Vice Lügenpresse Caught In The Act

I was holding off on making an official announcement about this until the defendants were served, but Vice News apparently caught wind of it, and they ain’t so good at keeping secrets. Last week, my attorney filed a lawsuit against Emily Gorcenski and Kristopher Goad, the liars who got me locked up with false testimony.

Elle Reeve from Vice “News” sent me a text message asking for comment, and the images below are screenshots of the conversation.

UPDATE: Vice News published a piece saying I didn’t respond to a request for comment.

The complaint acknowledges that Cantwell used pepper spray to defend himself, but argued that he did not hit Gorcenski and Goad, contrary to what they testified in court. Cantwell is seeking $75,000 in damages. He did not respond to a request for comment from VICE News.

Not only that, but they apparently grew too frustrated to read the rest of the complaint when I called the tranny “he” because they don’t even know how much I’m suing for.

127. Damages in an amount in excess of $107,000 from each Defendant;’
128. Punitive damages in the amount of $350,000 from each Defendant;
129. Such other relief as to justice shall seem meet.

And these lying pieces of shit wonder why we call them lügenpresse. I’m sure they’ll wait until everyone has had a chance to read the lie before they cover up their deception, so I’ve saved a copy of the original con job as a PDF.


You may recall, I was the shining star of this “News” outfit’s dramatization of the Unite the Right rally

I knew it would be impossible for them to put me in context even if they wanted to, so I recorded the entire thing and released it as episode 342 of the Radical Agenda.


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