Cantwell and Kessler: UTR cost at $170,000, Russians promoted BLM on Facebook & Communists infiltrating the military


*Unite the Right cost for Charlottesville at ~$170,000 and growing

*Russians used Facebook to promote Black Lives Matter in Ferguson and the popularity of Hillary Clinton with Muslim women during the election

*Communists Begin Infiltrating the US Military

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  • 11:24: “I highly doubt that some foreign entity interferes in our election because they want to improve the station of our country.”

    The point being: Mr. Trump ran on “Making America Great Again”. Is it reasonable that the Russian government wanted to assist the effort to make America great? Any answer to that question would involve some contortions such as spinning a wild conspiracy theory that the Russians had information to blackmail the candidate they were supporting.

  • I dislike Cantwell and am against just about everything he says, but it’s ridiculous to me that he’s facing a lengthy prison sentence for pepper spraying someone. This said, we all know the deal now. Free speech is dead and has been for some time, now. If you engage in it, you know the consequences.

    • “Free Speech” is not some kind of species of animal. As long as there are people who advocate for it, free speech cannot become extinct.

      Free speech is merely imprisoned. In fact, it shares a cell with Mr. Cantwell. And when he is liberated — and it’s highly likely he will be, and soon — shackled speech will walk through those gates to regain its freedom, also.

      At most, Mr. Caldwell’s alleged victims can claim some pepper spray he discharged wafted their way. But they have no evidence that he directed anything at them unprovoked. While the video evidence shows them continuing to attend the rally soon after the alleged attack yet with no apparent sign of ill effect. And that’s the best case the prosecutor can make. If this ever went to trial, who will the prosecutor bring to testify on his behalf aside from the “victims”? The judge will have a very hard time not throwing out the case. But it might happen. But does the court really want to spend the millions it will take to try this case? At a minimum, the locale of the trial will have to be changed to find fair jurors. And if only one juror feels Mr. Cantwell was justified In defending himself — leaving aside how he did it, or if he defended himself at all — then that’s it! State’s case lost.

      The Feds like to catch gangsters using RICO. The new tactic is to catch White ___ (fill in the blank) with trumped up charges. So the criminal conspiracy is now not those who perpetrate crimes, the criminal conspiracy is among those who PROSECUTE “crime”: an overzealous politicized prosecutors office in cahoots with an activist judiciary.

      So, it’s no wonder you think Free Speech is dead. It certainly needs resuscitation.

      • I believe you’re mistaken. Speech is not dead, but FREE speech is most certainly dead. Obviously anyone can speak on any topic. If they end up in jail for doing so, that speech was hardly free. We are now in an era where speech is anything but free — it is perhaps the most expensive thing you can do, depending on what you have to say. If you say the wrong thing in Canada (where I live) you can easily end up in jail. If you say the wrong thing in the US, you might not end up in jail but your career will be over and the thought police will do their best to ensure you can’t earn a living. Again, there’s nothing free about it anymore. It’s as expensive as hell.

        • I am mistaken. Or, was mistaken. I stand corrected. I like what you say. Free speech is expensive speech.

          I pay a very high price for the positions I publicly take. I engender a lot of hate sometimes. Some people hate me because I oppose them publicly. Some people around here hate me because they are jealous that I say what they are afraid to even think.

          I can’t imagine what it is like for you to live in Canada at this point in history. I’m sorry you have to be concerned about becoming impoverished, prisoned, and/or ostracized for simple utterances.

          Such a beautiful country, so many fine people, great products like hemp flour (growing hemp in the U.S. is mostly outlawed), yet a scarcity of that precious commodity and important pleasure of saying what’s on your mind without fear of a knock on the door that spells social disaster.

          Your battle is our fight, too. Be strong, Reg.

        • Mike pHuckabee

          What does pepper spraying someone have to do with free speech?It’s assault. That’s why he’s in jail, not what he said.

          • Seriously? I am totally against everything Cantwell stands for but I won’t permit myself that level of intellectual dishonesty. If someone pepper sprays another person in a conflict situation in the US, it’s generally not prosecuted, is almost always bailed, and is usually pleaded down to some misdemeanor. Cantwell is in jail because he’s an irritating nazi attention whore. This is ONLY a free speech issue.

  • Hadding Scott

    If you watch RT and listen to Radio Sputnik, you might notice that a lot of the perspective is not really favorable to Putin, and is the same kind of economic pity-mongering propaganda that the Soviet Union used to disseminate. In other words, there is still a big Marxist influence in the perspective offered by Russian media. Especially the Americans on RT and Sputnik, like Larry King and Thom Hartmann, seem to think that they are working for Leonid Brezhnev rather than Vladimir Putin. RT and Sputnik have carried a lot of anti-Trump programming that also made Putin look bad. At that time, there was no particular reason for Putin or Russia to want to undermine Trump, since he seemed to offer a possibility of improved relations; it was strictly a leftist vendetta. I don’t think that Putin has full control over what these media say.

    The promotion of BLM and the like, if anybody actually connected to the Russian government was doing that, is just an extension of the same tendency in a different form of media.

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