MakerSupport Disabled Donations

If you’ve been keeping up with me for the last six months, you know that I’ve been having trouble raising money despite thousands of people wanting to throw cash at me. I’m being shut out of the financial system, as if some ethnic group hostile to my own were in control of it or something.

MakerSupport Disabled Donations
MakerSupport Disabled Donations

I had Amazon Payments shut me down months prior to Charlottesville for reasons that were never explained to me. I had PayPal and Stripe running until I was falsely accused of crimes in the wake of Unite the Right.

Our causes have never been welcomed on the mainstream crowdfunding platforms, so alternatives began to pop up. Rootbocks, GoyFundMe, BackTheRight, and Hatreon emerged as alternatives, and all got shut down after Unite the Right.

I signed up as a premium content creator, and money began rolling in. Then I found out they can only payout via PayPal, from which I am banned. So I had Torba send refunds to everyone who paid.

My last way of soliciting donations via credit card was MakerSupport, which just disabled donations for my account. I don’t blame them for this, it is because their payment processor (Stripe) won’t allow them to do business with me.

It is more important than ever that people who support me learn about cryptocurrencies. Check out my Alt Right Cryptocurrency Crash Course for some helpful links and descriptions. With the ruthlessness of our enemies, you may also want to check out some helpful links on how to protect your identity online.

I just re-enabled paying memberships, but you can only pay in cryptocurrencies. I accept Monero, Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

I’ll be posting my first piece of paywall content for 2018 right after this.

You can still send checks to my lawyer to help fund my legal defense, or donate cryptocurrency. More information at

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