Radical Agenda S03E033 – Info Wars

There’s a war on, for your mind. In this war, no man is neutral. You are either a soldier, or you are territory to be conquered.

People like to think they have ideas, but this is really only true for a select few. In most cases, people don’t have ideas, ideas have people. Minds are territory which ideas control. Ideas which control great swaths of territory thrive and conquer new lands, while ideas that lose all their territory cease to exist.

Radical Agenda S03E033 - Info Wars
Radical Agenda S03E033 – Info Wars

Ideas thusly struggle to survive, to crush their rivals, and to gain new ground. When cornered and in imminent threat of extinction, they fight harder than ever.

But ideas do not compete on a level playing field. Truth and lies battle not as equals, but as David and Goliath, respectively. The truth must travel a narrow and often predictable path through a gauntlet of its enemies who cast projectiles of doubt and distraction in perpetuity. Lies meanwhile enjoy the freedom to change form and tactics at will.

The truth can, and often does, make the bearer quite uncomfortable. Lies enjoy the anesthetizing features of a blood parasite’s bite.

While lies must ultimately fail due to their inability to accurately interpret reality, this does not make victory inevitable for the truth. Lies can destroy the mind of the bearer, salting the earth, and leaving no ground for truth to hold.

This is the threat of the leftist menace in America today. The Democrat plan for America is to open the borders, neuter the police, subsidize sloth at the expense of production, borrow without limit, disarm the law abiding, criminalize self defense, glorify homosexuality, sterilize women, and murder the unborn. It’s not a policy disagreement, it’s literally a plan to destroy our race and nation. Anyone who isn’t fighting that as a literal threat to our survival, is an accomplice to our demise, and anyone who is will earn for himself the most ruthless and hostile enemies imaginable.

Baked Alaska recently discovered this after hosting a “debate” between Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer and Sargon of Akkad. He received a strike on his YouTube account for “hate speech” which prevents him from hosting live streams for three months. The video was also deleted. He and a couple of other channels have been hosting “Internet Bloodsports” debates, attempting to give the enemies of the Alt Right a chance to win an argument against us. A challenge they have consistently failed to meet, I might add.

Censoring Internet Bloodsports was the most predictable thing ever. The Jews don’t want an honest debate, because that would result in their misdeeds being discovered. So they censor people. It’s that simple. If you’re a YouTuber who doesn’t want to lie for a living, you should be keeping a close eye on me, and we should be coordinating to develop new ways of being heard and monetizing our work. All of these platforms that were not developed specifically to accommodate us, will censor us.

I was banned from Twitter, before it was cool. YouTube unceremoniously deleted my entire channel after the Left rioted in Charlottesville and Dwayne Dixon killed Heather Heyer. Facebook much the same. If you do not pay attention to the canary in the coalmine, then don’t be surprised when you’re the next one to lose consciousness.

Anyone who thinks they are safe because the Jews are only attacking “white supremacists” would do well to understand what these people mean by “white supremacy”. A “Pyramid of White Supremacy” being taught on college campuses includes things like believing in a “post racial society,” “funding schools locally,” and “remaining apolitical.” A checklist entitled “Are You Supporting White Supremacy?” insists that “supporting a logic of meritocracy is built on racist assumptions”.

So we should not be surprised when Tucker Carlson or President Trump is accused of being a white nationalist for supporting merit based immigration. Nor should we be surprised when Twitter aims to “ban a way of speaking” to target the left’s political enemies. When that targeting is expanded to ban thousands of people suspected of being “Russian bots” we should be no less unsurprised, nor should it shock us that no left wing Russian bots are deleted despite Michael Moore attending a Russian rally,  Joy Reid being their favorite pundit, and Washington Post being their second favorite news source.

More recently, CNN has actively encouraged their audience to report InfoWars videos to YouTube in the hopes of getting them banned from the platform. Anti gun groups have tried to get Amazon and Apple to ban NRATV. So much for dog whistling, these people will stop at nothing to see their enemies silenced, from even the most sensitive of ears.

None of this is in effort to prevent people from being offended. It is an effort to prevent people from being convinced. They are attempting to eradicate our ideas from the world, and they will put a bullet through every last mind containing those ideas if need be to accomplish the goal. You cannot avoid the conflict. You can either fight to prevail, or you can be a helpless victim of the enemy onslaught.

Either way, let there be no confusion. It is not a mere matter of preference. Either we win and set matters right, or we lose and mankind dies with us.

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