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This is a piece written by a volunteer for this website that was not suggested by Chris.

Chris is currently in jail as a political prisoner for what happened in Charlottesville. He could have done what a lot of people such as myself did that night, and just stayed home, watched what was happening on the livestreams, then talked about it non-stop on social media and on his podcast. Had he done that, his personal life would be so much better right now. He would be in his house doing the podcast 3-5 days per week. Instead, he risked everything going out there.

Since then, lots of bad things happened to him. He was banned from Facebook, Instagram, and OkCupid. He was lied about in the media who referred to him the “crying nazi” despite the fact that Chris is not a nazi. He has also lost access to his paypal account which will make it harder for him to receive payments when he gets out. He’s being held in jail being denied bail despite the fact the first judge granted it to him and that the prosecution appealed. He’s in jail because he was protesting for your rights.

At the time I began writing this, on the Goyfundme link he has raised $8,806.81 from 128 different people. That’s an average of $68.80 per donor. The initial goal was $25,000. He’s over 1/3 of the way there. There’s a lot of fees involved in a court case, and he still has his other bills that he needs to pay. Lots of people have done great work for the movement or have donated money to others who have. For you guys, we couldn’t be more grateful. For people who haven’t donated anything yet, now is your chance. There will never be a more important time to do so.

Please donate to the link below: 

  • Mike pHuckabee

    While you pussies were sitting at home Chris lived out his Nazi fantasies and look where it got him.

    • miseshayekrothbard

      One man out of a thousand. Not a bad deal for upsetting you scum. And now weve learned not to hold back on Democommunist scum

  • El Vergudo

    Political prisoner? No, shithead, he’s a felon. His crimes were caught on camera because his dumb-ass couldn’t resist the attention…..even from predatory reporters like Vice.

    • Let us count the ways your comment…veers, to put it kindly.

      A person has to be convicted of a crime to be a felon. But as of this point, Mr. Cantwell stands accused, not convicted. Are you speaking of some past conviction? No. Because you then speak of

      That’s a reference to the current case. But which video do you allude to that should lead us to your conclusion that there was a crime? Please provide a link, sir! And don’t neglect to tell us at which point on the video (such as 13:23) the crime occurs.

      So we count two “veers”. Because we decided to ignore at this point the coarse tone of the comment.

      • El Vergudo

        He is seen assaulting people….no denying that. Then he couldn’t resist showing off his guns. The AK and the AR15 with extended magazines are illegal in every state…..which makes it a felony.

        So yeah, a felon. People get put away for less. You right wingers love the justice system….well, here it is at its finest.

        • Yeah, a felony. With you as the prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner all rolled into one. The rest of us: we’ll wait on the criminal justice system.

          Right wing. Left wing. Up. Down. Inside. Out. These labels might make a good rap song, but don’t really mean much.

          “All we want are the facts, ma’am.” – Sgt. Joe Friday.

        • miseshayekrothbard

          If those are felonies in every state (they arent), why is he not charged with gun crimes? In fact, why is he charged by some randos pressing rather than an actual investigation?

      • Joe Neira

        Good grief, Joe. This is probably the fifth thread where I’ve seen you trying to take the moral high ground on Cantwell’s behalf. You do realize that this is a man who celebrated Heather’s murder in front of the whole world? But you probably think that’s okay, just as you defended sociopath Robert Browning.

        • What law did Mr. Cantwell break when he was filmed by a journalist answering her question about Heather’s death?

          If you think my question is irrelevant, then you’ve missed the whole point of all my comments.

          • Joe Neira

            No law was broken in the interview, obviously. The point here is your sanctimonious whining about people making disrespectful posts on Cantwell, as if he deserved any respect.

        • miseshayekrothbard

          It has not been proven as a murder and defending her death does not make one a criminal. Hopefully theres a Dodge Challenger in your future too.

          • Gothic Joe

            Why are you pretending to be a woman?

    • miseshayekrothbard

      Defending yourself from felons is not a felony. Hell get off and you degenerates can go back to destroying property.

  • Cronky

    I’ve donated $1,100.00 to his fund. The more clown world, faggot comments I read the more I’m donating. When he gets out I’ll throw a fucking party for him in the name of clown commenters just to get under your skin. If that doesn’t work I’ll invest in his businesses. No more pussy footing around. If you are the enemy we will come for you. Bitch!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Cronky

      I almost forgot. I put him over the $10K mark. Next stop $15K. Who’s with me?

  • Jango

    I’m SO celebrating that this fucking scumbag is finally in jail!

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