Radical Agenda S03E007 – It’s The Prior Year

I can hardly believe this is the last regularly scheduled episode of the Radical Agenda for 2017 (though I may come back for a weekend special, we’ll see). Come the end of last year, I thought it would be impossible to top the excitement. I was really foolish enough to think that with the election over, Trump taking the White House, and a certain woman out of my life, things might calm down a little bit and we could take some time to pull ourselves together.

Radical Agenda S03E007 - It's The Prior Year
Radical Agenda S03E007 – It’s The Prior Year

So much for that! Am I right, fellas?

Our enemies wasted no time whatsoever. They went from unwavering devotion to the omnipotent power of the federal government, to glorifying anarchist violence in the streets. Seemingly overnight. They call it “The Resistance” or “antifa” or “self defense” against imagined future political outcomes. The rhetoric seems almost libertarian in a sense, seeing as to how all government action is suddenly seen as “violence,” though of course they don’t seem to have picked up on the whole “taxation is theft” thing.

From “DisruptJ20” on inauguration day straight through Unite the Right in August, leftist mayhem dominated the discussion here on the Radical Agenda all year long. If we thought the media had a warped and biased perspective during the election, we found out they were outright complicit in fomenting a leftist revolution this year.

So this year, I learned my lesson. You have heard me say on this show a thousand times “Every time I think I’ve seen leftists do the craziest thing they can possibly do, they prove me wrong within 24 hours.” My New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to no longer to make that mistake. Their depravity knows no limits, and we assume otherwise at our peril.

Say what one will about what could have been done better in Charlottesville last August, or whether it should have been done at all, but it proved a defining moment one way or the other. Lines were drawn, and inevitably crossed. Our enemies started a riot, with the full cooperation of local authorities, and the international media apparatus. They committed perjury, were proven to have done so, and no authority stood in their way. They have been operating by the rules of warfare and espionage, while you and I operated by the rules of civil discourse.

I still face 40 years in prison for defending myself against violent communist agitators. Jacob Goodwin, Daniel Borden, and Alex Michael Ramos all face 20 years for attempting to stop a violent negro criminal from busting heads open with a flashlight. Richard Preston faces a decade in prison for trying to stop another violent negro criminal from roasting people with a flamethrower. Our rivals have meanwhile been granted license to continue their mayhem as authorities have dropped charges or outright neglected to investigate our complaints against them.

Our president touts achievements like a thriving stock market, tax cuts, and moving our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, all without fulfilling his signature campaign promise of building a wall on our Southern border. Though our rivals cry persecution anyway, the deportation forces have not been forthcoming, and illegal immigrants still feel emboldened to flaunt their violation of our laws in the streets and on television.

I’m almost finished reading George Lincoln Rockwell’s book, “White Power” and in it, he tries to instill in the reader a sense of urgency. All the way back in the 1960s, he warned of exactly the sort of mayhem we are seeing today. He called it “Race War,” and if the prospect was frightening then it is even more frightening now, since many of those who fight against us are our fellow whites.

Propagandized by the Jewish menace from above, and coerced by the colored hordes from below, they have turned on their white brothers and sisters and against righteousness and civilization itself. Our Marxist rivals speak of “late stage capitalism” and blame enterprise for our downfall, and indeed we are in the late stages of a terrible system, but not of the economic variety. We are in the late stages of multiculturalism.

The white man once again finds himself the victim of his own charity and inclusiveness. His desire to lift up others has, as throughout history, made him like a lone lifeguard surrounded by a sea of drowning men. They are dragging us down to the bottom as we attempt to pull them to safety, and unless we throw them off and save ourselves, none of us will make it to shore.

This is it, my friends. It is now or never. Either our lungs fill with water, and our rivals have one last party before all we have built is gone forever – or we find within ourselves the ruthlessness that permitted us to conquer the world and build it in the first place.

The choice is yours.

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • Railediver Mandefreye

    Very nice update to your site’s design. Looks a lot more clean and less shit now 🙂

    • Rudolph ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      But it still needs more customization to look better..

  • Jon Steele

    “I’m almost finished reading George Lincoln Rockwell’s book, “White Power” and in it, he tries to instill in the reader a sense of urgency. All the way back in the 1960s, he warned of exactly the sort of mayhem we are seeing today. He called it “Race War,” and if the prospect was frightening then it is even more frightening now, since many of those who fight against us are our fellow whites.”

    A bit of historical trivia:

    Just before he was killed, Commander Rockwell made one last contribution to the struggle of his people. On the morning of his death, he completed the manuscript of a new book. It was to be the concluding act of his life’s work – a final testament and appeal to the Aryan World. He called it White Power.

  • Jon Steele

    “Our president touts achievements like a thriving stock market, tax cuts, and moving our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, all without fulfilling his signature campaign promise of building a wall on our Southern border.”

    I’ve put this out there before on another forum and it has yet to gain any traction. If Congress won’t approve funds to build the Wall then how about the American people who voted for Donald J. Trump fund it via GoFundMe? Do the math, it’s certainly doable.

    Chris, if you’re reading this, please put this out there on the air so more people can hear about it!

  • Patrick

    In Norse society while yes the men were in charge of political matters that did not mean the intelligence of the women was undervalued. Of course politics was handled by a group of male elders. But the way women are talked about on the far right does not reflect the pre-christian Norse view of women. Women were seen as having an almost psychic intuition about things and sometimes were seen as being literally psychics. There were prominent female advisers of the tribe called Volva(Norse Oracles). When men were fighting in battle the women were seen as with their men in spirit and the women would do magic rituals to subvert enemy soldiers. Basically they would pray to use christian terminology.

    Women do have a place in the brain of society, they have one of the hemispheres of the society’s brain. The reason viking warriors were so powerful is because of the devotional prayers of their wives. This is one of the reason they could conquer 20 foes. Germania by Tacitus mentions the that the Germanic tribes viewed women as being psychic. The effectiveness of female prayers was so feared in German society that this actually was a major reason behind the witch trials. If you read Havamal you can see that the Norse were a very magical people who feared curses.

    The alt right is too into scientific materialism and overly focused on IQ. If you are going to go out on a limb and criticize certain racial and ethnic groups you are going to need spiritual protection because many of the people in those groups might be directing curses at you in the same way people in Iran pray for bad things to happen to America. So people in the alt right are jumping into tribal conflicts without spiritual protection and this is not smart.

    Secondly the main people responsible for the spiritual protection of the men are the women. Havamal states that a man without love is like a tree without bark. This indicates that a man needs love to protect himself from curses. Spiritual warfare is very real and it function on the electromagnetic level of reality, what the ancients called aether.

    So all I got to say about the alt right is you guys have to get your head together. You are jumping into serious stuff, serious spiritual stuff. But you have already trampled upon the intelligence of women as if it means nothing but you will need the love of your women if you wish to be able to accomplish certain significant things.

    And I am not saying this from a feminist perspective or anything. Yes I agree politics is the male sphere. Just stop verbally bashing your own women. You guys really need to stop it. If you don’t wise up you may find yourselves in deeper trouble than you could imagine. What’s happening in the world isn’t a joke. It’s not a game. This is real life.

    • Johnny Futurismo

      I agree with you on the Alt-Right being too materialist and on the need for spirtual warfare. Anybody who hasn’t read the Metaphysics of War by Julius Evola really needs to. The Hajis understand this aspect of warfare very well, but the huwhyte man has become spiritually bankrupt and degenerate. If this trend continues it is obvious which side is going to win.

      As for women, this is what Joseph Tomassi had to say: “We recognize that women have played a vanguard role in most revolutionary efforts and involve them in every aspect of the NSLF.”

    • Hadding Scott

      I always consider a good woman as one who will let me know when I am about to make a mistake.

  • Johnny Futurismo

    “We will glorify war—the world’s only hygiene—militarism, patriotism, the destructive gesture of
    freedom-bringers, beautiful ideas worth dying for, and scorn for woman.” F.T. Marinetti https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bc6b533ca0f3f6bb68e637959aedb6e72176eb5d7443b21f82f24fdc89c49e7b.jpg

    • Hadding Scott

      Glorification of war coming from Italians seems to be overcompensation from an essentially unwarlike people. They could conquer Ethiopia, but what else could they do? Not much.

      As a military ally the Italians were a net liability. Better for everyone if the Italians had stayed out of the war.

      • Johnny Futurismo

        The Arditi fought valiently in WWI and were instrumental in the (((allies))) winning the war. Theres even a monument celebrating Italo Balbo in Chicago to this day… though the commies have set their sights on it. Too bad the (((allies))) felt obligated to kike them at the end of WWI, inspiring them to take Fiume (territory they were promised for their involvement) by force, kicking the (((allies))) out and holding it for over a year.

        • Hadding Scott

          The First World War was a different matter. The Italians were facing the multicultural, low-morale Habsburg Imperial forces, not a very formidable foe at all. I know about this because a friend of my father’s was a very elderly Italian who had fought in the First World War.

          • Johnny Futurismo

            Italy entered WWII unprepared. Personally I think Mussolini should have stayed out of it, as Franco did.

  • Fred Fingers

    Those Mr. Bond’s tracks were fucking awesome.

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