Two Alt Right Legal Victories Today

For far too long the Left has held near total dominion over American society. Jews run media and finance, and they have used this power to propagandize the public and purchase political clout. So comfortable have they gotten in this position, that they convinced themselves that they could stand in open defiance of our laws, say so in court, and escape unscathed. Today is a momentous occasion, on which they were proven wrong twice on the same morning.

Two Alt Right Legal Victories Today
Two Alt Right Legal Victories Today

You might find the name Emily (Edward) Gorcenski familiar. He is the mentally ill male who parades as a female, and falsely accused me of pepper spraying him on August 11th, then conspired with Kristopher Goad to levy a similar bogus charge against me. Despite a district court judge rightly pointing out that the prosecution provided no evidence to either claim (and there being video evidence that actually disproves it) and dropping two of my charges, the Commonwealth’s Attorney indicted me anyway and I’m scheduled to face trial next month.

I am not the only one that Mr. Gorcenski filed bogus charges against. He also accused Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler of harassment after police responded to a domestic disturbance at Gorcenski’s home. It is unclear how Jason could be held responsible for Mr. Gorcenski’s domestic problems, but this is what happens when you start letting trannies believe they are sane.

Those charges were rightly dropped by the prosecution today in Charlottesville.

You might have heard the news that I am suing Goad and Gorcenski for making these bogus claims against me. I just got off the phone with Jason Kessler, and I strongly encouraged him to sue Gorcenski as well.

Hundreds of miles away in Michigan, Richard Spencer won a victory against Michigan State University. MSU had attempted to prevent Spencer from speaking on campus, just like Auburn University and University of Florida in Gainesville. And, just like Auburn and Gainesville, Spencer sued, and this time the University settled.┬áSpencer will speak at MSU on March 5, 2018 and MSU will pay┬ápaid $27,400 to Spencer’s attorney Kyle Bristow for attorney’s fees.

When the history books about this time are written, they will tell the story of how our enemies financed our rise to power. They have been so entrenched for so long that they thought they could stand in open defiance of the law, but all over the country we are proving them wrong, and getting paid in the process. Now that Donald Trump has appointed more Federal Judges in his first term than Barack Obama, George Bush, or Bill Clinton, we can expect such legal victories to continue for years into the future.

When they fight us in the streets, we crush them. When they fight us in the courts, we take their money. When their efforts to silence us fail, we win the argument. The Democrat party is pinning their political future to trannies and illegal immigrants.

The Jews might as well pack their bags and find another country to ruin at this point.



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