was to criminalize sodomy. If any of those laws still exist, they are not generally enforced, at least not in the U.S.

          My point is that what constitutes “hate” can change when it is based on societal norms. What is “hate” today can become accepted tomorrow, and vice-versa.

          So we are left with the question: Who is to be the arbiter of what constitutes “hate”? And how are we to handle those periods when we transition from calling certain types of speech “hate” to calling that exact same speech “acceptable”?

          If you are not careful, you may find yourself staring at your own face in the mirror one day and throwing a punch at it.

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