• Mike pHuckabee

    Still in jail…hahahahaha

  • Joe Redtree

    this is a travesty of justice. as long as chris sits in jail, none of us are free.

    • And, if I may add to your fine comment, even when he’s out we are not free. This is making me re-think my exercise of free speech.

      Getting stalked, doxxed, jailed without bond, etc: is this what awaits me if I legally and peacefully stand up to the antifa?

      One thing for sure. Next rally I attend I want two bodyguards. Each equipped with multiple cameras. One standing in front of me. One behind me, pointed in the opposite direction.

      • Mike pHuckabee

        Sounds like a nazi gay fantasy hahaha

        • Mister Putin

          What would you say that you think more about, Nazis or gay sex?

          • Mike pHuckabee

            I think about all that gay sex nazis are having and hiding. They need to come out and let their freak flag fly instead of screaming about jews and blacks. Be free nazis, be free!

          • Mister Putin

            There’s plenty of gay Nazi fetish porn you can watch in order to relieve yourself of these symptoms.

          • Mike pHuckabee

            Of course, but you can live it.

          • Mister Putin

            I knew you were just here to pick up dudes.

    • Mike pHuckabee

      No you nazi pussies are just a bunch of whiny little bitches. Feel free to prance around in your little outfits screaming how oppressed you are.

      • Mister Putin

        “I don’t think about Nazis often” – Mike pHuckabee

  • I am not surprised in the least. The left dont play by any fair rules as you have said many times. They will lie cheat and steal their way into power. They don’t have any respect for anyone. Either you believe what they believe or you are fair game for violence. The longer i live around this jihadi left the more I come to believe in god. Antifa is the devil these people are evil. Hundreds of Antifa show upwith poop and piss, flamethrowers and weapons. Sounds pretty malicious eh? And chris cantwell is in jail? All because of what we know is TRUE!! RACE IS REAL. White people have more respect for themselves and play by rules. A white nationalist is more fair minded and rational than a shitlib beaner blm pillary kike jewtube commie dicksucker. You will lose! Because our cause is just! We want to preserve our people. You want to turn us all into mindless cogs in the zog machine with no identity no culture just netflix and tacos. I reject your afro material futurism. You will lose Nigger. You will lose.

  • I’m not interested enough to listen to the podcast. Can someone post the tl;dr version free of editorial commentary? Why is Cantwell still in jail? Is he likely to be remanded in custody until trial?

    • Answer: because he’s a mere amateur at pepper staying. Apparently he pointed the spray skyward after his legitimate use of the pepper spray.

      This extra shpritz, combined with his statements before the rally that he opposed the counter-protestors, combined to get the prosecutor to allege Mr. Cantwell is guilty of discharging pepper spray for some reason other than self-defense. More or less, that’s the bottom line. There is a good article online about the details, but I don’t think links are allowed here.

      The fact that this whole thing would not even be in court except for the false allegations the counter-protestors made is sidestepped in this whole charade.

      I would think the judge didn’t want to release Mr. Cantwell right away because the judge didn’t want to be associated with the likely antifa riots that will ensue following Mr. Cantwell’s release. So the judge punted the decision to release Mr. Cantwell over to the grand jury.

      • Thank you! That was a very cogent summary, and while I dislike Cantwell and his cause, I agree that this whole thing shouldn’t even be in court. The legal system is being used as a weapon here, as it often is. This isn’t new. You sometimes see child molestation accusations used as a weapon in custody cases, and sexual harassment allegations used for corporate blackmail. In this case, it seems quite clear to me that false allegations are being used to send a clear message to the right wing that they will be destroyed using any means whatsoever, which is not how I want to win.

        • Mike pHuckabee

          Watch the Vice video of Christie weaponing up before the march crowing about how he’s ready to kill someone.

          • I did, and I need no convincing that Cantwell is an idiot. I just think this pepper spraying charge is bogus.

          • Mike pHuckabee

            Acting all tough with a bunch of weapons on video is why he’s stuck in jail. If you act like an idiot, you get treated like an idiot. Chrissy is that idiot. The Nazis that follow and support him are idiots and will end up in jail too.

  • Gothic Joe

    So when’s this grand jury thing?

  • so then no bail hearing?

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