Radical Agenda S03E014 – Andrew Anglin

Providence hath shone upon the Radical Agenda, that Episode 14 of Stage Three brings us our long awaited first chat with the mastermind behind the Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin. I’m more than a little nervous. The Daily Stormer is perhaps the most censored publication in the history of mankind, and the last time I interviewed someone from that publication, I had to change domain registrars.

Radical Agenda S03E014 - Andrew Anglin
Radical Agenda S03E014 – Andrew Anglin

I had a bit of a dilemma preparing for this conversation. Originally I figured we would just talk about whatever stories were in the headlines, certain that Andrew and I could talk for hours about degenerate horseshit like Bruce Jenner being honored with the “Champion of Israel and LGBTQ Rights” award, at the upcoming Jewish Values Awards gala on March 8 in New York. (Get your tickets here)

Then I thought to myself “This guy is probably one of the most interesting people in the world, and you’re going to waste your interview skills on Jewish bullshit?”

So I reached out to Andrew for some preliminary questioning, read a lengthy, dishonest piece about him in the Atlantic, and I thought to myself “I should humanize Andrew Anglin, that would drive the kikes insane!” But when I ran the idea past him he said “that might be a bit much,” and with the short time I’m left with to prepare for this, he’s probably right. So this time we’re going to shitpost and take your calls on the air.

He has however agreed to discuss such a project with me for a future interview, and my media savvy has taught me the value of leaving an audience in suspense, so here you find yourselves.

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Intro song was Prisoner of Conscience by Eternal Reich


Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • Slovakbro
  • A Wyatt Mann

    Very much looking forward to this.Fash The Nation better get their show up quick or I will be skipping it to listen to you and Andrew.Crossing my fingers about the kikes not pulling the plug on your domain for this.It is certainly a discussion that needs to be had,in light of the fact that the kikes are trying so hard to make sure we don’t have these types of discussions.

    1433,Hail Anglin,and Hail Victory.

  • defmidi

    Ironic Anglin speaks of low intellectual prowess of Blacks while profiting off of low-IQ whites.

    • Trut Tella

      Are you a nigger lover?

    • Ironic that the only rationalization libtards can come up with why whites think niggers are dumb is because they are dumb, rather than the fact that niggers ARE DUMB.

    • Mihilus

      I agree that dailystormer.com is aimed towards prole whites because they address grievances of said demographics, but its really just like any other MSM outlet, except that its pro-white instead of pro-jew.

  • TopKEK Brothers!

  • vadhajtáska

    Wew lad, you can’t have a short show with Andrew Anglin on! I really liked his answer to the caller who said a slow gradual redpilling process is better than going straight to the Daily Stormer. As Ricky Vaughn said about the DS, they did a lot of AB-testing on what’s effective propaganda. His target audience are young whites and the everygoy, not the intelligentsia.

  • Junior Chase

    Is “What would Hitler do?” with Hadding coming back and if so when? That was one of the best parts of the show.

  • Junior Chase

    Why did Anglin bring up some stupid rumor about Fields crying when he was being arrested? What’s the point? You do know that Cantwell broke down in a video when he believed that he was facing charges not anywhere near as serious as James Fields? Anglin also immediately tried to throw Fields under the bus after C’ville by labeling him a Jew when he is clearly not. These are strange and disconcerting comments. They make people hesitant to go out and participate in activism. People are worried that they’ll be the next one under the bus.

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