This is a brilliant idea…

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A new poster campaign is underway called #MyBordersMyChoice that twists feminist slogans into nationalism. It has tons of momentum behind it and has been promoted by many big names including Ben Garrison (he tweeted a link to Voat!!)Jack PosobiecPeter SwedenThe Golden OneMillennial Woes (he RTd this)Tara McCarthyLA WerewolfYouTube and many others. It also has AntifaTwitter and the SPLC scared shitless. Here is the game plan:

  1. Posters go up THIS SUNDAY NIGHT (Jan 21) on campuses & public spaces around the world!
  2. Bonus points for putting them in feminism & SJW related areas: social science & psychology departments, women’s & gender studies departments, office doors of feminist profs, etc.
  3. Please do not commit vandalism or do anything illegal
  4. Translations are available for over 25 countries
  5. Only use the official versions of the poster from the main website: https://voat.co/v/mybordersmychoice/2342909
  6. HAVE FUN! =)

It is entirely realistic now to expect many hundreds, if not thousands of people to be outside tomorrow night putting up posters across the West. If we can keep the message and the reminders on full broadcast for the next 48 hours on every right wing corner of the internet, we may be able to mobilize tens of thousands of participants. Any assistance with promotion is greatly appreciated, you are doing God’s work:

  • 4chan /pol/: please bake & bump /mbmc/ generals and remind people to ignore shillsJPG
  • reddit: the official account for MyBordersMyChoice has been shadowbanned on The_Donald and several other subreddits after successful promotion efforts showed up on someone’s radar: reminders on reddit are greatly appreciated, especially The_Donald who is eagerly ready to participate and has had MBMC on their front page 4 times already, stickied by mods once. Here is a reddit copy pasta for quick & easy posting: https://pastebin.com/cwjghDjB
  • Voat: you guys know what to do here!
  • 8ch: I will get a new MBMC general with up-to-date info stickied there by mods very soon, you should see it: bump & share anonymous pics of printed posters please!
  • Twitter: retweet the USA MBMC meme to DONALD TRUMP!! And retweet Ben Garrison’s MBMC tweet to other big right wing names, that should grab some eyes
  • YouTube: shamelessly reply to a top comment to post the MBMC instructions on big right wing channels!

Support greatly appreciated, Godspeed brothers!


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