Radical Agenda S03E035 – First They Came

Martin Niemöller’s “First They Came” poem about the rise of the Nazis and the alleged horrors of their reign has been cited quite a bit over the years. It’s right up there with “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

These ideas don’t have so much traction with leftists. As far as they’re concerned, communists, incurables, and Jews are the only ones worth defending, so who cares what’s left if they get purged? They certainly don’t defend the right of people to say things they disagree with.

Radical Agenda S03E035 - First They Came
Radical Agenda S03E035 – First They Came

Despite their seemingly civil libertarian origins, these values have thusly been strictly associated with the right. Our concerns for universal rights, and freedom of speech, have been used by our rivals entirely to our detriment. Of course, it hasn’t helped matters that our own people consistently punch right, and conveniently ignore the censorship of “real racists” like your humble correspondent.

So I hope you’ll indulge me as I take a bit of pleasure in the recent spree of Jewish assaults on right of center commentary. Stefan Molyneux recently found himself the target of a Southern Poverty Law Center extremist profile. Sargon of Akkad had his entire Google account shut down, which reminds me, I need to stop using GMail. Andy Warski is the second “Internet Bloodsports” host to get a strike on his account, following Baked Alaska. The previously mentioned CNN campaign against InfoWars has yielded a second strike against the popular channel, putting them on the brink of non-existence. Twitter purged thousands of accounts it claimed were “Russian Bots,” ignoring the fact that thousands of real human beings were left wondering why they got kicked off Twitter, and that none of the purged accounts were left wing, despite the fact that Mueller’s indictments and available data confirm such “Russian Bots” tweeted more leftist content than right wing content. Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, and Laura Loomer all had their Medium accounts suspended. Recent “algorithm changes” have even caused the President of the United States to lose 45% of his social media reach. This list could go on for an eternity, and it will surely get longer by the day.

With the possible exception of the Bloodsports hosts, just about everyone listed here has made it a point to distance themselves and even attack the “Alt Right” or whoever they perceive to be the “real racists” while holding themselves up as objective observers not prone to the type of censorship people like me and the Daily Stormer have faced. They have clung desperately to their platforms and monetization mechanisms, ignoring the warning signs that they would soon enough be next if the onslaught of Jewish attacks was not stopped.

This is how the Overton Window works. People like me, the Daily Stormer, TRS, and others, give license to the Stefan Molyneuxs and Mike Cernoviches of the world. As long as we’re talking about gassing kikes, they don’t look so extreme for talking about immigration policy and antifeminism. As soon as we are silenced, they become the extremists, and the purge continues ever toward the newly defined center.

Meanwhile, transgender surgeries are on the rise. Coaches are called bigots for “outing” trannies on the wrestling team by telling them to get changed in the correct locker room. Trannies join the military in defiance of the President of the United States, and TV commercials air urging this sedition. No challenge whatsoever exists to the most extreme elements of Jew inspired leftist degeneracy.

First they came for the Nazis, and I did not speak out –
Because I was not a Nazi.

Then they came for the racists, and I did not speak out –
Because I was not a racist.

Then they came for the white males, at which point I realized –
That was who they were talking about when they were attacking Nazis and racists the whole time.

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