Radical Agenda S03E032 – War of Attrition

You’ve really got to hand it to our enemies. They are quite resourceful folks. We could learn a lot from them, and indeed we must. In fact, I’m sure learning from them is exactly why we go down in history as being such ruthless rulers.

Radical Agenda S03E032 - War of Attrition
Radical Agenda S03E032 – War of Attrition

My trial was previously scheduled to begin on February 12th. On February 9th, the prosecution managed to con my attorney into asking for a continuance that he wanted. This is important, because without our side asking for the continuance, what happens next is completely illegal.

My trial has been scheduled for August 13th. Exactly one day after the Unite the Right anniversary.

Without providing a shred of evidence that could prove the crimes I’m alleged to have committed, this ordeal will have consumed a year of my life, and cost me upwards of a hundred thousand dollars.

The good news is, their lies will not get truer as time goes forward. With every day that passes, my accusers get caught in more lies, more crimes committed by antifa come to light, and more witnesses come forward on my behalf. This delay would actually come as welcomed news, were it not obtained by outright fraud, and were I not disarmed and confined to the People’s Democratic Republic of Virginia.

The effort here is to bankrupt me. My accuser openly brags about attacking my revenue sources, while the prosecutor wilfully ignores lies he knows Gorcenski and Goad have made under oath. If there was ever any doubt to the political motives behind this persecution, let them be cleared from the reader’s mind today.

While this is going on, we should not be surprised that our people turn on the police. I’ve tried to separate their responsibility from that of the political authority. I like to think “that soulless obedience will come in handy when we take power,” and discourage attacks on law enforcement these days, but such voices lose credibility when law enforcement turns on us.

Whatever the outcome of my case, our country is heading for exceedingly difficult times. Merit and truth have been eliminated from the conversation thanks to the actions of our rivals. It is us vs. them, and when we inevitably take power, any who call for restraint will be met with reminders of how we were treated under their rule.

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