Radical Agenda S03E016 – Consequences

There is so much going on today, and so much show prep I haven’t gotten to from prior episodes, that I barely know where to start, much less what to focus on.

Radical Agenda S03E016 - Consequences
Radical Agenda S03E016 – Consequences

For starters, I feel the White Sharia thing needs a little clarification. Early on in Stage 3 I said we should try not to underestimate our own power, and after episode 15 with Emily Youcis I was reminded I might have once again made this mistake. Hearing this talented and virtuous young woman express that she thought herself bordering on unfit for marriage, simply because she had four long term boyfriends, was concerning to me. Later, another female listener contacted me with her concerns of men’s attitudes toward women in the alt right.

Women as property, as I expressed to one caller, is not about treating women badly. Men who disrespect their own property are rightly viewed as irresponsible lowlives, and suffer socially as a result. Men who disrespect the property of other men are rightly met with violent opposition. The conflict we are met with in today’s society is that a great deal of women are walking about freely under the false impression that they own themselves, and are thus being exploited as communal property in a low trust society fraught with degeneracy.

It occured to me in conversations after the show, that a mere surface glance at the white sharia concept could lead to an exacerbation of this problem. Women are walking around our society in this state because men have permitted it. Women are voting because men have permitted it. Women are working and childless and miserable because men have permitted it.

It is all fine and well to say that women ought to be passed directly from father to husband. It is healthy to look upon politically interested women with a degree of suspicion. It is virtuous to discourage promiscuity. It is quite another thing to look at a woman who has responded predictably to all the incentives that men have created for her, and then condemn her as a moral outcast to be shunned and ostracized for her efforts to please the irresponsible men who surround her.

Jews pitch feminism as the liberation of women, and entirely too many men have purchased this so called liberation because it permits them to abdicate the awesome responsibility that comes with the care and maintenance of a human being that produces other human beings. It saves us the trouble of gaining the approval of a woman’s father to obtain sexual access, reducing our burden to mere seduction, and in entirely too many cases, deception. It saves a father the burden of responsibility for his daughter’s romantic, sexual, and reproductive happiness.

If men want to reassert themselves over women, they must be fit to the task. Yes, this certainly involves strength and even aggression, but we are white men, not brown savages. Some assertion of dominance in the social hierarchy is necessary, but this does not mean we ought descend into gratuitous violence and disrespect. Our goal here ought to be happy, well adjusted women raising happy, well adjusted children. This can only be accomplished with a firm, but loving hand. An iron fist is simply unsuited to the task.

In related news, the predictable consequence of destroying gender relations is the tranny problem.

Once rightly viewed as a debilitating mental illness, transgenderism has morphed into a movement. First as a seemingly reasonable request not to be beaten and murdered, then as a completely unreasonable demand for acceptance, then as a dangerous demand for non-discrimination, and now as a full blown push for dominance and political power.

Last year we saw the first “openly transgender person” elected to the lower house of the Virginia legislature. An abomination celebrated by the left as a harbinger of things to come.  You might have thought this a freak occurrence not to be repeated in the near future, but convicted traitor Bradley Manning has recently announced his candidacy for the United States Senate in Maryland. In a violent, ominous video seemingly calling for open insurrection, the lipstick laden former soldier informs the public he wishes to rule over that he means to “actually take the reins of power from them”. Manning had also tweeted on August 11th, a photo of himself dressed as a woman with his boot coming down toward the camera, an obvious prelude to the leftist riots that ensued not long after.

Lest one think the Jews are not behind this, Bruce Jenner is about the be recognized as a “Champion of Israel and LGBTQ Rights” at the Jewish Values Awards gala on March 8 in New York.

The good news is, technology is going to replace these degenerates in short order. Transgender sex robots are soon to hit the market, and degenerate though they may be, I am enthusiastic about their arrival. Unlike their barely human counterparts, the robots are exceedingly unlikely to demand rights, much less political power, or respect. More importantly, anything that dehumanizes these abominations is a net positive in my perspective.

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