Preliminary Trial Updates

As anyone who has been listening to Live from Seg is aware, Christopher Cantwell had a preliminary trial yesterday. It went well overall but it was not a total victory. 2/3 of his charges were dropped. There’s still one charge remaining.

Jason Kessler was at the trial. Here is his entire account of it:




Anyways, with additional court dates in the future and more time spent in jail Chris will need more funds than initially expected.

Here is his Goyfundme, please donate more money:

Here is his Hatreon, please consider signing up for a monthly donation here:

  • Mike pHuckabee

    Send more money!
    because lazy christy won’t (can’t) get a job and wants to mooch off you. Pretty much the same thing nazis accuse minorities doing except they say they’re the superior race so mooching is ok.

    • The Brutal Truth

      Shut up fag.

      • Mike pHuckabee

        Yep I’d be angry to if I sent that mooch all my money.

    • Slovakbro

      It’s not mooching if it’s voluntary, retard. I bet you k’vetched all night when you found out Eddie Gorcenski lied to hell and back just to get Chris in jail, and when he gets out, he’s going to clean out its donors’ pockets.
      Don’t worry – next time I see you getting in a trash bag in the airplane because flying over cemeteries is somehow worse than sucking baby dicks, I’ll make sure to tie it snug around your neck because you’d never gather enough courage to kill yourself.

      • Mike pHuckabee

        Chris is still in jail and will be until the trial…which will be a long time down the road. Send Chrissy all your money, every penny… suckers.

    • F88

      Why do you care? He’s just a pathetic crying nazi.

      Go spew your hate elsewhere.

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