Christopher Cantwell – OFFICIAL TRAILER 2018!

I am become meme, destroyer of cucks.


I woke up this morning and checked my notifications on, as I do most mornings. Always interesting things going on there, especially since Twitter decided to give up on being a business. Checking my mentions, I saw Brett Sanders put me on to the recently released blockbuster trailer, of your humble correspondent.

One of my favorite YouTube channels, Love Life & Anarchy put together an epic short video which absolutely lionized me. In it, he shows a rapid series of clips showing my physical and ideological transformation over the years, along with some really exciting clips from last August’s Unite the Right rally.

2018 is going to be a very exciting year, fellas.


Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • J.D. Humphrey

    Til Valhalla!

    • Uncle Remus

      You mean where the Vikings go when they die, ushered to heaven by the Valkyrie? You sound like Muslim suicide bomber longing for his 30 virgins.

      • J.D. Humphrey

        Ya….. sounds like. How long did that take you to come up with smooth brain?

        • Uncle Remus

          No time at all I love Norse mythology.

          • J.D. Humphrey

            Sure sure. And I love scientific opinion.

  • – TheFinn –

    Heil Victory. Great video man.

  • Uncle Remus

    LOL! You guys are so fucked. How unbelievably cheesy.

    • Slovakbro

      For every one of our goys you managed to lock up in Charlottesville, there were 200 who got away with a valuable lesson, and thousands (if not millions – 8%, after all) around the country are now sympathetic to us.
      For comparison – ol’ George Washington only needed 3% to beat an empire that wasn’t weighed down by diversity.

      • Uncle Remus

        You do realize that George Washington was fighting the Brits on his own turf right? That the Brits were a foreign power essentially invading another country? Secondly, comparing yourselves to Revolutionary war soldiers is laughable.

        I am curious though, where do you get your statistics? Do you use a random number generator?

        • Slovakbro

          You do realize that the Alt-Right is fighting the Jews on its own turf, right? That the Jews are a foreign power essentially occupying another country? Since the Jews won’t allow us to voice our concerns through speech, there will come a time when clashes between politically opposed sides will be a daily occurence, and if you’re White, you best hope we prevail, because otherwise you’re fucked, you’ll have nowhere to run from people who will use you and your productivity like farmers use cattle.

          • Uncle Remus

            Are you saying the Jews are trying to enslave gentiles?

          • Slovakbro

            Pretty much.

  • “NOW RELEASED”. Let’s hope. That’s the trailer. But the movie hasn’t played yet. We still have February to get through, Team Troll.

    Lest we neglect this small detail, Mr. Cantwell remains “NOW CHAINED”, shackled through the ether to the Nanny State with a fetter that they add insult to injury with by forcing him to recharge the battery for it.

    And they have the gall to charge HIM with assault and battery with a “caustic” substance?!

    This is going to be a great movie season. The “Alt Right”. Coming soon to the streets near you. With super-heros able to flatten cucks with witty barbs, demolish Antifa with counter-lawfare, and reach millions and raise millions using alt-tech.

  • Woes’ Hover Hand


  • American Mutt

    Start fires in the hearts and minds of men. Hail Victory!

  • Monday Madness

    Your deliberate omission of Andrew Anglin from your trailer is quite disrespectful and intellectually dishonest.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      How did I deliberately omit somebody from something I didn’t even make?

      • Who did make it? Pretty cool trailer. Monday Madness butthurt because Wanglin not in it but a bunch of shekel whore THOTs are.

      • Monday Madness

        My bad, Christopher. I don’t know where I got the idea you made it.

        So do you think Anglin and even weev ought to be in the movie?

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