Is it true that Mike Peniswich’s father is an actual cuckold, and that this is how he acquired his half brother?

  • TrumpTards
    • I get it.

      You are holding yourself up as an example of the moral degeneracy of society. Just keep in mind that you have free will! You can pull yourself out of the vile tar pit you are stuck in. You may not be able to do it on your own, however.

      Just as Mr. Cantwell needs assistance to get out, you likely need help also to loosen the grip that has dragged you down into the depths.

      First, we’ll work on freeing the freedom fighter. Then we will come to your assistance. There’s hope for you! Don’t give up.

      • TrumpTards

        Lighten up- it’s a nazi in training fingering his asshole on the internet. It’s priceless.

      • Mike pHuckabee

        Freedom fighter? Nope just an ignorant hateful nazi crybaby who got himself in a shitload of trouble and will probably rot in prison for a while.

        • What do you know about “Nazis” that you can bandy the term about and label people with it?? You are being mighty imprecise. And if your intention is simply to hurl imprecations, so what are you doing here? This isn’t an antifa watering hole!

          • Mike pHuckabee

            No need to get philosophical, a nazi is a nazi. Chris is a nazi who is stuck in jail because he’s a nazi.

          • RT RT

            I doubt you even know much about National Socialism. You clearly don’t know anything about Cantwell. Calling him a nazi is a massive stretch: His politics are different from that of National Socialism. Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with ‘actual’ nazis so-to-speak. It would do you some good to learn the complexities of certain political mindsets BEFORE attacking them.

          • El Vergudo

            Complexities of political mindsets? Your political mindsets sound simple as hell to me: whites should have everything, everyone else should have nothing. Also putting the blame on groups of people you don’t like for your own failures as a human being.

          • Mike pHuckabee

            Complexity, that’s funny. You are nazis trying to rebrand yourself because nazi sounds bad. You are nazis. You talk (write) like nazis, you chant like nazis, you march like nazis, you display nazi symbols, you have nazi tats… Also you are assholes but that is a given if you are already a nazi.

          • Miklos

            Heather was a Nazi, the fat commie cunt

          • Joe Neira

            Hey Miklos, how does it feel knowing your mother is the only woman you’ll ever kiss?

          • Miklos

            I don’t know Joe, please tell us.

          • Joe Neira

            Project all you want, incel. Doesn’t change the fact that you’re an incel! 😉

          • Miklos

            Maybe you could hook me up with yo momma, ya squat mestizo beano bastardo retardo


          • Joe Neira

            So easy to trigger a Nazi. Especially when that Nazi’s also an Incel! 😀

          • Miklos

            I don’t know what incel means. I only speak English. Maybe you could explain it to me in person? Come visit me. Here is my address:

            St Paul Field Office
            1 Federal Drive Suite 1601 Fort Snelling, MN, 55111

            Be sure to bring your whole family with you.

          • Joe Neira

            That’s not your address, though it appears we live in the same state.

          • Mike pHuckabee

            I imagine you are fun at parties. Ever wonder why nobody likes you and you can’t get laid?

          • Patrick Kraemer

            It’s illegal to be a nazi? Is it illegal to be a communist?

      • TrumpTards

        I think what Chris does to his butt might be hygienically questionable, but I would still have him as a neighbor. It’s his butt- his choice.

        • Clearly, your rehabilitation is going to take time….

  • I haven’t been keeping up to date. Is Cantwell out of jail yet?

    • Joe Neira


    • Mike pHuckabee

      He’s where every nazi belongs.

  • Where the fuck is Cantwell?

    • Joe Neira

      Prison. 😀

      • Lol, ok, got me. He hasn’t done a show in days. I know he had his court date. Still keeping him I suppose.

  • Jody Fulford

    Christopher Cantwell, are you that stupid? Do you not realize that everything you’ve been saying is actually evidence in a court of law? Are you that stupid? Is your big mouth an exercise in self incrimination? Are you stupid or dumb? It’s either one or the other, This material is essentially a window into your thought methodology. You have destroyed all chances of your exoneration from any and all charges relating from your crimes. Take my advice moron, Get a really good lawyer and shut up!

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