Christopher Cantwell’s message to the people of Charlottesville

Christopher Cantwell’s message to the people of Charlottesville, transcribed from the first part of episode 24 of live from seg.

A message to the people of Charlottesville, allow me to break character for a moment. I am not a supervillain; I just play one on the radio. My name is Christopher Cantwell. Many of you know me as the Crying Nazi. When free I’m the host of a live uncensored open phones internet radio show called The Radical Agenda. Since I’ve been in the custody of the Albemarle-Charlottesville regional jail, I’ve been doing a different type of show called Live From Seg! due to a prohibition on three way calling at the jail.  Put simply, I am a professional entertainer, and have been for years. Long before I was podcasting, before I even had my own blog, I was doing stand-up comedy in New York and making YouTube videos. Before that, I ran for Congress as a Libertarian, where some would argue my write in campaign after failing to make the ballot spoiled the race for Republican challenger Randy Altschuler, giving Tim Bishop, the incumbent, another term in New York’s first congressional district.

I am not a Nazi. I’ve said this so many times that I get sick of repeating myself, but when you see Jewish media lying all the time, as I’ve seen them do to me and my comrades since August. you begin to understand how those ideas begin to gain traction. As I’ve said before, “You keep on calling everyone a Nazi, and eventually you’re going to be right.” That said, I am a racist, not that that word means anything in America today. If Ralph Northam likes you to believe that Ed Gillespie spends his free time mowing down brown children in a pickup, then when I’m far to the right of Ed Gillespie, and even I don’t find that sort of thing attractive, then I’d go so far as to say that race baiting tactics of the left is so far from reality to make that word rather useless in the common parlance.

To clarify, then, I think that race is real. I am certain that there are genetic biological differences between racial groups, which manifest themselves in socially valued categories like intelligence, athleticism, and inclinations towards crime or cooperation. Put simply: blacks are not filling up our prisons because of white racism, any more than they are dominating professional sports due to nepotism. I am skeptical of Jews, because much of what they say contains indicators of deception. When it suits their purposes, Jews are just our fellow white folks, unless of course they need to play the victim, at which point they become an oppressed minority, which I find difficult to take seriously considering their dramatic overrepresentation in government, media, and finance.

That said, I don’t want to hurt anybody. I’m getting angry because I’m pointing out obvious facts and, without correction, I’m being branded a thought criminal and getting violent opposition from real criminals who have the full cooperation of government and media. I came to Charlottesville to promote my radio show after being invited by a Charlottesville resident to participate in a peaceful, permitted demonstration championed by the ACLU. I conditioned my participation in the torch march on cooperation with law enforcement and I was assured that I would have it. In return, I was maced twice in as many days. I was falsely accused of four separate crimes, one of which I was never charged with, two of which were dropped, and one of which I am still being held without bond on and face 20 years in prison over, even after all these other false accusations have been made obvious. Meanwhile, nobody is pursuing the people who assaulted me or perjured themselves with these false accusations. If I sound angry on the radio, this is why, and I have every right to be. You cannot call yourself an advocate of justice, social or otherwise, if you do not oppose my persecution.

The prosecutor in my case, Robert Tracci, understandably finds the subject matter of my media productions offensive. Unfortunately for him, there is nothing illegal about that. He is abusing his power by prosecuting me for self-defense on false accusations while allowing assault and perjury to go unpunished on the other side, because he hates my radio show like an obsessed and disaffected fan. Now that I have spent 84 days in jail on false accusations, lawsuits are unavoidable. But I have no interest in Charlottesville. All I want to do is to go back home to Keene, New Hampshire and do my radio show. If Mr. Tracci insists on making me go to trial, however, I will win. It will bolster my case in civil court, and I will be inclined to make my presence felt in this city for years to come. I could choose to move here, to attend city council meetings, to purchase political advertising, and even run for office, and I would do so with public officials afraid to touch me for fear of another lawsuit. If the fact that I have committed no crime is not motivation enough to drop these charges, perhaps getting rid of me can serve as motivation for a favorable plea deal.

Even though I have done nothing wrong, I am willing to consider pleading guilty to disorderly conduct or some other similar nonviolent misdemeanor and be sentenced to time served if it brings this criminal matter to a permanent and prompt conclusion. I am happy to consider meeting with Mr. Tracci personally with my attorney present. I invite him to speak to my local police department to confirm that I am not in fact a supervillain, and rather only play one on the radio. Phil Christiana of the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force has asked for my assistance in preventing future violence, and I am happy to provide that assistance, but I must be released from custody and be permitted to do this to put this ordeal behind me.

I am happy to discuss any of this with the media. Just provide me with a direct US phone number to call. No extensions or automated systems, since the jail’s phone system requires a human answer. By sending me mail inmate at Christopher Cantwell, Inmate #631424, Albemarle-Charlottesville regional jail, 160 Peregory Lane. Charlottesville, Virginia 22902, or you can Contact the jail and make arrangements to visit me there.

Now, one of the interesting things we discovered at my preliminary hearing is that the tranny lunatic who falsely accused me knows the identity of the guy I pepper sprayed, the one we’ve been calling Beanie Man. The prosecution wants him to come forward and charge me with malicious injury, but he has thus far refused to do so. I now think I know why. Further review of the available video appears to show that Beanie Man is the one who sprayed me and a bunch of other people with pepper spray. If so, him coming forward could expose him to several malicious injury charges of his own, not to mention malicious wounding for attacking the guy in the Tank Top and opening his head, as can be seen in the ****** photo that has become infamous. Not only that, but further review of my pepper spray deployment appears to show that my second deployment did in fact make contact with another combatant, a man described to me as Undersleeves, who is apparently ganging up on Tank Top with Beanie Man. He came at me after I took out Beanie Man, and I took him out in self-defense.

Unlike my accusers, I have not had the opportunity to review these videos dozens of times. My attorney and others have. I’ve been limited to my own recollections and third party accounts. I have said from the beginning that I only recalled pepper spraying one person, the guy we’ve been calling Beanie Man, because after he assaulted Tank Top, he came at me. Reviewing the video, it becomes obvious my recollection was flawed, as often happened in fast paced violent conflicts, and any person with a law enforcement background can inform you of that. Video shows that I come back for a second deployment, pepper spraying upwards, in a manner the prosecution describes as indiscriminate. I have responded by saying that I am not particularly experienced at pepper spraying people, and might have made a mistake. Further review seems to indicate, however, that I did, in fact, hit another combatant, indicating that I acted on good instincts.

Ladies and gentlemen, yes, there are going to be lawsuits, and I am not at liberty to discuss the details of them in the course of this recording. I will be talking about them a great deal going forward. I did nothing wrong. I am not a criminal. If I wanted violence, I would have found it long before I came to Charlottesville. People threaten me all the time, OK? Robert Tracci and the Charlottesville government are acting maliciously towards me because they don’t like the things I say on the radio. And I don’t blame them! I make an offensive violent racist podcast. I’m not surprised that they find it upsetting. But until they ban hate speech and repeal the First Amendment, that’s not illegal.

Drop the charges.


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