Radical Agenda S03E010 – Optics

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve become accustomed to going against the grain, so to speak. Much like George Lincoln Rockwell, I’ve never really excelled at anything easy. If it isn’t a challenge, I lose interest quite rapidly and leave the task to lesser men.

In large part, this is what appealed to me about libertarianism. The government is easily the most powerful (visible) force in nearly all our lives, so fighting, restraining, and even abolishing it sounded like quite the thrilling pursuit. I chased this endeavor for years to no avail, before I found a more powerful, less visible force hiding in plain sight.

Radical Agenda S03E010 - Optics
Radical Agenda S03E010 – Optics

As it turns out, the government is nothing compared to the Jewish menace. I stood in open defiance against my own government for years, I publicly advocated for its violent overthrow and nobody really did anything to me. The moment I mentioned Jews I got banned from every major social media platform, dating site, and payment system on Earth. I was assaulted, smeared by the media, sued, thrown in jail on trumped up charges, and had a tracking device strapped to my ankle.

Yesterday, I was compelled to change the registrar for RadicalAgenda.com when Michael Hayden from Newsweek complained to GoDaddy about Stage 3 Episode 6 of the pogrom. In that episode, I was talking to Weev of the Daily Stormer about domain level censorship, and he uttered some commentary which could be interpreted as advocacy of violence. Though I, the host of the pogrom, plainly stated that this outcome was undesirable, I was accused of terrorism and compelled to change registrars.

I’ve since removed this content to avoid offense to my next host. More on that later…

At some point, you have to cave. Unfortunately, there occasionally comes a time when one must “live to fight another day” and bow to the pressure. Going full steam ahead at the enemy when you are weaker than him is not glorious or brave, it is suicidal and dumb.

So I get it, believe me, when people become concerned about the branding of the Alt Right. That is why I try to give our more respectable counterparts room to operate so long as they do not punch right. There are times when I wish I had more self control and a nuclear DeLorean, so I could go back in time and tell my younger self “Look, these guys are about to shove a handful of red pills down your throat! Play it cool, and you’ll be more effective.”

Sadly, I possess neither of these things. I’ve exposed myself as a knowing goyim, and for this crime the Jews will hunt me to the ends of the Earth. I see no way to go back.

But, do I do my race and nation a disservice by cramming red pills down all of your throats three days a week? Would we all be better off if I exercised greater discretion?

Ricky Vaughn, and a growing number of others, seem to think so. Once a top notch Twitter shitlord, Ricky now describes himself as a “Staunch Republican. American Nationalist. Supporter of President Donald J. Trump. Free Speech and Anti-Racism Activist.” He regularly makes mocking references to “wignats” on Gab.ai, thinks the Unite the Right rally was a total failure, and attempts to walk a blurry line between respectable and deplorable.

I have no idea what will happen, but I’ve invited Ricky on the show today to discuss his new strategy and what we all can learn from it. He’ll join us for the first hour, and I’ll take your calls in the second at 424-3-GO-NAZI or Radical Agenda on Skype.

So join us, this and every Friday, as well as Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-7pm Eastern for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like optics.

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • Patrick

    The white race is being treated like a mental patient. If someone spaz’s out too much society has a history of monitoring that person or maybe medicating them for awhile to see if they are a danger or not. Similarly the white race has been put in a verbal strait-jacket called political correctness because of the Germans “spazing out” during ww2 under the nazis. And so after world war two society has decided to give the white race “special attention” and monitoring to see if whites are a danger to society or not.

    If someone is in a mental institution and they speak in a aggressive way they often have been detained longer in that mental institution because the psychiatrist has judged them as being a potential menace to society. And so if we see the white race as being in a sort of mental institution now and and if we see political correctness as a verbal strait-jacket we have to now talk about the consequences of pro-nazi speech on the internet by whites.

    White people on the internet who glorify the nazis are the equivalent of a person in a mental institution speaking in a aggressive manner. So by glorifying the nazis on the internet what these pro-nazi whites have effectively done is they have influenced society to TIGHTEN THE VERBAL STRAIT-JACKET known as political correctness upon the general white population and this tightening of political correctness has been done in conjunction with encouraging mass immigration.

    Ever since the 1950’s people in America speaking on behalf of whites have looked to Hitler and The Nazis for their inspiration and these people have spoke against the jews in connection with their pro-White activism. And they have been doing this continuously for decades. Their activities reached public consciousness in the 90’s with the internet and in the minds of academics pro-White came to be seen as “nazi”. During the 70s, 80s, and early 90s people in America who made a casual pro-white comment were sometimes seen as nazis but often times they were not seen as nazis, back then white racial consciousness was not seen as being connected to anti-semitism.

    So this is not an issue of whether what white nationalists and the alt-right says about jews is true or not. The issue is: is it a good idea to say those things in connection to your pro-white activities? My answer to that is no its not a good idea. All the mass immigration into white nations and all the extreme political correctness is a direct backlash against the nazis taking things to ungodly extremes and a backlash against the pro-white people after that almost all being pro-nazi.

    Normal white people were judged by the speech of the white nationalist fringes. The forum stormfront has a lot to do with the neo-marxists making political correctness so strict.

    Please stop naming the jew in conjunction with your pro-white activities. Please stop calling for the denial of civil rights to people of color in conjunction with your pro-white activities. Limit your pro-white speech to saying whites have a right to breed with each other and that whites have a right to speak against anti-white discrimination. Define your enemies as “anti-whites”. Don’t use the word “jew” to define your enemies.

    The pro-white movement has had the most harmful effect on the white race out of any movement I can think of. You guys need to start exercising discipline in how you speak.

  • Trut Tella

    Lol. Ricky is such a fag.

    • Ricky Vaughn

      Great contribution to the discussion. You must have a big brain.

  • Sven Longshanks

    Thanks Chris

  • David Tilbury

    The caller right after low-energy Ricky was great!

  • Rhaegar Targaryen

    I’m 100% positive he has started dating a non white probably mestiza female (he’s from the New York area, so it makes sense)

    People have noticed his rhetoric on race has changed – true, so has his rhetoric on women.

    Whenever I find non normie white right wingers that genuinely seem affronted/offended by white identity/white nationalism it’s because someone close to them is non white and they have perhaps understandable fears about the day after.

    • Ricky Vaughn


      • Rhaegar Targaryen

        I didn’t expect you to respond, look – maybe I am wrong, but you have been making arguments that are so bad, and comments that are so personal, that I feel like this has to be about more than just “how are we going to reach the halls of power” ideological differences. I say that because you are an obviously smart guy.

        So for example – your argument that white nationalism wasn’t viable because the largest group in America are “Germans” I mean really? How many white Americans do you know that self identify as German? White American identity is very real and it is not at all compromised by the fact that some of you are Italian/Irish and some are German/Anglo, America as a whole is getting more racially tribal by the day, white normies are telling the NYT “maybe its time we stick together like other races do” and you don’t think white nationalism is viable lol?

        I saw you claim that Bannon’s “economic nationalist” ideology was pragmatic and built for national American politics, again – really? How is it pragmatic and built for American politics when the various races don’t agree on anything policy wise? The way white people vs say – hispanics view the government and even concepts like “fairness” are fundamentally different.

        I do think that people like Spencer/Cantwell should say that any white ethnostate will be similar to Israel, in that we will accept a minority of patriotic pro-white non whites that wish to live among us.

        I wouldn’t mind having Ben Carson as a neighbor for example, or brother Nathaniel etc, and I think if that concession (as some of the most radical would see it) was made it would make a lot of people with certain social ties more comfortable.

    • Junior Chase

      What makes you so certain that Ricky Bobby is actually a non-Jewish White man himself?

    • Junior Chase

      What makes you so certain that Ricky Bobby is actually a non-Jewish, non-mixed race White man himself? He sounds like he could be Asian tbh.

    • Junior Chase

      What makes you so certain that Ricky Bobby is actually a non-Jewish, non-mixed race White man himself? He sounds like he could be Asian, possibly Pajeet.

    • Sturmmann

      Bullshit. Fuck off, (((Rhaegar Targaryen))).

      • Rhaegar Targaryen

        You’re using parentheses in defence of a civic nationalist?

        Lol, are you like 15 or just really dumb?

  • Cyril Blinton

    I’m legitimately not trying to be a dick here, but a couple of quick points:

    – Ricky Vaughn needs to learn how to get to the friggin point; and
    – He sounds like an Asian guy. You can really hear this when he says the word “white” – he pronounces it like “why.”

    That said, he is not the only person with these ideas and they are worth considering.

    • vadhajtáska

      He certainly does a lot of meandering, which makes it difficult to make out what he is on about. His criticisms were more reasonable than I expected, even if I disagree with him on many issues.

  • Hugetransformation

    Listening to your guest made me want to scrape my ear drums with sharp tools and I don’t normally want to do that.
    Ricky Vaughn , stay with your strengths. The pen is mightier than your vocal cords.

    • Slovakbro

      oosh, Ricky BTFO for life

  • Mateo Coronus

    RV for the win…

  • nova6868

    Nice try Ricky. Sadly, the entire conversation was summed up by the first caller. “Hail Christopher Cantwell, 1433.” I assume the 33 is for CC – absolutely fucking moronic.

    It was obvious to most listeners that you were being pensive and thinking about what you wanted to say on the podcast. Unfortunately, the autistic libertarian-NeetSoc crowd interpreted this as “Get to the point, fag.”

    Does anyone else notice that it seems to be ex-libertarians who are still hopelessly devoted to their autistic rigid thinking?

    Marching around yelling about white nationalism is analogous to a cargo cult somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Of course a healthy society built by white people would maintain a white majority. But you aren’t going to achieve that society at this point by yelling “white nationalism” anymore than the 75-IQ islander is going to develop a first world economy by going around building mock planes and runways.

    Whatever. I’m sure they’ve all heard this argument before and it failed to get through their skulls. Sadly, I think we’re going to have to leave intelligent people like Cantwell behind. They seem to have some mental defect which keeps them tethered to an ideology like “WN 1488”, just like they were loyal to “muh NAP” when they were Libertarians. They are destined to failure.

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