Radical Agenda S03E015 – Emily Youcis

Here at the Radical Agenda, we occasionally get called sexists by Jews. Once that little piece of truth falls out of a kike’s mouth, you just know a lie is bound to follow.

Radical Agenda S03E015 - Emily Youcis
Radical Agenda S03E015 – Emily Youcis

That lie is typically the implication that because we are sexists, we hate women, just like we hate blacks and Jews. This of course could not be further from the truth. Our hatred of women is completely different from our hatred of blacks and Jews. It’s a totally separate category.

Not since the invention of the tractor has anybody really wanted to own a negro, and who in their right mind buys ashes?

Women on the other hand are our property, and our most precious property at that. As such, the only time we hate them is when they malfunction, but even this is not quite correct because it is usually the Jews causing the malfunction in the first place. Once we empty our ashtrays, all will be right with the world. So no, we don’t hate women, we hate the Jews who poison their minds.

Still, the Radical Agenda can seem like a bit of a boys club. We ride a pretty androcentric line on this pogrom with a pretty flagrant disregard for the opinions of women. Or so it would seem.

It comes as no surprise to regular listeners that this is exactly what women want. Though the last demographic information I was able to obtain about my audience from YouTube suggests the audience was 94% male, you may recall me saying that a vastly disproportionate number of my PayPal subscriptions were from women, back when I was still allowed to use PayPal. So on the rare occasion that a woman finds herself listening to this misogynistic diss track I call a podcast, she often becomes an ardent supporter.

Lesser (or Jewish) minds would see this data and think “Hmmmm… If I cater to women, I’ll make more money,” and this is how Jews sell feminism to otherwise respectable businessmen. This leads to #MeToo nonsense and sexual harassment lawsuits and catastrophic outcomes for the company. Then, as Vox Day reminds us, J.E.W.s Always Double Down, causing ever more destruction until the enterprise can no longer serve its function.

Not us. We know that women love us because of what we are, not in spite of it. We are cognisant of the incentives we create, and if we tried to feminize the production for their sake they would just lose all respect for us and be lost to lesser animals.

White Sharia is the only real way to save our beloved women from the Jew and his mongrel hordes. All women know this of course, but most of the time only internally. You don’t frequently see them advocating for their own subjugation, perhaps because of that old saying about raping the willing.

So when I do stumble across the rare female specimen who sees the light and is willing to help guide her fellow babymakers toward it, I take a keen interest. Emily Youcis is one such specimen.

Someone on Gab.ai suggested this might make for an interesting conversation when he saw Emily posting positively about White Sharia on Gab. Having seen Emily in a few YouTube videos and hearing her name a few times, I decided to investigate further.

As it turns out, Emily is a pretty interesting character even aside from her enthusiastic desire for her own subjugation. And so she graces the Radical Agenda airwaves with a rare dose of femininity for this 15th Episode of Stage 3.

If you’re a baseball fan from Philly, you’ve probably bought pistachios from her. She became something of a celebrity at Philadelphia Phillies games, “Pistachio Girl” they called her, known for her distinct singing as she sold concessions more aggressively than Jews sell communism, even after the park stopped selling pistachios. That is, until she got fired from her vendor job by her employer, because she couldn’t stop supporting white nationalism online.

The company, Aramark as it’s called, released a statement explaining that Youcis was fired for “publicly connecting our company to views that contradict our values.”

In a sense, I wish more sports related industries would fire employees for “publicly connecting” them with views that don’t reflect their values. Then we could fire all these overpaid negros in the NFL when they disrespect our flag and our president. The real problem here is that stopping white genocide and protecting women from Sharia that is most decidedly not white, somehow stands in contradiction to the values of Amarak!

How do these idiots expect to stay in business? Niggers can’t afford pistachios!

Nor should Amarak be able to afford Emily. She’s way too talented for those cucks, and not just in terms of slanging pistachios and knowing her place either. She’s an extraordinarily gifted animator too. When you’re done with the show today, go on YouTube and search for The Ascent of Alfred, and find her YouTube Channel, Alfred Alfer. Not only will you find her gloriously trolling Shia LaBeouf’s faggot ass “He Will Not Divide Us” thing, getting interviewed by David Duke, and owning bernout cucks in front of the DNC, you’re going to see some of the most detailed and vivid animations ever to grace your computer screen.

As much as I like to stand in principled opposition to women working, one of the things that crosses my mind about how to spend all this lawsuit money I’m about to rake in is to hire her to make cartoons for some of my monologues.

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