I Need Expert cPanel/WHM/WordPress Help

Right now, you’re seeing this web page served to you by a dedicated server which is running out of disk space and meeting other limitations. Two weeks ago I spun up a cloud server, and had a guy I have worked with before start migrating the websites over.

I Need Expert cPanel/WHM/WordPress Help
I Need Expert cPanel/WHM/WordPress Help

Long story short, it’s still on the dedicated server.

cPanel/WHM has a migration feature that makes this pretty simple. I could do this myself with that feature, but I have changed hosting accounts a few times, allowed some domains to expire, started a bunch of projects I have no intention of finishing, and just don’t want to drag over all this mess to the new system.

I also have some changes I want to make going forward, which I don’t want to announce here right now.

I’m looking for the assistance of someone who can handle this entirely without my intervention. I want to be able to give you the necessary login credentials, and hear back from you when my sites are up and running on the new server. If you need to read the manual to do this, I don’t want to hear from you. This will require you to prove your real identity, and loyalty, to me and sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement.

I can pay a small fee, if you accept crypto. If you prove useful, I will come back to you when I have better paying jobs, which should come in short order once my trial is over.

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