Radical Agenda S03E009 – Kick Off

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve made it our New Year’s resolution to no longer underestimate the depravity of our rivals. It’s a good thing too, because in the new year, they have really hit the ground running. Today’s episode is the first to run on a 2018 major news day, and there is plenty of lügenpresse nonsense to talk about.

Radical Agenda S03E009 - Kick Off
Radical Agenda S03E009 – Kick Off

Yesterday I had two interviews, one with Newsweek, and one with Vice “News”.

Newsweek published a horribly anti-Semitic piece that is sure to earn them the ire of AIPAC and the Southern Poverty Law Center. In Stalin-esque fashion, they accused Weev of the Daily Stormer of being Jewish, implying that there was something wrong with that. These paranoiacs blame the Jews for everything, even the most popular neo-Nazi website in the history of mankind.

Michael Hayden, the Newsweek reporter who called me is totally woke though. He knows that Jews run the media and financial system, and he even called out the neoconservative (Jewish) influence on our foreign policy. Several people on the alt right told me he is “literally antifa,” but I suspect he is just using that as cover for the red pill overdose he’s gotten since he became a religious listener of the Radical Agenda.

Even though Weev has already denied the claim that he is Jewish, I knew this would be coming up on the show today, so I asked him for comment via Skype. He said “the level of jewishness i am accused of will grow like the amount of dead jews in the holocaust the more i anger kikes.

Definitely a Jew folks, who else makes a totally unironic reference to the holocaust?

In other Fake News, Vice Lügenpresse published a piece about me suing the lying sacks of shit who got me locked up with perjured testimony. In it, they flat out lied, saying that I hadn’t responded to a request for comment. They also got the amount in controversy wrong, despite it being plainly stated in the complaint. They also incorrectly stated that I had one charge and faced 20 years, despite the fact that I have two charges and face 40. They have since updated their piece with a single quote from my two hour long conversation with Elle Reeve, but despite being made aware of the other errors, they remain as of the time of this writing.

But it’s not just the Jews and communists who have started the year off with complete horseshit. The Alt Lite is egging on violent Jew inspired riots in Iran, too. Who ever would have thought Stefan Molyneux and Bill Kristol would have found themselves on the same page?

MSNBC thinks Trump’s sexual insecurities threaten the survival of mankind, a 10 year old just opened up a tranny club, Congress could learn a thing or two about work ethic from a UK prostitute, and the Jews have had it up to here with the nigger problem.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 424-3-GO-NAZI or Radical Agenda on Skype. Hopefully GabTV will be working today, we’ll definitely be streaming to PewTube, and of course you can always listen live using the the radio player on this site.

So join us, this and every Wednesday, as well as Mondays and Fridays from 5-7pm Eastern for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like the lügenpresse.


Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • Allbutt Hindstaine

    “Chris” you look like a semi-animated jewish animation hero! There is only one problem. You must be either a jew or a hero because these states are mutually exclusive. Maybe you will argue that being a jew is a process that you yourself can fluidly pass into and out of like a dildo in a distended sphincter.

  • Fred Fingers

    Trump is a such an obvious Zionist shill… Kushner, Rubashkin, Jerasulem, what else do you need to stop having illusions about him?

    • Rudolph ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      And the thing that connects them all is Chabad-Lubavitch

    • BIX NOOD

      it’s like a poker table.
      Trump, as president, sat down to play.
      The jew already has a big place at that table;
      shit, they damn near own the table.
      For thirty years, living near Philly, I watched Trump game the jew.
      He never lost, and did it in a way that the jew couldn’t hate him.
      That is why the jew went nuts when he ran for President.
      The jew knows that Donald can beat them at their own game.

      I would not be in the least surprised if this ‘feud’ between Bannon and the Donald is all a put on.
      That they are running a diversion to keep the jewmedia google eyed while they [Trump] get ready to pull the rug out from under them in a massive way.
      Hell, the author of this book, (((Wolf))) is already coming apart like a cracked egg and backpedaling on much of his ‘facts’.

      Whether you like it or not, the jew is on the playing field.

      Sure, Trump uses jews on his team.

      When we were fighting the Apache and hunting Geronimo in the 1880s and ’90s
      we hired Apache’s to track him for the Army.

      When we were fighting the Viet Cong, we hired ex Cong as scouts and guides.
      They were known as ‘Kit Carson Scouts’.

      We’ve had Iraqis, Afghanis and even your occasional Iranian working for us.

      Sun Tsu states that if you do not know your enemy, you will be defeated.
      If you would know your enemy you must interact with and study him.

      Even the Mafia knows to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    • I don’t think anyone in WN circles disagrees he is a chum of ZOG to the max. Most aren’t obsessed with what you call an “illusion”.
      Finding whatever positive we can use to further our agenda is critical.

      Just think if Shillary/Shitlary/Killary were POTUS.

  • Wow Chris. I just wanted to compliment you, you are really on fire in this episode. The tech is polished, the intro is great. Good content and great job talking to the youth in the beginning of the episode. That is the kind of leadership and guidance young men need. Thumbs up!

  • Chris let that kike go easy. I think even Chris doesn’t really understand the nature of the problem.

  • Cyril Blinton


    You’ve gotten way friendlier since returning from the clink. That’s generally good, but you now have some dead weight callers taking over half the show. I’m not suggesting you go back to being a total ahole, but maybe reestablish some ground rules? E.g., have good quality audio, make a point quickly, no droning on, no being boring, etc.

    • I disagree. Not just because I want to prove you wrong. But I want Cantwell to know I think the show is actually better now. I thought it was spot on and you dealt with the callers.

    • Sturmmann

      I can’t like this, because I live in a European country with oppressive laws.

    • Heather was never touched by any car. Especially a Challenger.
      The female privilege cunt on the left wins the prize.

  • Patrick

    Society has a long history of eliminating things it sees as dangerous. If you are going to use radical rhetoric you better be sure you win because by doing this you are risking a inciting a huge backlash against the white race. I don’t recommend you speak against jews but if you insist on doing that you are at least going to have to form diplomatic relationships with other non-white groups. You can’t make an enemy of the whole world. If you set it up as white versus everyone else that’s not a good thing. I understand the anti-white speech has angered a lot of you guys but the way society has historically eliminated populations it did not like is by antagonizing them until they become belligerent and then using their belligerence as an excuse to get rid of them.

    This is how they got rid of the native Americans, they just harassed and bothered them until they became angry and then they portrayed them as dangerous angry people. Demonizing them basically. And so whites are being harassed but if you become “the angry white male” you risk falling into their trap and being demonized by society. And this would not be good. Whites are outnumbered. You really have to behave according to mutual respect and I understand whites are not being given any respect but whites have to realize they are not in a position of strength and being in a position of weakness means you have to exercise patience.

  • You are a much more patient man than I am, given some of your callers on this episode. Between the trolling kid with the phony girlfriend issues, the fast talking guy you had to slow down, and the fellow who sounded like he had down’s syndrome, I wanted to tear my hair out.

  • I honestly don’t know why you will give Andrew Auernheimer, aka “Weev”, the time of day, let alone allow him on your show. This is not a good person we are talking about here. He’s a black hat hacker and a convicted felon. Thus he has no respect for either private property or the rule of law. From what I understand he spent the majority of his time in prison locked up disciplinary segregation. Rather than follow the rules and act like a self-respecting White man, he chose to be act like a negro instead. White men should be better than that.
    Then there is the fact that there is good reason to believe that “Weev” is not a real White Nationalist. You see, he was one of the 4chan kiddies who attacked Hal Turner, harassing his family, hacking his website, etc. Yes, Turner turned out to be working for the FBI, but at the time of 4channer war on Turner, this fact was not public knowledge. As the attacks on Turner were motivated by disagreement with Turner’s supposed politics anyone who was involved in them should be highly suspect. It’s possible that “Weev” is a mole trying to harm the movement from within.
    Look, I fully understand how important to the spread of the Alt-Right ideology the Daily Stormer website has been. But Anglin really needs to find another tech guy. “Weev” is not someone we should be associating with. You do yourself, and the movement, a disservice by associating with him.

    • Rabbi High Comma

      “…and act like a self-respecting White man.”

      Not presuming to tell other adults who they should, or should not associate with falls under that category as well. Your recent comment history is heavy in concern trolling. What’s up with that? Do you have that little confidence in TRS and Cantwell?

      • I have nothing but respect for both Cantwell and the TRS crew. Both have done many good works for our movement. Cantwell in particular has paid a very high price for it. But given the amount of amoral scofflaw 4channer kiddies that are out there, do you not agree that theft of paywall content is a serious issue that TRS should take into account? Happily, there does not seem to have been as much of that behavior as I initially feared and they seem to be getting a good return on selling subscriptions. As to “Weev”, by many (perhaps most) accounts he’s a very nasty piece of work and his criminality is self-evident. I honestly don’t understand why otherwise good and decent folks have anything to do with him. But hey, call my respect for the rule of law “old fashioned”. 😉

        You seem to have fallen into that all too common trap of defining “trolling” as meaning “disagreeing with me online”. In any event, I would take criticism of my Discus posting history a bit more seriously were it not sourcing from an individual who’s own post history is conveniently hidden….

        • Rabbi High Comma

          I didn’t mean trolling in the traditional sense. Concern trolling is like the WAPO feigning concern for the GOP’s presidential pick for instance. That said, I’ll take you at your word that you are sincere.

          Yes, I agree that I don’t want anyone stealing paywall content from TRS, but unless you are involved with the security of the site (I’m not) I’m confused why you appear to be focused on it. If you have evidence of a crime, pass it to TRS. If it’s speculation, why assume that Enoch et al haven’t thought about this? It’s Enoch’s livelihood at this point, and he’s a web/IT professional. This is why I said it appears you lack confidence in them.

          As for /pol/, have you taken your beef up with them? TRS/DS/Cantwell have nothing to do with them, and the chans wouldn’t listen anyway. What is it you are trying to accomplish? Warning people? I’d reckon many of the people reading your comment have spent time there and have formed their own opinions. I have.

          As for Weev, he’s kept the DS online nearly singlehandedly post-Charlottesville. You’re free to comment (as anyone is), but I assume Anglin, Cantwell, Enoch, et al – who know him personally, have certainly formed their own opinions on Weev’s character. If you were intimately involved in these matters, I’d expect you would have expressed your concerns in private vs. a Disqus comment section. So again, this is why I interpreted your comments as concern trolling vs. sincere concern. Make sense?

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