Christopher Cantwell on the David Duke show

Here it is:

Link to the post on Duke’s site:

Dr. Duke & Collett Expose the Coverup of the LV White Massacre and Chris Cantwell Tells His Side of Charlottesville


  • RFaurisson

    C Cantwell is a hero and probably the next leader of the new ethnostate, if he can tame his language

    • Joe Neira


    • Mike pHuckabee

      Maybe when he’s marching and yelling death to the jews, Chris can wear a glittery tophat.

  • Mister Putin

    Still a basic bitch Libertarian, but still respect you. I had to disavow you a bit, because I was wearing your shirt all over the place (including work… boss is a right winger, so all good though can’t do it again). I will write you, though remember… there are Feds on both the far-Left & the far-Right. Don’t be a dummy, how do you think you got here? Feds! Trust NO-ONE!

  • AJ

    Big NEWS out of Cville this week