Radical Agenda S03E002 – Degeneracy Today

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve tried to make it a point to improve ourselves and drag our audience along with us. Kicking and screaming if necessary. Longtime listeners will remember your humble correspondent weighing in at 265lbs and drunk more often than not. Now I’m just balding and swearing too frequently, a significant improvement.

One of the things I am most proud of is that I occasionally get messages from listeners who tell me that they sobered up or started going to the gym when I did. If you had told me four years ago that I’d be hanging out with Nazis and inspiring thousands of young men to get their shit together, I’d have looked at you as strangely then as I look at trannies today.

As it turns out though, I’m no longer repulsed by the swastika, and a small army of one time degenerates are making leaps and bounds in their mental focus and physical fitness. In 12 step programs, people are encouraged to give themselves over to a “higher power” under the auspices that it might restore them to sanity. This usually carries a religious connotation, and I am certain for many Radical Agenda listeners it still does, but for others, race and nation have filled this void.

The hyper individualistic tendencies of many libertarians make it too easy to fall into nihilism. Too easy to say “What’s the point?” and give up. Race and nation, even in the absence of faith in the supernatural, grant us a higher purpose. A sense of obligation to the future of the group. When fighting for the survival of your people, you cannot be caught off guard while drunk. You cannot be fat, lazy, and a liability to your fellow soldiers when the enemy strikes.

Drug dealers and smut peddlers, in this worldview, cease to be friends bearing gifts, and are seen rather for what they are, enemies poisoning the well. The old “live and let live” nonsense that gave way to rampant promiscuity, prostitution, alcoholism, drug abuse, genital mutilation, and all matter of deviancy, gives way to a ruthlessly judgemental perspective that is understandably misconstrued as hatred. Indeed, we do hate. We hate weakness and rot and degeneracy within our ranks, because they diminish not only our future prospects, but those of our children and grandchildren. That which is permitted now, will be celebrated tomorrow, if our enemies are permitted to keep contaminating our people.

Radical Agenda S03E002 - Degeneracy Today
Radical Agenda S03E002 – Degeneracy Today

This is how communists position themselves as the advocates of love and tolerance, by suggesting that this corruption should be embraced. Their purposeful destruction of our race and nation is joyful and easy, whereas our preservation thereof is hateful and cruel. Since the tongues of Jews are too quick to be argued with in perpetuity, we embrace the label. Yes, we hate you. Yes, we will punish your tresspasses. Yes, we will purge decay from our collective body. Yes, we are a violent menace to be feared by those who find our destruction a thing to celebrate.

Sadly, too many among us fall for the siren song of our rivals.

One headline at Bloomberg tells us of the latest trend in family structure impacting our holiday plans, “Divorce Is Making American Families 66% Bigger“. Isn’t that wonderful? Big families are a thing to be celebrated, right? Our women are working overtime, and bringing children into the world more rapidly! Let us shower them with gifts, and honor their sacrifice!

No. Sadly, this is not a thing to celebrate. Our families are not larger, we’re just connecting more dots by destroying our families in search of new sex partners. Our birthrates are plummeting. Our women are indeed working harder than ever, and hitting rock bottom levels of depression, as Jews tell them the only measure of value is the measure of a man’s value. They demand representation in the workplace and on the battlefield. They achieve it, and still lack the satisfaction they once had at home, and rather than see the folly of this path, they simply make greater demands to be further degraded by egalitarian delusions.

Among men and women, drug and alcohol related deaths are skyrocketing. Even in the workplace. It used to be that a man might make a mess of himself in the off hours, but judged his control of his vices by his ability to do his job. In 2016 however, the number of U.S. deaths at work from unintentional drug and alcohol overdoses jumped more than 30%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s just workplace overdose deaths, by the way, it says nothing of deaths and injuries caused by drug and alcohol related accidents, which are surely skyrocketing as well.

Adultery app companies are suing casual sex app companies over branding, against the orders of the President of the United States, transgenderism is being subsidized by the US military, even robots are engaging in adultery, and monkeys are copulating with deer. If you get angry about any of this, you are a hateful bigot. You are mean. You are intolerant. You hate diversity. You are a thoughtcriminal. You are a Nazi.

Welcome to the party.

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • American Spartan

    Not getting any audio via the box at the bottom of page.

  • Fred Fingers

    The LA call was somewhat Molyneuvian.

  • Uncle Remus

    Chris Cantwell is a tragedy of a human being. So much potential that is wasted by anger and hate. I’m sorry for you.

    • the ultimate gaylord

      You waste your time posting emotional drivel without a single piece of useful information or argument in the comments section. You should feel sorry for yourself.

    • South Texas

      So which ghetto minority neighborhood do you willingly live in?

      • Uncle Remus

        Oh there are no white ghettos? Does every minority live in a ghetto? Pretty dumb argument on your part.

        • South Texas

          Not every minority, but quiet a few. Besides, ghetto whites overall are less of a problem than ghetto minorities.

          • Uncle Remus

            Citation needed.

            Point being, all races have their good and bad. Singling one out over another does not prove your point, it negates it.

          • South Texas

            You have Al Gore’s invention of the internet to easily find that information about race and crime.

          • Uncle Remus

            Crime is an economic problem not a race problem. So is the opioid epidemic by the way. You can;t just single out black and Mexican ghettos and say that all minorities are bad. I live in an area surrounded by minorities. Yes there are some real pieces of shit here that should be shot/deported etc… But I am friends with and work with many very good people as well. Fact is, you cannot support a flawed ideology with fake news, fakes statistics and fake facts.

          • vadhajtáska

            Rich blacks commit more crime per capita than poor white people.

          • Bastion Harm

            Wait!?! So you’re telling me that the reason why blacks commit so much more crime than whites is, not because they have lower IQs, higher time preferences, higher levels of aggression, are far more easily risible…

            ….but because of….



            I’ve never heard that one before.

          • Bastion Harm

            But I will play along….so it’s an economic problem.

            OK…why do blacks have these “economic problems?”


            Legacy of slavery?

            “White privilege”?

            OK….so why do blacks in Haiti, who’ve been running that part of the island since the Slave Revolt concluded in 1804, still have these “economic problems”? Can’t blame “white privilege”, “racism” and a “legacy of slavery” there, can you?

            Sure, that’s one example…but then let’s skip across the ocean and ask: what about all those black-run countries in Africa?

            Can you name one that has been run by blacks for more than a generation that ISN’T a 3rd world economic basket case?

          • Uncle Remus

            I have to wonder how many blacks have to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, writers, teachers, etc to finally persuade people like yourself that IQ is not a race issue.

            I blame poverty ultimately for their plight because poverty affects all aspects of a society. Economics is everything. Look at any poor, white community and you’ll see the effects are the same. Do you seriously think whites in poor, rural areas would be suffering through this opioid crisis right now if they had access to secondary educations and meaningful jobs? Poverty is a vicious cycle that just begets more poverty and more tragic problems.

            I am not sure what your exposure has been to blacks, or other minorities for that matter, but I live in California. And I’m not a California lib by any means – I’m more of a libertarian/conservative. I am opposed to high taxes, gov’t intervention and abortion. I believe welfare is a form of slavery that has destroyed generations of minority families. (I’m just telling you this so you know you’re not debating some dumbfuck SJW).

            But when it comes to race, living in California gives you a different perspective. Yes, I am often guilty of blaming Mexicans for our crime rates (locally, where I live). I see blacks in Oakland kill a mother of four kids who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, and I probably get as racially charged as you. But once I settle down, I remember the Ethiopian physician I know, who also happens to be an award winning author. I have befriended wonderful, intelligent productive people who are black, Mexican, Indian, Asian, etc. There are clearly no IQ issues with any of them. So the issue isn’t with race. It’s with ME being angry about a given situation and looking for an easy explanation.

            The fact is, each and every one of us is capable of good or evil, intelligence or stupidity. You want to tell me because whites in America commit less crimes per capita than black for example (which anyone would agree is true), white are just ethnically better or superior? You have to be able to see a correlation here between poverty and crime.

            Let’s take a group of affluent blacks and poor whites and compare their crime rates and IQs. Are whites still superior? Of course not. And why not? Because they are stupid? No. Because they are fucking broke. Because they don’t have access to the resources that even modest wealth can bring.

            So my question to you is: why can’t you see the potential in every human being? Why is it you believe that only whites are capable of great things? Do you seriously think you will better your “tribe” by being hateful of others just because of their skin color? By segregating yourself from the rest of the world?

            The ironic thing here is that we are literally debating on a platform created by a company headquartered in one of the most liberal, multi-cultural cities in the world (San Francisco). By using this platform, and other platforms you presumably use like Twitter and Facebook, you are literally benefiting from the intellects and talents of a wide variety of people, colors, cultures, sexualities etc., all the while using their creations to communicate your belief that you are more superior than they are. And that is utterly absurd.

  • Hadding Scott

    The question of whether national-socialism is “socialism” is a semantic question. National-Socialism is certainly not about “getting government out of the way.” It’s about using the government to do things that need to be done, and that includes taxing the rich to make work for the unemployed, and other measures to improve the lives of workers.

  • Lenny Wood+

    You are building a legend that will last a lunchtime! This stuff is semi-relevant and darned close to interesting.

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