Radical Agenda S03E027 – Good Riddance

A new video from Vice Lugenpresse features a “Women of Color Healing Retreat” which takes place in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. White people are specifically banned from attending, noting that one attendee “needed a break–from white people.”

From the Daily Caller

The founder, Andrea X, expressed the opinion that white people–but white Americans specifically, shouldn’t be allowed to have passports or travel.

“I have no tips for a white person” she said. “My tip to white people is to let us have our space, let us have our room, and go hang out with other white people. We’re okay. You know, you’ve done enough damage.”

Andrea X also says that she “decided one day to just eliminate white people from my personal life” due to “microaggressions” and “passive-aggressiveness.” 

“And ever since then, my life has been way more breezy,” she said.

The video also specifically notes that more black women are choosing to come to this retreat due to the current American political climate under President Trump.

Radical Agenda S03E027 - Good Riddance
Radical Agenda S03E027 – Good Riddance

This comes on the heels of Al Jazeera reporting last month on “Why some African Americans are moving to Africa” to escape “the incessant racism and prejudice in the United States.” A movement calling itself “Blaxit” has emerged, encouraging black Americans to flee to their native lands, listing amongst its reasons that participants are “done dying for racists,” and “reject a nation built by slaves,” and “will never be treated fairly.” They assert that going back to Africa means “being where we are appreciated,” and “reaping the benefits of our efforts,” and “returning to our ancestral home,” and of course “taking $1.2 Trillion per year with us” which one presumes includes welfare and foodstamps provided by white working folk.

Diversity, it would seem, is not strengthening us after all. Even the low IQ negro is starting to figure out that white nationalists have been right all along. The only one who benefits from “diversity” is the Jew, who uses racial tension to sow discord in the societies he parasitically preys upon.

I sincerely wish Andrea X, the Women of Color Healing Retreat, and the Blaxit movement, all the best in their efforts to free themselves from the tyranny of white society. One hopes the Jew will someday see the light as well, and go to his own ethnostate, which was provided to him by the senseless bloodshed of we foolish goyim against one another. I hereby call on my government to cease its interventions in arab lands as well, so that the Muslim invaders may also go home to whatever level of safety their coethnics will permit them to know there.

We white nationalists are not merciless haters bent on the destruction of those who differ from us, as the Jew and his colored hordes would have the world believe. We simply see the folly of sharing a system of government with people who hate us, and wish for our right to peacefully choose our associations to be recognized as a matter of law.

With this in mind, it is curious that we are so violently opposed. Blacks clearly prefer life under black rule, no matter how brutal and deprived we may find this way of life by white standards.  Jews clearly hate Western (ie White) values and society, as evidenced by their perpetual and ruthless criticism thereof. So I applaud their honest efforts to flee our lands for safer spaces, and look with suspicion upon their opposition to us doing the same.

Even as the Left tries to define “whiteness” out of existence when it comes to Whites organizing for their own interests, the definition is readily available when it comes to “white privilege” or discriminating against whites. Race is a mere social construct, until whites have something non-whites want.

So why don’t we all dispense with the lies and hysteria? Race is real. Your way of life is not compatible with mine. I’ll go my way, you go yours. I don’t want to oppress you anymore than I want to be your neighbor. White nationalism is the only humane answer to America’s racial tensions, and so it should come as no surprise that those who oppose it are the ones visiting violence upon our society.

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