LIVE from Seg! Ep. 013 – Hemmed Up

Political prisoner Christopher Cantwell is joined by Jared Howe via telephone for this thirteenth episode of LIVE from Seg!, recorded live on October 21st, 2017 and presented by the Radical Agenda.


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Topics discussed include:

  • More Walking Dead shitposting and spoilers
  • Crooked Charlottesville prosecutor who railroaded Alt-Righters lets fat communist get away with crime.
  • Chris learns how to pronounce Ku Klux Klan
  • Chris asks for Unite the Right attendees to come forward and contact Jared Howe or Elmer Woodard.
  • The cops and feds are in bed with the reds in C-Ville
  • Immigrants who raped teen in public school bathroom get away with rape and possession of child porn; are expected to qualify for green cards.
  • Shooting incident at Spencer event
  • Antifa admits to wanting white genocide
  • Chris and Jared plead for law enforcement to stop the violence of Antifa before it escalates any further.

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  • Mike pHuckabee

    Hey nazis, Chris is in jail. Be like Chris. Here’s another ahole nazi who’s going to jail, forever. See, greatness awaits you.

    Trump-loving internet troll fatally stabbed his father — who accused him of being a Nazi: report
    Lane Davis, a Trump-loving internet troll who posted conspiracy-laden YouTube videos under the name “Seattle4Truth,” was arrested earlier after he allegedly killed his own father for calling him a Nazi.

    Reports that Davis told police that he got into a fight with his father, Charles Davis, when the 73-year-old man called his son a Nazi and a racist. Lane Davis, who spread false stories about former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta running a child sex ring out of a pizzeria, was first confronted by his father when he went on a long rant about “pedophiles who were taking over the country.”
    OK well, so here’s the deal. If I am going to go to prison for threatening to kill somebody, I mean…” Lane Davis can be heard saying on an audio file of the 911 call.

    “As the 73-year-old maritime layer and grandfather of two lay bleeding on the back deck, stabbed by his son with a chef’s knife in the chest and the back, Lane walked outside, dropped his weapon and stood with his hands in the air, waiting for police to arrive,”…

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