How Salon Is Helping Finance The Alt Right

In the wake of leftist riots that left a landwhale and two cops dead in Charlottesville last August, Jew dominated payment processors quickly rushed to shut down anyone who wasn’t part of the problem. This caused many on the Alt Right to take a crash course in cryptocurrencies to stay afloat.

That worked out pretty well for us last December when Bitcoin peaked over $19k. Many of us cashed out massive profits before the market corrected.

But even Bitcoin has proven problematic for those who dare speak the truth these days. Antifa is tracking blockchain transactions to threaten and harass anyone who does business with those who would save America from the Jewish menace. Coinbase cut off service to the Daily Stormer and other “extremist” groups. Selling drugs and crowdfunding assassinations is one thing, but restricting immigration and preserving cultural and genetic integrity, proved a step too far for the social justice infestation of tech.

What honest white folks needed was a secure, private, decentralized way to do business electronically, without Jews. So naturally, we decided to see what the drug dealers were up to. Not that Jews have ever been averse to drug dealing, of course.

There are only a few different cryptocurrency options when privacy takes priority. Monero, Dash, Zcash, PIVX, and Verge top the list. Verge has yet to prove itself to the satisfaction of many. Zcash, Dash, and PIVX all share a common flaw in that transactions are not private by default, requiring purposeful obfuscation of transactions for the privacy features to function. Monero stands apart from the rest in protecting privacy by default, and its market cap is fast approaching top ten cryptocoin status.

Perhaps this is why it is accepted at almost half of the top Dark Net Markets, with the 4th largest, Libertas, accepting Monero only.

Monero is not as easy as Bitcoin to convert to and from Dollars or Euros just yet. Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance make it very easy to change Monero to/from Bitcoin, though. From there it is easy to trade into more traditional currencies.

How Salon Is Helping Finance The Alt Right
How Salon Is Helping Finance The Alt Right

With this in mind, I’ve taken it upon myself to dub Monero the Official Cryptocurrency of the Alt Right. If it can keep drug dealers safe from the feds, it should be able to keep fine upstanding white folks safe from tranny degenerates and other HIV prone scum.

So imagine my shock when I found out that my new favorite financial tool was about to get a big boost from one of the most degenerate leftist publications this side of Tor.

Desperate for revenue as users tire of intrusive ads and leftist ideological horseshit, has announced they will give ad blocking readers a choice. Either disable your ad blocker, or allow the site to mine Monero in the background while you poison your mind with communist propaganda. I suppose anyone who still reads Salon is unaware that they have a third choice, to find something worth reading.

In the cryptocurrency world, mining is the process by which the money supply is increased and transactions are processed. Computing power is lent to the network by the users thereof in exchange for monetary rewards. Unlike Bitcoin, Monero has taken measures to avoid centralization of that computing power by making its algorithms ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) resistant. To simplify, Monero can be mined with general use hardware such as desktop computers and smartphones, whereas Bitcoin requires very specialized and expensive equipment.

This allows revenue to be generated for a website right from the reader’s web browser. No advertisers or sales necessary.

But it isn’t revenue for the pedophilia cheerleaders that has me excited. Although, I do suspect that deaths of Salon employees by drug overdoses will increase dramatically once they’re getting paid in Monero, and that is certainly a thing to smile about. Most of Salon’s readers have never heard of Monero before, and this will be a huge promotional gain for cryptocurrency markets, and Monero in particular. I suspect this is going to apply meaningful upward pressure on Monero’s exchange rate in the near future.

That is, until enough Salon readers overdose on drugs they bought with Monero, but I’m more than willing to see a dent in my Blockfolio for that to happen.


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