Radical Agenda S03E030 – President’s Day

Some say leftists are becoming the Nazis they claim to hate by engaging in violence, and stifling dissent. Nazis are understandably upset about the comparison. Leftists are subhuman filth who only use government force and private sector criminality for degenerate purposes, whereas Nazis are genuinely interested in the greatness and wellbeing of their nation. Correctly identifying Jews as subversives, blacks as criminals, and queers as vermin, then applying public policy to alleviate the consequences of their presence, is a far cry from assaulting honest people in the street.

Radical Agenda S03E030 - President's Day
Radical Agenda S03E030 – President’s Day

Knowing this deprives one of a valuable rhetorical tool. In the common parlance, “Nazi” has nothing to do with any particular policy agenda. It just means “evil political opponent” and so calling someone a Nazi, however childish and ignorant this may be, serves the purpose of stigmatizing the opponent.

That’s why I immediately thought “Grammar Nazis” when people started freaking out over President Trump’s “President’s Day” tweet. Apparently, that apostrophe is supposed to come after the s, as to indicate the day is to honor all presidents, but the singular possessive placement of the apostrophe in his tweet gave rise to outrage among the left who view Trump as a fascist dictator. You would have thought he had issued a decree calling off all future elections if that was your echo chamber, and with Twitter continuing its user purges ever rightward, that seems to be the case for a growing number of unstable Americans.

The fact that they can, and do, notify the public and even the President himself of their utter contempt for him and intent to resist his authority, never seems to shake their unwavering belief in this delusion. They seem to have convinced themselves that the only thing stopping Trump from shovelling his Jewish in laws into gas chambers and purging America of the brown plague, is their incessant virtue signalling. Surely the moment they stop clogging his @mentions with sedition, the final solution will ensue.

This is one instance in which I wish their hallucinations would find their way into reality. I often like to imagine the President taking our memes and the left’s hysteria seriously. He might start off small, like by actually deporting all those illegal immigrants he promised us would be physically removed. Then he could do something more meaningful like trending #TransGenocide on Twitter and issuing faggot hunting licenses from Whitehouse.gov/maga.

Sadly, what really makes Trump a despot is precisely the opposite of what our leftist rivals claim. Here we are, 13 months into the presidency, and I’ve still got to watch these scofflaw vermin block the entrance to Disneyland.

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