Tucker Carlson’s Supposed White Nationalism

Being a prominent white nationalist myself, I know the hatred, dishonesty, and violence directed at anyone who dares to approach this topic objectively. I know that because of this, receiving the dreaded endorsement of the alt right is not something any successful person looks forward to. It is partly for this reason that I make it a point to call attention toward the differences between my views and those of President Trump, however enthusiastic I may be about not suffering through a Clinton presidency.

Tucker Carlson's Supposed White Nationalism
Tucker Carlson’s Supposed White Nationalism

You may have heard I’m also a big fan of Tucker Carlson. Unfortunately for him, I haven’t had many opportunities to complain about his positions. Though I am quite certain he could spend hours talking about his differences with me, if not for the fact that he has more important things to do.

I don’t spend much time watching MSNBC these days. I try hard to be informed about what’s happening in my country, and the way that network takes advantage of their non-white audience’s short attention span for benefit of the Democrat party, renders it useless for that task.

On the Monday, January 22nd episode of Tucker Carlson however, he called attention to an episode of Joy Reid’s show from that propaganda feed which I thought was worth talking about. On that episode, one of Joy Reid’s guests went through some old records to discover that an ancestor of Tucker’s came to the United States from Switzerland over a century ago, because he did not think things were going particularly well for him there at the time. In typical MSNBC fashion, they took this as definitive proof that all Haitian immigrants will grow up to be Tucker Carlson someday. Unless of course, racists prevent them from reaching their full potential.

Joy Reid went on to say that Tucker was “one of the most aggressive, at putting forward what a lot of people have seen as a pretty blatantly white nationalist view of what immigration should be like.” I took offense to this, because I literally went to jail for little more than my views on immigration, and I don’t want my title usurped.

Tucker rightly pointed out that Joy Reid’s entire career is race baiting, before reciting some standard fare about individualism, merit, and Western values. As far as Tucker, and likely the majority of his audience was concerned, this cleared him of the racist label, proving definitively that he was not a white nationalist.

In the strictest sense, this is accurate. Tucker Carlson has never argued for an immigration policy based on race or ethnicity to the best of my knowledge. Nor has he advocated for the genocide, deportation, or legal handicap of anyone legally in the United States. If the alt right was a major political party in the habit of winning elections, with the policy agenda high profile alt righers presently put forward, Tucker Carlson would not win an alt right primary.

Still, it is not just the left and the neocons who think Tucker might be more informed than he makes himself out to be about white nationalism. If I were going to try and hide my decidedly racist views, I would sound a lot like Tucker Carlson. I would frequently state that race is not a subject I had any interest in discussing, and I would discourage my opponents and allies alike from making it seem like an important subject. I would make myself an expert on everything other than race, and provide compelling examples of all the non-racial reasons to implement the policies that served my decidedly racist agenda.

This would not be particularly difficult to do, either. All the things American society defines as good, apply to white people as a demographic. If I wanted to make an immigration policy that favored white people without ever mentioning race, all I would have to do is set quality standards. I could not keep all non-whites out of the country in this way, in fact I would probably end up with entirely too many Jewish neighbors, but I would most certainly stop the demographic destruction of the country. The moment immigration policy demands that people come here based on individual merit, the moment we demand they speak English, pay their own bills, and refrain from criminal behavior, all immigration, and non-white immigration in particular, to the United States will be so dramatically reduced that it would not be a significant factor in our demographic future. Even the concept of individualism itself is a uniquely European phenomenon.

The left knows this, and that is why they are opposed to having any standards at all when it comes to immigration, or anything else for that matter. They are pushing a radical communist agenda that benefits politically from a bottom heavy society. They want poor, stupid, dangerous people who will vote for government handouts and do violence to their political opponents. The left is not lacking an answer when Tucker asks them how open borders benefit Americans. Their goal is to replace us with people who are stupid enough to vote for them, and our benefit is not the goal of the policy, to say the least.

The other thing the left knows is that it would border on impossible for somebody to study this subject in any depth and not understand what is happening. The more informed about immigration their opponent is, the more opposed they will be, and the more vigorously they will be accused of racism. People who are less informed assume this is nothing more than a smear tactic, and frequently it is, but in many cases it is just an informed leftist realizing he is speaking to an informed opponent and growing frustrated with the refusal to address the underlying issue, much the same way Tucker grows frustrated when leftists dodge his questions.

This is because racism is not, and never truly was, some irrational hatred of people based on nothing but skin color or religion. Racism is the science of race, and one who understands it is a racist. We are forbidden from discussing it, because the moment we start talking about the reason black and brown countries are terrible places to live, it will only be a matter of time before we notice that Jews are quite a bit more than some religious minority that has been irrationally persecuted for centuries without cause.

Racism used to be just another aspect of anthropology. Then came the Jew Franz Boas, who bastardized the science by denying its biological and genetic components. Other Jews then helped lift his bogus claims to our nation’s secular religion, by way of citation and media praise. Thanks to this, race is about the only science people understood better a century ago than they do now. Whenever someone like Charles Murray presents the evidence to debunk absurd egalitarian lies, they are chased out of polite society and threatened with violence by the aforementioned lowlives we’ve been breeding and importing for the Democratic Party.

This is all very unfortunate because it makes our political discourse impossible to understand for the average person. The left seems like they are just completely insane, because they are pursuing a policy agenda that is sure to destroy the country, refusing to answer honest questions, and painting it as a moral obligation. The right looks like they are afraid to address the issue of race, because they are literally and rightly in fear of their lives. As long as the right is unwilling to engage in an honest discussion about race, the egalitarian lies of leftists will go unchallenged, and they will win the argument whenever race becomes an issue. This is why the left always wants race to be the only thing anyone ever talks about.

The alt right is the predictable response to this state of affairs. We are the combination of the intellectual power necessary to understand the issues at hand, combined with the courage and martial prowess necessary to stand our ground when the Jew stirs the bottom feeders to forcibly silence us. We are not going away, and events like last August’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, are sure to look quite tame by comparison to future events, if Americans do not come to terms with the facts we are presenting.

Race is the most salient detail to any political question, and America will descend into a Haitian-esque shithole if white people do not internalize this reality, and act on it politically. Whether Tucker Carlson realizes this or not, only he truly knows. Though given the way he makes fools out of Jews on his show, I hold out some hope that he does. Whether he is just hiding his power level or is truly a mere civic nationalist, he is doing a greater service for our race and nation right now than anyone else on television, including the President, and I salute him in a way that would make his employers most uncomfortable.




I’m available for interviews if Tucker or anyone else wants to challenge what I’ve said here. I also host a live, uncensored, open phones radio show called the Radical Agenda four days a week, because I’m certain my ideas stand up to scrutiny, and I love a good debate.

Sadly, Jews don’t want an honest discussion of this subject matter. So they have done their best to shut me out of the financial system. If you would like me to continue speaking truth to power, please consider donating to my efforts.


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