Radical Agenda S03E006 – The Jewish Question

Here at the Radical Agenda, we started off as a very libertarian production. Radical even, hence the name. If you had asked me for reading suggestions during the first hundred episodes, I probably would have pointed you toward Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand, or Ludwig von Mises – all of them Jews. Though I still largely maintain my fetish for liberty, if you asked the same question today, I’d suggest Adolf Hitler, George Lincoln Rockwell, and Kevin MacDonald. I’m fairly confident at least one of those names rings a bell to you, and as you’ve probably guessed, my new favorite authors are most decidedly not Jewish.

Radical Agenda S03E006 - The Jewish Question
Radical Agenda S03E006 – The Jewish Question

When one looks at the group behaviors of Jews, you can start to see why Jews would take issue. Whether in the atomized, hyperindividualistic outlook of the libertarian, or in the hypercollectivized “anti-racist” perspective of the communist, any effort to analyze world events through the racial lense meets horrified outcry, though never any meaningful refutation. The moment one attempts to even understand patterns of ethnic or racial group behavior, they are condemned as a thought criminal, a Nazi, a fascist, an ignorant racist, a deranged and sick individual. Without ever having a fact corrected or argument refuted, they are written out of polite society by groups who see no conflict between their openly ethnocentric nature, and their utter contempt for all other ethnocentric groups.

It should come as no surprise then, that Kevin MacDonald has been called the “neo-Nazi movement’s favorite academic” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, was denounced by many of his colleagues, and had his teaching duties reduced before retiring from his position as a psychology professor at California State University, Long Beach. All without being refuted or corrected in any meaningful way, of course.

Refuting Mr. MacDonald might prove difficult. He has a Masters degree in evolutionary biology, and a Ph. D. in Biobehavioral Sciences, both from the University of Connecticut. His research has focused on developing evolutionary perspectives on culture, developmental psychology and personality theory, the origins and maintenance of monogamous marriage in Western Europe, and ethnic relations (group evolutionary strategies). He is the author of more than 100 scholarly papers and reviews, and he is the author of Social and Personality Development: An Evolutionary Synthesis (1988), A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy (1994), Separation and Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism (1998), and The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements (1998). He is also the editor of the Occidental Observer. The “backward, ignorant, racist” trope is not going to work on this guy.

While I was in the custody of the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail, I had the time to read some of Kevin’s work. A People That Shall Dwell Alone, Separation and Its Discontents, and Culture of Critique, a trilogy of well sourced, scholarly research on Judaism and anti-Semitism, from an evolutionary perspective. I was impressed with the material in all the ways one can be impressed with a book. His literary talent combined with in depth explanations of the subject matter, serves to thoroughly inform the reader on very a very complex topic without becoming a a tedious read. Indeed I had trouble putting these books down.

Simultaneously, one can understand why, though Mr. MacDonald shows no hostility to anyone in his work, Jewish groups consider the material “hate speech” and thought crime. The gentile reader is almost compelled to see Jews as a threat to his way of life, and the continued survival and well being of his people. Indeed, Mr. MacDonald posits that anti-Semitism, far from being some sort of mental illness as our chosenite moral crusaders would have us believe, is a survival mechanism developed by non-Jews throughout the world and throughout history to ward off the negative consequences that come with Jewish presence in gentile societies.

It is unfortunate in the extreme that Jewish groups see no reason to refute anything Mr. MacDonald has to say. I would far rather not view the world in this fashion, but when the only response to scientific research is cries of heresy and smear campaigns, the honest observer is compelled to see that only one side of this conflict is making any effort to understand the realities of our world, while the other side is interested only in subterfuge. Calling someone an anti-Semite and a Nazi is not an argument, and indeed these perpetual cries of persecution are exactly the type of behavior topping the list of complaints anti-Semites like myself have with the people who are vastly overrepresented in every measure of success our society has to offer.

This will be an episode of the Radical Agenda that you do not want to miss. Kevin will join us for the first hour, and I’ll take your calls in the second half at 424-3-GO-NAZI or Radical Agenda on Skype. The show airs live from 5-7pm Eastern, you can listen using the player below or at ChristopherCantwell.com/live. Sadly, GabTV still isn’t working, so today will be audio only.




Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • Priss Factor

    So, Chris, are you a neo-Nazi?

    Do you read Hitler critically or do you worship the demented psycho?

    George Lincoln Rockwell? You gotta be kidding me.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      So I take it you’ve read Rockwell, and are prepared to give a thorough refutation of his works?

      • Jon Steele

        Chris, the likes of he/she/it have not and can not (if they did) refute the facts and truths uttered and written by great men like Commander Rockwell. All they can do is call us the usual names whose bite is getting less and less effective as more people awaken.

        If you haven’t you should read American Dissident Voices by Dr. William Luther Pierce (1,666 pages) and this masterpiece: When Victims Rule – A Critique of Jewish Pre-eminence in America (2,040 pages) both easy to find and download if you just do a Google search of the titles.

        Keep up the great work.


      • Hadding Scott

        I always tell them that there’s nothing neo about me.

      • Priss Factor

        Look, I’m a harsh critic of Jewish Power too. But what was Nazism about? Racial supremacism, wars of conquest, imperialism, genocide.
        Who needs that?

        It’s like criticism of capitalism is justified because of its abuses and injustices. Every system has problems. But does that mean we must become Stalinists or Maoists?

        Hitler wasn’t wrong about everything. He was perceptive about somethings and right about certain aspects of Jewish Power. But it became a pathology, and he began to see Jews everywhere and blame Jews for everything.

        We need don’t such derangement syndrome.

        There is sane way to be critical of Jewish Power that has grown truly evil in this country.
        All peoples and powers can become corrupt, sick, and demented with too much paranoia and power. And Jewish paranoia and power make for a sick combination.

        My point is we can address those issues without turning into mindless Nazis who were into blind cult of personality, racial chauvinism, wars of conquest, and other horrors that racked up 50 million dead whites in Europe.

        • Zak Douglas

          It’s art of the deal . It’s called leverage. It’s we will gas you kike fucks.. making deportation seem reasonable

        • Zorost

          What is your plan for getting powerful people out of positions of power? What is your plan for getting people that will use their tremendous ability to do violence through the system to maintain their power without using violence yourself?

          • Priss Factor

            Don’t look too far head. The question is how much power does each of us have? Not much. So, we must use our little powers to come together to form a greater power. And for this unity to take place, we need sober and responsible leaders and voices. If we have stupid nazi talk, it will attract all the retards and alienate too many decent smart people.

            We don’t have to be ugly, degenerate, and insane to speak truth to power. We need to be honest, courageous, and virtuous.

            Cantwell has guts and is a bright person, and those are good qualities. But his high energy sometimes runs ahead of his senses, and he goes for shock value like Andrew Anglin, and that is crackhead politics. We don’t want that.

          • Johnny Futurismo
          • Hadding Scott

            Advocating political terror is retarded. Very clearly a wrong turn.

          • Priss Factor

            ROTFL. You’re just a Fed or some Jew trying to turn Alt Right into neo-Nazism.

            And dummies will fall for this. I see right through you. Hasbara!

          • Johnny Futurismo

            I’m really not. This flyer was made in the 70’s by Joseph Tomassi, when he got sick of dealing with optic fags like you. I posted it because it’s almost identical to what Weev said in this interview, and he’s probably right.

            The real infiltrators appreciate your constant muddying of the waters though.

          • Hadding Scott

            I appreciate Weev’s competence in computer biz, but his penchant for gratuitously inflammatory statements is not helpful. I totally understand why Torba didn’t want that kind of talk on Gab. You get some people talking that way, and then one of them adds action to the words, or does just enough that he can be charged with conspiracy, and it’s a disaster.

            There is a variety of ways to use freedom of speech to harm our enemies. In particular, telling the truth is a way to harm them. It can be the truth about history or the truth about racial psychology.

            Empty talk about violence on the other hand does nothing to harm them; it only makes dangers for us.

          • Johnny Futurismo

            I get that… Still, we aren’t going to get what we want mearly by voting for Republican candidates. Throughout History territory has only been claimed in one way, and it will eventually come to that. I’m not saying grab your guns and wage war with the government/police/military tommorow. We’re still in the educate, agitate, organize stage and will be for awhile. But when the day comes, it’s not going to be the petit bourgeious middle class normies you hope to convert who are going to be fighting. They are only useful for elections, and like I said, we’re going to need more than that.

          • Hadding Scott

            It won’t be tomorrow, and it won’t be the day after tomorrow, and it won’t be next year.

            We cannot afford to appear eager for violence. The eagerness will not be rewarded anyway. It will just get some people in trouble and make things harder.

            If you “get that” then you understand that it was a bad idea to post that political terrorism leaflet.

          • Johnny Futurismo

            I stand by my decision you counter-revolutionary faggot.

          • Hadding Scott

            You’re an IDIOT. You don’t have a clue about how long people have been waiting for “the shit to hit the fan.” You will grow old fantasizing about that day, and it will never happen, and in the mean time, because you were counting on that, you will have accomplished nothing.

          • Johnny Futurismo

            We just have different goals is all. You spend your time fantasizing about how you’re going to infiltrate the Republican party and turn it into the White Nationalist party. Even in the unlikely event that you did accomplish that goal and get a genuine WN elected, the bureaucrats would stonewall everything he tries to do, so I don’t see it as a worthwhile goal, but rather a massive waste of time, energy and resources. Until the system is brought down there is NO POINT in engaging in electoral politics. And after the system falls apart there will be no more elections…

            The truth is things are begining to fall apart. I intend to help push it over. As the system struggles to hold the pieces of its insidious machine together, and anarchy reigns supreme, the plebs will look to who is able to protect them, and that won’t be you.

          • Hadding Scott

            You really are a stupid ass. You know NOTHING. People thought that things were on the verge of falling apart already in the 1960s. We see pockets of chaos being allowed to develop, but the big, total collapse that would eliminate the government as a factor — that never happens.

            We have to be armed (1) to protect ourselves from general non-White crime, and (2) to keep from being bullied and killed by the Jews’ vigilantes — not so that we can overthrow the government.

            I am not FANTASIZING about anything. I am doing RIGHT NOW what I intend to do, which is compiling and putting out correct information and ideas.

            It’s not a physical fight. It’s a battle for the minds of White people. Nobody becomes enlightened because of empty talk about violence.

            You people focused on violence are the fantasists, because the day for your action never comes. Overthrowing the government by force is a stupid pipedream. Rockwell was telling people that already in 1965.

            Our enemies would like to make it into a physical fight because that way they can shut us up. They can’t shut us up if we say that Blacks are a vastly inferior race or that Jews are anti-White subversives, but they certainly can shut us up if we represent ourselves as terrorists.

          • Johnny Futurismo

            I’ve clearly stated we’re in the the educate, agitate, organize stage. A revolutionary mindset will be necessary eventually. Suicide missions should be avoided. Attempting an overthrow of the government tommorow is one such suicide mission that should be avoided. The most revolutionary thing we can be doing RIGHT NOW is preparing for collapse which is an inevitablity. Buy land, grow your own food, be armed, be ready! Like Zorost mentioned up top, the enemy is ready for that scenario. When it does happen people like you who thought it would never happen will be the first to perish.

            Delusions of working within the system to obtain WN goals in a country that is 60/40 non white already (probably more like 50/50) is the insane pipedream. What makes you think the Jews will hand over the keys even if you did win an election anyways (which you won’t on a WN platform)?

            “We recognize the fact that the masses of Whites will never rally around radical politics. White people no longer have the ability to even recognize the enemy, so how could Movement adherents think the masses could ever involve themselves in revolution? The White masses don’t recognize their enemies, they don’t even care, and they don’t have the guts to shed their bourgeois hang-ups.” – Joseph Tomassi


          • Hadding Scott

            Collapse is not an inevitability at all. The reason why people have ASSUMED this is that they suppose that running a government is the same as managing a personal budget. It’s not.

            Rightwingers have been waiting 50 years for such a collapse. Still they wait, just like some religious cultists whose prophet never comes.

            I already pointed that out but you seem to have difficulty absorbing new information.

            I don’t think you really care about accomplishing anything anyway. You’re just into your violent fantasy.

          • Johnny Futurismo

            All empires die. It’s an inevitability. What makes you think America is so special? I’m sure at the peak of the Roman empire there were people like you who thought it would last into infinity as well. But America isn’t at it’s peak, it’s getting very close to its expiration date. It very well might not collapse in my lifetime. Still there are other benefits involved in prepping and living a simpler life. And yes, my violent fantasy is indeed comforting.

          • Hadding Scott

            Comforting for you but unhelpful to more serious people.

          • Johnny Futurismo

            I’m trying to help you, but you don’t seem to be able to process new information. You’ve also dodged every question I’ve raised about how electoral politics is going to dig us out of the hole we are currently in. You just keep repeating the American empire will never die, displaying a complete ignorance of history and reality. You’re not serious. You’re just another AltRight LARPer waxing nostalgic for the good old days. Whatever, it’s your funeral. I tried.

          • Hadding Scott

            I honestly think that we could do better without your help.

            You’re so bereft of originality that at this point you are copying my own expressions and throwing them back at me.

          • Johnny Futurismo

            Yes. I’m mocking you. You’re being made fun of.

            For whatever reason I can’t post youtube videos here, but watch this and then tell me the American empire will never die.


          • Zorost

            Don’t forget that a few factions of our enemy are also hoping for a collapse to take advantage of. Cloward-Piven strategy. Ocare was intended to collapse our healthcare system as HRC took power, allowing her to take drastic measures. The greatest prepper is our own government, but they call it Continuity of Government. The gov has hollowed out entire mountains to house the elites, and to allow the president to continue controlling the military even after a full-blown nuclear exchange with the USSR. I don’t think a minor thing like an economic collapse is going to magically remove our enemies; on the contrary, it will be an opportunity for them.

            Its not like jews are inexperienced when it comes to taking advantage of a nation in turmoil…

          • Johnny Futurismo

            “Everybody who thinks electoral politics is for faggots is a jeeeeewww.” – Zorost

          • Zorost

            What are you babbling about?

          • Johnny Futurismo

            Your none too subtle implications that I’m a Jewish provocateur… I’m not.

          • Zorost

            I said nothing about you being jewish. I said the jews have a long history of taking advantage of nations in collapse, as a counter to your argument that a collapse will automatically benefit whites somehow.

          • Johnny Futurismo

            Alright. I might have jumped the gun a bit, and read an underlying message that wasn’t there. My apologies.

          • Hadding Scott

            You are stretching. None of what you cite is about a disappearance of the government’s power and authority. The only people who expect this are rightwingers, and they’ve been expecting it for 50 years. The theory is wrong.

            It’s time to stop waiting for the government to disappear and plan instead based on the more likely assumption that the government is going to be around indefinitely.

          • Andrew Anglin may be shocking to you but that’s because you’re a cuck. HAVE YOU NOT LISTENED to Cantwell’s most important lesson? DONT PUNCH RIGHT. Attack the left you fucking idiot. They intend to genocide white people. FACE REALITY

          • Priss Factor

            If you admire Anglin, you’re a tard. I find him amusing as comedian, but only a moron takes that short ugly baldie child seriously.

            I don’t punch to anything. I speak the truth to everyone. It’s called healthy criticism. But if you can’t take criticism, you must be a snowflake. You poor baby. You’re just like PC pussies who can’t take criticism.

            All true patriots welcome criticism.

          • Zorost

            Answer my questions.

        • akseeker0

          So I take it you’ve never read Mein Kampf… else you’d’ve said ‘Racial homogeneity’, and omitted the conquest/imperialism/genocide tripe.

          • Priss Factor

            I see that you’re an ignoramous. In MEIN KAMPF, Hitler talks of need for wars to take land from Russia.

            Do your homework, dumbass.

          • Hadding Scott

            Priss Factor, I see that you’re a SOPHOMORE, somebody who has just enough knowledge to derive wrong conclusions.

            Mein Kampf was published in 1923 and 1925. The Soviet Union had just had its ass kicked, and had some of its land taken away, by Poland in 1921. At that time, taking land from the Soviet Union — which had a lot of sparsely occupied territory — might have seemed a good option.

            Already by 1928 taking land from the USSR was no longer Hitler’s plan. Instead he adopted the policy of avoiding war in Europe by trying to get the African colonies returned — exactly what he said in MK was not the best policy.

            Concommittant with that change, he also emphasized the desirability of alliance with Britain, which would make possession of overseas colonies workable, so long as Germany was willing to play second fiddle to the UK.

          • Priss Factor

            Hitler’s plan wasn’t to take ‘some’ land from Soviet Union. His grand plan was to take huge chunks of Russia itself and turn Russian into a slave race of helots. In his TABLE TALK, Hitler mentioned over and over, in the 30s and 40s, how Russians are subhuman and should be turned into slaves. You don’t know what you’re talking about because you admire and worship that pathological nut Hitler. I don’t need to worship anyone. I don’t go for cult of personality. You do.

            Also, Germany had a pact with USSR, but Hitler broke that pact and invaded and killed millions. But I’m sure a Hitler-lover like you have an excuse for that too. Let me, guess, Stalin was about to attack first, and Hitler just pre-empted… yeah, whatever.

            It’s so retarded.

          • Hadding Scott

            Hitler didn’t start the war in 1939 and when he launched the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 it was preemptive. The Red Army was deployed for attack. All the German generals testified after the war that this was what they saw.

            That word “subhuman” is really a mistranslation. Untermensch in German is a rendering of Lothrop Stoddard’s Under-Man. It does not mean a subhuman; rather it means a human incapable of maintaining a complex society.

            There is no evidence for the claim that Hitler “killed millions” unless by that you mean the inevitable casualties of a war that Hitler tried to avoid.

            You are a typical sophomore who thinks that she’s well informed just because she remembers what she heard on TV.

        • Rabbi High Comma

          You argue like a kike

          • Priss Factor

            You argue like a dumb nog.

        • Hadding Scott

          You’re making a “point” when you should be asking for instruction.

          • Priss Factor

            To invade Poland again? To invade Russia and turn Russians into slaves?

            To worship the cult of Hitler like a dog and obey all his commands?

            I trust myself. I don’t worship another. I leave that up to you.

          • Hadding Scott

            The Poles instigated hostilities with cross-border raids, you ignorant twat.
            Trusting yourself in this case is a very bad idea, because you don’t know anything.

          • Traffic King

            This is nonsense. Hitler wanted to annex polish territory this is why he abrogated the
            German Polish non-aggression pact and staged these “cross-border raids”. The Poles were more afraid of the Russians than the Germans. The Poles preferred an alliance with the Germans because the Soviets tried to conquer Poland in the Russian civil war. Hitler instigated hostilities, not the Poles.

          • Hadding Scott

            Another know-it-all who doesn’t know anything.

            There were about two dozen cross-border raids, and only one, at Gleiwitz, was ever even alleged to have been staged. The story presented at Nuremberg for that purpose is ridiculous, and you have to be brainless, or not using your brain, to believe it. It is only one of many false stories told at that time for the purpose of putting blame on the Germans.

            I am not going to go into greater detail here just to try in vain to convince some asshole who thinks that he already knows everything. Other people can go to my blog to learn more. I think I talked about this briefly in one of the What Would Hitler Do? segments.

          • Zorost

            That “Polish” territory had been German territory until a few decades before.

          • Johnny Futurismo

            LOL I’m pretty sure nobody is trying to copy exactly what Hitler did. It’s a different era now and I don’t see invading Poland as a productive way to achieve our goals. The US government on the otherhand…

        • Traffic King

          Finally, someone with a brain! You´re absolutely right, Nazism is more a mental disorder than an ideology. Chris shouldn´t waste his time reading Rockwell or Hitler.

          • Hadding Scott

            Are you a libertarian?

  • Patrick

    I love your show Christopher and wish you the best. On the issue of eugenics a couple major issues I got with it. 1) government bureaucrats would be in charge of deciding who is fit to reproduce and 2) it seems like the sort of people who would be targeted for sterilization are the sort of people who form the first line of defense along the outer perimeter of your society. Generally they would be people on the fringe of society and non-conformist. Pioneer types. A lot of psychiatry is based on punishing non-conformity. Much of the issues the white race faces today is due to eugenics during the 1900’s purging free thinkers from the gene pool leaving conformist people who are easily manipulated by propaganda.

    • vadhajtáska

      Think about it the other way. Currently the governments of western countries incentivize the breeding of the absolute worst of the population by massive wealth transfers from productive people. This is dysgenics in action, and there is no reason not to do the exact opposite. You don’t even have to do any “targeted sterilization” or other spooky things people usually think of when they hear the word “eugenics”.

      • Patrick

        Vadhajtaska do you think that maybe a different word could be used for what you are talking about? If you use the word eugenics to describe what you are talking about, and if that was implemented in society after your vision was implemented people could then use that as an opening to promote their own idea of eugenics which could involve forced sterilizations. Since the word eugenics is sometimes used to refer to forced sterilization maybe a term other than eugenics can be used to refer to what you are talking about.

        • vadhajtáska

          I’m not enough of a big brained nibba for that, but I’m sure someone else can make up a nice friendly term for it that doesn’t conjure up any ghastly images.

  • Fred Fingers

    The more I learn about the Jews the more I realize that the only way to secure the existence of the White people is to remove the Jewish DNA off the face of this planet by any means necessary.

    • Hadding Scott

      There’s not much point to that. By the time enough people are sufficiently Jew-wise to make annihilation of the Jews possible, the Jews would no longer pose much of a problem. Get the world educated about Jews and then the Jews won’t be able to do much.

  • Rabbi High Comma


    • Zorost

      THAS RITE!

  • Rabbi High Comma

    WTF is up with gay William F Buckley at 2:12

  • vadhajtáska

    I can only echo what KMac said, this was an excellent show.

  • Priss Factor

    Where do you get this nonsense? Germany invaded Czechoslovakia, and UK and France let it pass, and Hitler promised he wouldn’t invade any more land. But then, Hitler made moves on Poland. Not only that, but he made a pact with Stalin to tear Poland in half. And then, he broke the peace with Stalin and invaded USSR.

    But it’s useless talking to idiot neo-nazis like you. Go on worshiping Hitler. He did no wrong. blah blah, he was just a victim, blah blah. It’s so tiresome.

    • Marcus

      Czechoslovakia was a part of Austria and had millions of Germans living there when the land was torn from Austria and created in 1919. No one living there ever wanted a Czechoslovakia.. Not the millions of Germans torn from Austria, nor the millions of Slovaks that demanded independence again in the 1990’s. Germany’s so called “invasion” of Czechoslovakia was far less of a sin than the USA’s invasion of Iraq (twice), Libya, Syria, Vietnam and a dozen or so other countries they had no historical connections to whatsoever.

      Poland was given a large section of German land referred to as the “Polish Corridor”, given control over Danzig and East Prussia was broken off from Germany and was separated from Germany when Poland was created. Also, Poles had been mistreating Germans. Germany demanded Danzig back and wanted a solution to the problems I just mentioned. That would ave involved a plebiscite to decide if the stolen territory is returned to Germany or if Poland keeps the territory and Germany gets an autobahn connection to East Prussia. Other German towns were to be discussed too. If you watch the video you will see that Hitler tried negotiating right up until the attack and the Poles told Germany they will get nothing back, while many Germans were fleeing the attacks on them by Poles. Poland was as much France and UK’s business as British controlled India or French Algeria was Germany’s business. Germany didn’t involve itself In British or French affairs for what they did to those countries.

      I noticed you had no problem with the USSR’s attack on Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Romania. What about Britain’s attack on Iceland and iran in 1940? Why the selective criticism, hypocrite. Also, Poland and Czechoslovakia, with millions of Germans living there don’t compare to Iceland, Iran, India or when the US attacks a country like Iraq, thousands of miles from the US, where it has no interests at all.

      Did you read the pact? There was no discussion of “tearing Poland” apart. The pact was to dissuade France and Britain from attacking Germany from the other side. Hitler broke the pact with the USSR after it invaded the countries I mentioned and Germany was threatened with invasion by the USSR, as many historians say now, which is backed by evidence. Watch the videos and learn something idiot.

      I don’t worship Hitler, nor anyone else, but my family lived and grew up there and I wasn’t brought up to be a moron like you, taught how Germans made Jews into soap and lampshades and million other lies. Idiot. You know nothing.

      • Priss Factor

        Germany got Sudetenland back which was 80% German. But then, Hitler decided to take ALL of Czech territory. BIG DIFFERENCE.

        And Germans were not the ONLY ones with grievances over borders. Every group had lost some territory in the creation of new nations after WWI.

  • Uncle Remus

    The most interesting thing about Kevin MacDonald is that his newfound relevance is only due to his work being embraced by a bunch of angry, poor white people (AKA: the alt-right), and the wanna-be’s that seek to lead alt-right sheep for their own enrichment (i.e. Paul Nehlen). Without racism, MacDonald would have remained irrelevant.

    Now the poor man has as his fans a bunch of Gen X and millennial crybabies looking for a reason (Jews, as usual) to explain why they cannot do things like go to college, get decent jobs and support their families without gov’t handouts.

    As a Libertarian myself, I find it laughable that Cantwell would say he still has a “fetish for liberty.” yet refuses to acknowledge that liberty and self-responsibility are two inextricably linked ideals and that no amount of scapegoating will relieve him of his failure to succeed in America based on his own merits and talents. (I would also say that I find his inherent talents to be considerable. He is articulate and intelligent; his problem is that he uses his powers for evil instead of good).

    America is filled with millions of success stories, white and non-white, gentiles all, who have been able to succeed in this country despite all the supposed nefarious influence of the Jewish people. Why is it that Chris and the rest of the alt-right can’t?

    Jews are not the problem Chris, you are. You are failing yourself.

    • Rabbi High Comma
      • Uncle Remus

        I apologize for exceeding your 280 character comprehension limit. I guess that’s why you guys are so stuck on memes.

    • All American Chutzpah

      109 nations later. No, they are not the problem. Ask most Mideast nations who the problem is. Ask the Europeans who are being invaded who the problem is? Ask the Ukraine who the problem STILL IS?

    • Copyright101

      Jews are not the problem Chris, you are. You are failing yourself.

      Yes they are you lying JIDF pos.

      • Uncle Remus

        Nice, thoughtful reply.

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