Radical Agenda S03E004 – Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m alone in my undisclosed location somewhere within the People’s Democratic Republic of Virginia. Not that I’m complaining. The support I’ve received from so many people throughout this ordeal has been like finding a whole new family. A few friends came by for dinner earlier. I made one of those spiral sliced hams. They brought salad, and sausage stuffing, my favorite.

I’m so grateful to all of you. From the biggest donor right down to the occasional listener who has never chimed in. I’m literally just sitting here, facing potentially decades in prison, chained to a strange place by a government monitoring device, and still thinking to myself “I’m the luckiest guy in the world”

I was feeling so festive, in fact, that I wrote a little Christmas poem. I’ll go live in a few minutes, read it, riff a bit and take some calls for a brief Christmas Eve special.

Radical Agenda S03E004 - Christmas Eve
Radical Agenda S03E004 – Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas, in Red Charlottesville,
A tranny was lying, because that’s what trannies do!
The niggers were stealing, the Jews in control
And the white working folks, they paid for it all
Until in Lee Park, there arose such a clatter
Antifa came running to see what was the matter
And there in the park, with a torch in his hand
A horrible, privileged, fat racist white man
The communists shouted, You fascist pig!
We are the RESISTANCE! This town is for nigs!
The fat man he laughed Oh Ho Ho Ho!
You Bolshevik faggots, you don’t even know!
With his free hand he pointed to the street by the park
And 16 headlights, illuminated the dark
He told them Reindeer are so 2004
So I traded them in for 8 Dodge Challengers
Run these kikes over, so Heyer they’ll visit!
The cars revved their engines, the communists scattered
The tires then screeched, and proved black lives don’t matter
He called Donald Trump and said “The job has been done”
The President told him “Bring Cantwell his guns!”
He jumped in his sleigh and took off in a hurry
Then scared me half to death, coming down my chimney
He said “You’ve been so good fighting for race and nation
I’ve brought you some presents, a martial donation
Select fire AKs, and ARs galore
Glocks, Rugers, ammo, and body armor
With tears in my eyes I said “This is for me?”
He said “Of course, you crying Nazi!”
I loaded the guns, and tried on the gear
I thanked him profusely and wiped away tears
I told him “For years I thought you weren’t real
But these guns and those corpses just sealed the deal
I’ll always believe now, thank you Santa!
He said Don’t thank me, thank Adolf Hitler
I looked out the window, and there in his Sleigh
The Fuhrer himself, waved and said Hey!
Then they both took off in the cold winter night
Merry Christmas to all!
Keep America White!

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • Seth VanHaelst

    Makes well thought out case backed by evidence
    Liberal: ha you cried that one time.

  • muscle mike

    Michael Weaver: Perils of a Pro-White Activist.
    Michael Weaver was railroaded in Columbus, Georgia because he pepper sprayed a negro that was trying to rob him, and was sent to prison even though pepper spray is not illegal in Georgia. But Michaelโ€™s real offense was his past as an advocate for White interests and a regular distributor of National Alliance literature throughout the streets of the city. Michael had previously distributed nearly 100,000 fliers and pamphlets in the Columbus area that attacked illegal immigration, affirmative action, and Jewish influence in the Mainstream Media. He was National Alliance Activist of the Year in 2008.

    This interview may have been more timely back in June or July, before the #UnitetheRight rally in Charlottesville, since we think Michaelโ€™s story is exemplary of the quagmire in which one may end up by advocating for Whites in an anti-White environment, where our enemies have a decisive upper hand in local government. Charlottesville is even farther along the path to Bolshevism than Columbus, but if they can get away with treating Michael Weaver the way they have in Georgia, there are not too many places where White Nationalists stand a chance once they get involved in a case where they had to defend themselves against negros or other beasts. It seems that for Michael Weaver, and also for our fellow patriots in Charlottesville, as soon as a White Nationalist needs to defend himself, he alone is the guilty party.

    For further reading:

    The Michael Weaver Case, at Occidental Dissent

    Columbus Georgia: No Pepper-spray allowed

    Police State Amerika: The People’s Republic of Columbus, Georgia

    A Dual System of “Justice,” Separate and Unequal…The Story of Michael Weaver and The Corruption of Columbus,Georgia’s Judicial System

    • Hadding Scott

      The problem with Michael Weaver’s case is that he pleaded guilty.

      Don’t ever plead guilty if you are not.

  • disqus_mvN4YY3qQf

    Where is the player so we can listen?

  • ass hole

    Christopher Cantwell: Chopped and Screwed

  • Slovakbro

    That voice shift though.
    The Virgin New York Asshole vs. The Chad Santwell

    • ass hole

      Back on the test

  • HeliRidesForHeebz

    Merry Christmas, Cantwell. Good to hear your voice outside of a jail cell… even if I gotta play it at 1.5 speed on this one.
    Here’s hoping you get rich from them C-Ville Shekel Snatchers in the New Current Year

  • Hadding Scott

    By comparing the intro music in this recording to the music in other episodes I determined that this recording is playing at only 92% of full speed. By using Audacity to multiply the speed by 1.086 I made the show sound normal.

  • Codreanu

    Ham…sausage. Purity of the blood begins in our own body. Blood is the vessel of the Volk and the wisdom of the ancestors

  • Codreanu

    The Fuhrer in his sleigh, you’re onto something Cantwell. Santa Claus is Wotan, the God of thunder and lightning (donner & blitzen), which they Christianized into St Nick.

    Wotan comes from Thule in the North Pole, and he will return upon his mighty steed with eight legs (like Santa’s eight reindeer).

    If the Fuhrer is an Avatar of Wotan, then Hitler is Santa Claus

  • Voluntary Interaction

    So painful to listen to. Had to stop. Amazing how many technical difficulties you have after years of experience. Get it together for christ’s sake.

  • ๐“ฆ๐“ฑ๐“ธ๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“—๐“ฎ๐”‚๐“ข๐“ธ๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ธ๐“ผ๐“ผ

    LOL @ thinking her computer fan making noises is Heather talking to her. No, it’s more like the dust in the room filled with grease from her skin and smoke from her Newports formed a coagulated mess that killed the fan the same way it killed her.

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