LIVE from Seg! Ep. 012 – Common Sense Anti-White Extremism

Political prisoner Christopher Cantwell is joined by Jared Howe via telephone for this thirteenth episode of LIVE from Seg!, recorded live on October 21st, 2017 and presented by the Radical Agenda.


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Topics discussed include:

  • More Walking Dead shitposting and spoilers
  • Crooked Charlottesville prosecutor who railroaded Alt-Righters lets fat communist get away with crime.
  • Chris learns how to pronounce Ku Klux Klan
  • Chris asks for Unite the Right attendees to come forward and contact Jared Howe or Elmer Woodard.
  • The cops and feds are in bed with the reds in C-Ville
  • Immigrants who raped teen in public school bathroom get away with rape and possession of child porn; are expected to qualify for green cards.
  • Shooting incident at Spencer event
  • Antifa admits to wanting white genocide
  • Chris and Jared plead for law enforcement to stop the violence of Antifa before it escalates any further.

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  • If someone comes early to attack you, the response is to get up earlier and strike first.

    Herewith, then, is an attempt to beat Mike to the punch with a sort of a firewall to his typical, generic flamethrowin’ comments:

    A Day in the Life of Mike

    Hi Everybody!

    So, I got up this morning. Got dressed, cleaned up. Went for an early morning run. Chowed down.

    What’s next on my schedule?

    Yes. Visit ChristopherCantwelldotcom and start the conversation off with some raw, rude, coarse, disgusting comment.

    My training at the Antifa Center for Pure Bad is paying off! First let me put on my hat. You know, the one that says, “Commie Troll”. My girlfriend got it for me.

    Alright, then! Using the Crude Comment app on my phone, it indicates I should write something about the way people are abused in prison. Just so.

    Actually, I find this work distasteful. Deep down. But when you enlist, you do whatcha gotta do.

    Hope you all enjoyed my pulling the curtain back a little bit on my wizardry.

    Next installment: I disclose the secret and clever process of how I crowned myself with a brilliant screen name.

    (Wow! I deserve to be Meme of the Month, if you just think about it.)

  • thedaywalkr

    Why are my comments stuck in moderation hell?

  • Mike pHuckabee

    Chris how’s that lawsuit going? You know, the one you said you would make millions from someone violating your rights. Hahaha

  • thedaywalkr

    How long do I have to wait for a comment with a link it it to be moderated. Seriously this is getting ridiculous.

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