• Mike pHuckabee

    “Hey dad, I’m in jail.”

  • Joey

    haha, every time I want an update on this guy I always forget his name but searching for “Crying Nazi” always brings me to the right place 🙂

    • Gothic Joe


    • He cried over the potential loss of his people. Go back and review the video carefully.

      What might you cry over? Probably, I might guess, PERSONAL losses. Something that affects YOU directly, or your family, or your friends.

      But do you have a peoplehood? I doubt it. Or you wouldn’t make so light of the “Crying Nazi”.

      • Joey

        Nope, he cried at the first site of jail like a little man girl, but your spin is hilarious!

        • You obviously have not reviewed the video objectively. Your loss. You’re entitled to your “narrative”. Me. I’ll stick to the truth.

          • Joey

            Look Adolf, when you go on Vice and act like a big “DUDE” I expect you to act hard when looking at some jail time for being an idiot, not crying to a fucking cel phone camera because you’re scared … WAH!!!!

          • Have you picked up your view on manhood from some cowboy movie or he-man magazine?

            Quite clearly you are bothered by the fact that a White Nationalist may be a flesh and blood person with feelings.

            Again, doesn’t fit in with your “narrative”. Makes you feel uncomfortable.

            And that’s a good start for you! You came to this site to learn. You’re on your way. I wish you much success on your journey.

          • Joey

            Listen Rudolph Hess, I’m just here for the jokes =)

          • Yes. It’s just a “joke”. That attitude is your so-called “defense mechanism”. It allows you to get the information past your societally imposed filter that would under other circumstances forbid learning about the Alt Right.

            Good. Gooood. We are making progress.

          • Joey

            No mechanism here Heinrich, quit reading into everything. I’m just trolling the fuck out of you 🙂

          • Exactly. You are lacking real awareness of your actions and motivations. Naturally, you have fallen prey to Leftist currents and duly fallen in line as a troll.

            Yet, as I’ve pointed out, there is hope. Some shred, some smouldering, inextinguishable ember of righteousness still burns in your heart. And it is an honor to engage with you, and to use my comments as the bellows which may bring that spark of truth to burst into flame and engulf you in integrity and enflame you with fortitude to stand up against injustice.

          • Joey

            Sorry I don’t troll on the weekends. Sieg Heil MOTHERFUCKER!!!!

          • *Sigh*

  • That is a plus for Cantwell isn’t it?

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