• Jotunn Dovregubben

    Good conversation, I hope things are going well for you Chris.

  • Mike pHuckabee

    I hope you are miserable Chris.

    • Whose side are you on? It’s people like you that justify the necessity for people like Mr. Cantwell.

      You’re trolling drums up new support, and bolsters existing support.

      Wait. You’re not a troll. I’m going to coin a new internet meme. The “droll”. Definition: a droll is a commenter who is curious or unusual in a way that provokes disdain.

      • Robert Browning

        He is a Jew. They love antagonizing us……right up until the knock on the door.

        • Pepito Passado

          the jewish gestapo love to lock up white christians, I hope Cantwell can get his right to habeus corpus one day, but in the soviet states of america it might never happen.

      • Joe Neira

        Hard to feel pity for Cantwell when he gloated over Heather’s murder. Your double standards are so obvious they’re embarrassing.

        • This is not about pity.

          The only standard we have here is the following.

          Was Mr. Cantwell’s Constitutionally protected speech a factor in his current incarceration?

          In other words, we’d like to find out the law. That’s the standard we are interested in.

          This is personal. I want to know what the parameters are of free speech so that I don’t end up 79 days in jail just waiting for a hearing.

        • When your fat aunt dies of a heat attack in the Walmart candy section, will you call that a murder too, or does it only count when she’s out in the street watching a car drive past?

          • Gothic Joe

            The stupid is strong with this one.

          • A fat smoker has a heart attack in the street as a car drives past her. You call that murder and accuse me of stupidity? The jungle misses you. Go back.

          • Gothic Joe

            If I ram my car into an Alt-Right protest, and a fat Nazi dies (there are many of you fat Nazis), should I be indicted for murder?

          • You’re right. Best you’re just deported now before you cause further problems.

          • Gothic Joe

            Lulz! What a hypocrite. Now go tell your daddy I beat you up.

    • Braided or twisted?

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