Cantwell and Kessler- Meeting James Fields, Kim Jung Un’s “Dotard” Remark, Valerie Plame Calls Out American Jews

*Chris is moved out of isolation onto a cell block with the other Unite the Right political prisoners

*Leftists line up to support Communist dictator Kim Jung Un after he calls Trump a “dotard”

*Chris’ first meeting with James Fields

*Valerie Plame & Blame for America’s Wars: Jews, Oil or ‘Spreading Democracy’?

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  • Krzysztof Lesiak

    See you at Kingdom Hall, Chris. Can’t wait for your show to return once you get freed from prison! JW dot org

    • Mike pHuckabee

      He won’t get freed. Next stop is the trial and then long term incarceration. That’s how Nazis fullfil their dreams. Give into the hate, look where it got crybaby Chris.

      • Jon Steele

        Go fuck yourself you vile, immature, petty antifag troll.

        • Mike pHuckabee

          Does that make you pro-fag?
          A gay Nazi… So funny.

    • El Vergudo

      What would your “elders” think about you going on the evil interwebs and showing your support for a self-proclaimed white supremacist?

      He also puts his finger in his ass on camera. What would do the virginal, tight ass, tight pussy sisters in your congregation think of you supporting a man like this?

  • Mike pHuckabee

    I’m sure lots of inmates in the general population want to make friends with a pale white pudgy fudgebutt nazi. I sure hope someone records your screams when they tear your ass open like a Christmas present.

    • TrumpTards

      Yup. “Pudgy fudgebutt” is going in my back pocket. Outstanding.

  • TrumpTards
  • The comments section on this post amply illustrates why we need to collectively work towards Mr. Cantwell’s release. Every day he remains incarcerated, the sludge and slime begin seeping up through the cracks in the freedom this country offers to its citizens, and they begin commenting online.

    The way to force the waste back into the sewers is to use the powerful force of free speech to rinse the comments section, and to patch the breaks in the First Amendment.

    • TrumpTards

      “sludge and slime”? Are you taking about Chris’s ass fingering?

      • No. I’m talking about your fingering your keyboard.

    • Mike pHuckabee

      Chris is the slime. Now he’s jail slime.

      • Jon Steele

        The whore that shit you out, is the slime. 🖕

    • RT RT

      Agreed. Some really sad and confused ‘its’ posting on here.

    • El Vergudo

      1st amendment says you can say whatever you want publicly without prosecution. It doesn’t protect you from getting punched in the face for it.

      • True. True. That’s what my Beretta is for.

        • El Vergudo

          And that’s why your dear Nazi is in jail. For being a coward. And pulling out your gun to not make you feel like a pussy also makes you a coward.

          • Sorry. I’ve missed the train on your train of thought.

            I’m here in Maryland. Law is, generally speaking, that I can own a gun and use it on my property.

            So, I’m putting up a sign on my front lawn. Reads: “Justice for Cantwell”. Along comes El Vergudo and his Antifa buddy Sally “The Fist” Solvenothin.

            “Whatcha doing, Eagle?” Sally asks in a mock whiny voice.

            “Free speech, Sally. Now, c’mon, let’s not make a big deal out of it.”

            Sally begins approaching me menacingly on my property. “You know what else is free?” it asks. “This!!!” showing a big fist.

            “Get away, you tranny!” I shout, while I back off and draw my Beretta.

            “Hold it, Joe. You are acting cowardly, and you know it,” says El Vergudo calmly. “Why don’t you fight like a real man?”

            I think about it for a moment, ducking Sally’s sucker punch.

            “I guess because I don’t put much stock in your sizing up of the situation.” Turning to Sally, I make an observation. “That red laser dot on your chest is about to get all covered in blood. Why don’t we cool it before this becomes the evening news?”

          • El Vergudo

            Creative writing is great when you want to block out the screams and moans from your wife as she’s getting railed by a black man. Again with you mouthbreathers, I’m not antifa, communist, anti-white, or whatever bullshit label you put on people that disagree with you. Just another American that hates Nazis. And as an American, I too exercise my 2nd amendment rights also, which you faggots keep forgetting.

          • Never said you were otherwise. That’s why I cast Sally the Fist as your sidekick in the docudrama.

            Y’all are the useful geniuses that give Antifa a pass they don’t deserve.

            And I still maintain you wouldn’t recognize a real Nazi if you met them. Why don’t you review some of the old newsreels from WWII? I haven’t checked, but they can probably be found on YouTube. Imagine that it’s not a given that WWII is going to be won by the allies. Be acutely aware that Henry Ford and Charles Coughlin and Charles Lindbergh are just waiting in the wings if the Nazis invade the U.S. Know that the Bund had a membership of tens of thousands before the war. Etc.

            What resemblance does Cantwell’s calls for a separatist state have to do with any of that? Very little or nothing.

            Even the recent elections in Germany lacked Nazi overtones.

            The whole Nazi thing you carry on about is being spun from nothing. Show me someone who is callously grabbing babies from mothers and dashing them against walls, or throwing them in the air and shooting them for target practice. Someone who wants to take over the world.

          • Jon Steele

            You just hate normal white people, you anti-White pile of stinking SHIT.

  • alex paulsen

    Remember when you made a video of yourself sobbing when you found out you had a warrant? LOL

    • Joe Neira

      I ‘member! That was faaaantastic!

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