The Coming Alt Tech Boom

In the wake of last August’s Unite the Right rally, Jew run communications and financial institutions have rushed to silence anybody who dares stand up against white genocide. I have personally been banned from PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, Coinbase, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, MailChimp, BluBrry Podcast Stats, Amazon Web Services, OKCupid, PlentyOfFish, Match, Tinder, and that’s just what I have off the top of my head. DailyStormer has found it nearly impossible just to maintain a domain name, and CloudFlare kicked them off their service, only to suggest the government should have stopped them from doing so.¬†We’ve long been barred from traditional crowdfunding systems like GoFundMe, and KickStarter. Others have had trouble with web hosting. Don’t even get me started on the advertising industry.

The Coming Alt Tech Boom
The Coming Alt Tech Boom

While many of my associates have understandably called for government regulation to step in and bar such discrimination from taking place (a policy position I have no opposition to), I prefer to see these as market opportunities for creative ambition. Call it my lingering libertarianism, but I think there is a very good reason that whites have typically been advocates of the market economy. It is the same reason Marxist Jews, and low agency negroes and mongrels make up the anticapitalist left. It is also the same reason white nationalism is opposed more ferociously than any other form of ethnocentrism. Whites thrive in a market economy, and parasites need the force of our own governments to take from us the fruits of our innovations.

The reason the Alt Right is meeting such massive opposition is because our enemies know that once we are able to operate freely, we will win. Not only in street fights and resource competition, but in electoral popularity. They will use every dirty trick in the book, from government force, to deception and perjury, to criminal initiatory violence in the streets, all to prevent us from being heard by the public. This is because the truth and righteousness of our message will crush their violence and deception in the public discourse the moment any reasonable person has a chance to fairly evaluate our message against that of our rivals.

This strategy will prove short sighted and foolhardy for our rivals, as has happened repeatedly throughout history. They have overplayed their hand so many times that it is becoming difficult for reasonable people to take them seriously. At least while we were using their platforms, they had a means by which to siphon resources from us as we went along. By compelling us to develop competing products and services, they are actually strengthening our position, albeit by imposing a temporary setback on our advancement.

We have seen this to some degree with,, and in the social media realm. The constantly expanding definition of “hate speech” from actual threats, to mere humor, to simple observations of reality, has driven hundreds of thousands of users to these platforms. As I write this, Twitter is in the midst of a massive user purge, doing away with the most respectable of race realists such as Jared Taylor. Doubtlessly this will snare in its net even the most milquetoast of conservatives, as the liberal echo chamber of the work environment and communications platforms further detaches the censors from the pulse of the society at large.

In finance we have seen crowdfunding platforms like Hatreon, GoyFundMe, and FreeStartr emerge. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have resulted in major gains for white nationalists, that are being invested as you read this into new innovations for our movement. Breaking free from Jewish finance may prove the most daunting challenge, given the regulatory environment. It is however the most crucial, and the increasing popularity of decentralized cryptocurrency has already proven robust enough for massive criminal enterprises. So using it to fund mere throughtcriminals like us is a no brainer.

Breaking the Jewish stranglehold on information and finance will prove to be truly groundbreaking for all manner of economic activity. It was easy for Uber and AirBnB to ban Unite the Right attendees as we were smeared in the media and cut off from the financial system. Once we regain our voice and financial power, how do they intend to win back our business from competitors that emerge to serve the needs of America’s overwhelmingly white economic engine?

Once whites are made to realize that standing up for their ethnic interests is no longer catastrophic to their individual interests, that fighting for their race is indeed necessary for their individual survival, the flow of capital investment away from dysgenic social justice causes and directly into white ethnocentric projects is all but inevitable. The market correcting bankruptcies of social justice malinvestment, will take infrastructure away from parasitic Jewish elements, and place it right where it belongs, in the hands of innovative white entrepreneurs, at massively discounted prices.

This reallocation of capital will not only benefit whites. As has always been the case throughout the course of human history, white accomplishment will benefit the whole of mankind. Our agricultural, technological, and medical advancements have made it possible for welfare recipients to get fat, carry smartphones, and receive life saving medical treatment, all without contributing anything positive to those advancements. It is only the parasitism and smear tactics of Marxist Jews and their gentile dupes that have held back these advancements, and the Alt Tech community will prove vital to rescuing our species from this autoimmune disorder.

Project Suggestions For Alt Tech Innovators

I’ve had a great deal of time to think as of late, and a great many challenges to try and overcome. Consider this my “Alt Tech Wishlist”

A free speech (or explicitly white nationalist) domain registrar

The Daily Stormer being blacklisted from the DNS system is an absolute crisis for the entire Internet. The fact that sites like the Pirate Bay are arguably in open in defiance of the law, and still haven’t lost their access to the DNS system, while a humorous political blog is treated like the enemy of the human race, should really tell you something about who really runs things.

This should be a top priority not only for the alt right, but for anyone who cares about the free exchange of ideas. I find it absolutely hysterical that so many people who favored so called “net neutrality” regulations are willing to sit silent while the second most important part of the Internet infrastructure (second only to IP addresses) is turned into a weapon for Jewish interests.

If any content should be erased from the web, it is that of Jewish communists, pornographers, and gangster rap producers. Yet, Israel remains a world power, communism is still peddled under a countless number of different brandings, porn consumes as much as 15% of Internet traffic, and gangster rap is making billions of dollars. So long as Jews can peddle the economics of starvation as respectable public policy, white women are abused and discarded, and blacks can promote violent crime as a glorious lifestyle, free speech absolutism ought to be alive and well. Even if the concept of free speech is to be eradicated however, quality content like the Daily Stormer should not only remain on the web, it should hold prime relevance in search engines.

Standalone Cryptocurrency Checkout Plugins for E-Commerce

I use WordPress for and WooCommerce for the store and paywall functionality. I think most other Alt Right websites are also using WordPress, but there are several different ecommerce plugins for WordPress and I can’t say which they are all using.

All of my previous payment processors have banned me. PayPal, Coinbase, Amazon Payments, and Stripe. I’m currently experimenting with GoURL, a WooCommerce checkout plugin for several different CryptoCurrencies, but that relies on the developer’s website to process payments and has fees associated with it. Relying on third party payment processors has proved problematic for people in my line of work, and in my book the whole point of crypto is to avoid requiring a payment processor.

The only other way I can accept payments right now is using a Bitcoin checkout plugin for WooCommerce from BitcoinWay. The plugin is no longer in development, and has some significant bugs. Perhaps more importantly, the skyrocketing exchange rate and transaction fees have made Bitcoin impractical for the type of small, frequent transactions typical of my business model.

I imagine one could make good use of the existing code from BitcoinWay’s plugin, fix the bugs, and expand it to accept LiteCoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, and any number of the other available cryptocurrencies out there.

You wouldn’t have to do this as a charity case either. Donations on a free plugin alone would probably pay in spades, but I’d gladly pay for this as a premium WooCommerce plugin and I am willing to bet I’m not the only one. Crypto enthusiasts would likely contribute to a crowdfunding bounty for such a development as well, as anything increasing the usability of cryptocurrencies is going to increase their value on the exchanges.

Cookie Cutter Streaming App for Smartphone

I have a developer working on an app for the Radical Agenda. Presently, the app just picks up the podcast audio from the RSS feed, but we’re working on getting it to pick up the Icecast live audio feed as well.

I had shopped around to get similar functionality from several providers some time ago, and BluBrry Podcast Statistics offered the podcast app functionality ready to go for users of their WordPress plugin. Luckily I didn’t take them up on the offer, because they shitcanned my stats services and broke all my links in the wake of Unite the Right. They also lacked the live audio functionality. LibSyn has a similar service, but this again relies on a third party provider, which renders it fragile.

In my mind, it should not be an incredibly difficult project to create a copy/paste podcast app. One where the setup process involves plugging in an RSS feed, Icecast link, and some template artwork. For bonus points one could add RTMP for live video. I can’t see any reason the same app wouldn’t function additionally as a blog reader.

For added robustness, it could have either an update server or backup RSS feed URLs in the event the domain name of the production were seized.

Podcast Stats Service

As mentioned in the prior section, BluBrry used to provide me with podcast download stats before Unite the Right. As it currently stands, I have no idea how many downloads I’m getting. This data is important for more than ego and bragging rights.

Just about any podcast stats service is going to rely on a third party provider. Some people are using LibSyn, for example. This may prove to be fragile the next time we have a big media storm, and we need a sympathetic service.

AltRightTV Set Top Box

I have a Roku channel for the Radical Agenda, for now. The existence of that channel currently depends on my Roku developer account, and a third party service that I pay a monthly fee for. These are two points of failure too many.

The Roku channel presently provides live audio via Icecast, and on demand audio via the podcast RSS feed. The system has the capability of carrying live video via RTMP and on demand video via RSS as well. I have another submenu in the system that provides on demand audio of several other podcasts I added to the system.

Compiling all of this into a standalone box would be much more robust than relying on other streaming providers, and could also provide an excellent revenue stream for the movement by selling the equipment itself. Given the wide variety of open source software designed for exactly this purpose, I imagine a competent developer could get such a project off the ground pretty rapidly.

Given the number of talented Alt Right content producers out there, a collaborative effort could easily put together a 24/7/365 content stream with on demand options exceeding the consumption capacity of even the most obsessed fan.

Bonus points for Pay Per View and Premium Subscription functionality.

MailChimp/ConstantContact Competitor

After Unite the Right, I was unceremoniously dropped from MailChimp, my mailing list provider. Their terms of service explicitly forbid any “hateful” content, whatever that means. Constant Contact has no such provision in their terms, but I just got off the phone with them and them and they said we wouldn’t be a “good fit” because it would just be “too much trouble”.

It is impossible to have a “Free Speech” mail provider because this will inevitably be used for male enhancement ads and other spam trap bait. We need an explicitly white nationalist service.

At its most basic level, this is easy to do. I am more than capable of collecting addresses and sending out email blasts from my own server, for example. These systems provide a lot of perks however, such as subscription confirmations, opt out forms, open tracking, and form customization.

Affiliate Advertising Hub

Affiliate marketing is one of the primary mechanisms by which content producers make their money on the web. Even broadcast and satellite radio programs utilize this fee structure by the use of promo codes and custom URLs. As opposed to more traditional advertising forms like buying commercials upfront, or Internet models like cost per impression, or cost per click, affiliate advertising grants the referrer a cut of the sale. This way the advertiser has nothing to lose, he only pays when he gets paid.

The Amazon Associates program is perhaps the most well known of such systems, and many major retailers have their own affiliate programs. CJ (formerly known as Commission Junction) is a hub of such programs with hundreds if not thousands of affiliate programs which content producers can apply for with a single click. There are several such hubs out there of varying degrees of quality.

I was banned from CJ months prior to Unite the Right for something completely ridiculous, and Amazon banned me immediately after Unite the Right.

This might be one of the most important projects of all, and that is probably why our rivals go to such extraordinary lengths to shut these accounts down. When an advertiser can see on a ledger exactly how much money they are making from their relationship with a producer, they have to make a conscious decision to throw that much money away when the communists start harassing their call centers. Additionally, alt right content consumers spend money. They are more engaged than most audiences, which is why a relatively small audience like that of the Radical Agenda can provide a respectable income for somebody like your humble correspondent. Finding businesses who want to market products to our audiences in this “literally can’t lose” fashion should not be exceedingly difficult, especially after the initial lot of advertisers can boast of profits. This will help us achieve mainstream acceptance.

Paywall Service Provider

Finding payment processors that are willing to do business with the alt right is proving exceedingly difficult, as noted earlier. I can’t imagine (((why))) that is. This presents a problem for one of our most popular business models, members only content (a trend I think I can take credit for introducing the movement to).

If the payments were not processed by the websites with the offending content, that degree of separation could be the difference between running credit cards, and trying to convince everyone right of Elizabeth Warren to become a crypto expert.

A third party content access control service could fill this function. Paywall memberships are managed by databases that could be updated across sites completely invisible to the payment processor and public. The customer could use a promo code at checkout to tell the Paywall Service Provider which site(s) he wanted access to, provide their (freely) registered username to be granted access in the back end, and the entire operation could take place without any explicit mention of the content being provided.

Secure Discord Alternative

Discord is a feature rich chat service, marketed primarily to gamers, which the alt right has made use of recently. For the most part, it serves its purpose. It relies on a third party service provider, however. One who proved willing to shut down the channels used for organizing Unite The Right, in the wake of the event. This means we cannot rely on the system, particularly for anything sensitive.

VoIP/Robodial/Mass SMS Service

Many of you may recall pro-Trump robocalls from white nationalists during the last election. As our access to the internet gets more restricted, we need to find other ways to get our message out. As frowned upon as these things may be, they are a remarkably cost effective way of spreading a message. They don’t get caught in spam traps like emails do, and a list of phone numbers can move from provider to provider as needed without ever suffering a loss.

VICIdial is a completely open source, full featured call center software package. It can be used not only for robocalls, but also phone banking, and many other purposes.

Group SMS Messaging

Group text messaging is another feature that could be used for Pool Parties and Book Clubs. Keene activists made good use of such a service for a long time, and we had a clunky way of putting this together from free public services. I don’t know if the technique still works however, and even if it does, it isn’t secure and relies on services we’ve been already been banned from.

Broadcast Radio

The Liberty Radio Network, a shoutcast stream started by Free Talk Live, has a handy guide on how to set up your own FM radio station. It lacks information on how to go about getting licensed, and I’ve heard about many people starting pirate radio stations using this technology, not that I would recommend anyone do anything illegal, of course. They are not that expensive to get set up, anybody with a respectable career could afford the equipment.

While I was in jail, I had an AM/FM radio from the commissary that I used to listen to pretty frequently. I couldn’t help but think how cool it would be if somebody who lived near the jail started broadcasting alt right podcasts.

Amateur/GMRS Two Way Radio Repeater (Networks)

Keene activists for a time made very good use of Baofeng two way radios. To extend the range of communications (which are very limited in urban/suburban environments) a local radio repeater was used. A Ham Radio license can be arduous to obtain, but a General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) license is a lot cheaper, has fewer requirements, and allows for a powerful, legal radio repeater.

These repeaters can be linked across vast distances using the Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP), for statewide, national, or even global functionality.

A GMRS repeater can be purchased for under $500, or built for even less from old decommissioned police and commercial radios sold cheaply on eBay.

Robust Technologies, More Broadly

Recurring themes in the above mentioned projects are decentralization, blockchain technology, peer to peer systems, encryption (especially that of the public/private key variety), radio transmissions, and open source. Whatever we do, it must be done with the expectation that every dirty Jew trick in the book, and a few new ones, will be thrown at it.

We have to be more than robust, we have to be antifragile. We have to benefit from the inertia of our assailants. When they throw a grenade at us, we have to pull the pin out and throw it right back at them. Controlling these systems ourselves is good, making sure the systems cannot be controlled is even better. Any single point of failure will be subjected to immense social, economic, legal, and martial pressures.

Luckily, this is exactly what white men were built for. We did not build the most powerful militaries, economies, and civilizations in the history of mankind easily, or by accident. We did it through intelligence, innovation, ambition, competition, and against great adversity. We have dominated every race we have set out to dominate, and our rivals are powerless against us when we fight as a race.

The left speaks of “Resistance” to President Trump, I say we teach them the meaning of the word.

Heil Victory!


Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.

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